9to5linux, (edited ) to KDE
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Plasma 6.0.5 Released as the Last Update in the Plasma 6.0 Series with More Bug Fixes https://9to5linux.com/kde-plasma-6-0-5-released-as-the-last-update-in-the-series-with-more-bug-fixes


Uraael, (edited ) to linux

Given the importance placed on CLI usage by many in the Linux community it's weird that a terminal isn't open by default on many Distros. Today I remembered that while on Antergos a few years ago I'd installed a terminal that you could call simply by pressing a hotkey.

Enter Yakuake ("Yah-quake")

Yakuake smoothly drops down from the top of your screen in response to the hotkey (the default is F12) and voila!: a ready to use terminal! Add it to Autostart and it'll run whenever you run a session of Linux, forever saving you having to load Konsole (or whatever) every time you want to use it.

And as I'm running KDE the fact it uses Konsole tech means it has that familiar look and feel, but shows Session tabbing by default foregrounding the ability to run separate terminal sessions and putting it within easy reach of GUI users and a mouse-click.

What Terminals do you folks run with?

Linux_Is_Best, to fedora
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Fedora KDE Spin - Wifi Bug.

In the taskbar, by the clock, click on a WiFi of your choice and enter you password.

For example, mine was called 01_localhost and the password was Hi_0007

Go to System Settings
Go to Wi-Fi & Networking
Select (highlight) you listed Wi-Fi

On the General Information tab, check All user may connect to this network. Changed Metered to NO. On the Wi-Fi tab, change MTU to 1408. On Wi-Fi Security tab, change to WPA3 Personal. On the IPv6 tab, disable. Now click, Apply.

1st, notice you can NOT click on the export selected connection.

2nd, if you reboot, you will NOT be connected. Notice in System Settings (KDE) to connect.

3rd, if you click the + and manually add the Wi-Fi, still no option to connect.

4th, if you connect using the icon in your taskbar, by the clock (again), you will connect and a new copy of your Wi-Fi will be listed in System Setting each time you do this (after reboot). - You never reboot with a working connection and need to enter your password each time.

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I have repeated this bug on both an upgrade from v39 to v40 and later on a fresh installation of v40 Fedora KDE Spin and Ultramarine Linux (both distros).

It also decided to try, Universal Blue, Aurora, an immutable distro, also Fedora KDE Spin based, with the same results (bug). I configured the network during setup (during the installation processes).

9to5linux, to linux
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#Linux Weekly Roundup for May 19th, 2024: #Firefox 126, Rescuezilla 2.5, #RaspberryPi M.2 HAT+, #Manjaro Linux 24.0, Endless OS 6, #PipeWire 1.2 RC, Firefox 127 beta, Linux kernel 6.9 on #Ubuntu, Tails 6.3, #KDE Frameworks 5.116, and much more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-may-19th-2024


darth, to linux
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A question for #Linux #Wayland users. I am running Debian stable with Plasma and my computer was freezing randomly, and very often. Let's say once per day. I was about to start replacing hardware components to find the guilty party, but then I switched from Wayland to X11 and it has been a couple of weeks with not a single freeze. Is it possible that Wayland is this unstable or am I doing something wrong? My GPU is Radeon 6000 if this matters.

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@darth All I can contribute is, that I'm on #EndeavourOS with #KDE, #plasma6 and #Wayland on my #RX6750XT and never got any freezes...
Nevertheless your problem could be any source, from hardware (faulty RAM, heat problem, ...) to software related.

linuxiac, to KDE
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KDE Frameworks 5.116.0 ships with an updated icons set, TGA support, security updates, and more.

agrguigallery, to tech
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carlschwan, to KDE
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🚀 MarkNote, KDE’s WYSIWYG note-taking app, just released a new update! Enjoy improved note management, enhanced Markdown support, initial sketching features, and more.


VolkerKrause, to KDE
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Country-specific address formatting and address format metadata API for : https://volkerkrause.eu/2024/05/18/kf6-address-formatting-qml.html

ben, to Blog
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New : hangs on opening

After years of working perfectly for me, my text editor up and broke on me.

Spoiler: The underlying issue was actually a mount, turns out KATE walks the filesystem on launch, even if not opening a file


wervice, to KDE
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I just used the :linux: :kde: app Spectacle.
It is used to take screenshots. The included annotation tools are amazing for blurring, captioning,...

🔗 https://apps.kde.org/spectacle/

The developers really tought this program through. 😄

SolusSpider, to linux
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This old dog has learned a new trick keyboarding for .
There are many types of Apostrophe, & even the descriptions are confusing.
In the screenshot we see that the apostrophe on your keyboard is coded as U+0027, but the note says that U+2019 is preferred for apostrophe.
On my system running , to type U+2019 I use the Compose key:
<Multi_key> <greater> <apostrophe> : "?" U2019 # RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
Mine is set to Right Alt on my US Keyboard.

deadsuperhero, to KDE
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Trying out on the desktop, since I'm gradually shifting back to these days. So far it's...alright?

I've always loved the idea of a Fediverse client that integrates nicely with the desktop, while offering full access to whatever features that platform gives you. But, I'm hard pressed to find a client that does everything I want. 😅

SethStorm666, to linux
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My next new project for KDE/Plasma is an icon theme I simple call "Glass".

SethStorm666, to linux
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Yesterday I released version 1.0 of my "Nature" icon theme for KDE/Plasma. Download it for free here: https://store.kde.org/p/2152387

9to5linux, to manjaro
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Linux 24.0 “Wynsdey” Officially Released with Kernel 6.9, Plasma 6, 46, and More https://9to5linux.com/manjaro-linux-24-0-wynsdey-officially-released-with-linux-kernel-6-9

linuxmagazine, to fedora
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secana, to KDE
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Wow, the upgrade from 5 to 6 on was smooth. Changed one line in the config and it works perfectly fine. Great experience.

9to5linux, to linux
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Weekly Roundup for May 12th, 2024: Linux kernel 6.9, Connect, 47 release date, Frameworks 6.2, new Client update, Enterprise Linux AI, 24.10 release date, to install open kernel modules by default, and much more https://9to5linux.com/9to5linux-weekly-roundup-may-12th-2024

nogajun, to linux Japanese
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KDEでホームをNFSマウントするとsqliteを使っているのでデスクトップがクラッシュしまくる。これ、どうしたらいいの? てか、KDEではNFSをホームにできないの? 教えて! 偉い人!

BrodieOnLinux, to linux
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Who should be software packaging is a tough problem, I can see the value in distros pushing for better changes downstream, encouraging upstream to change (double click in ) but then I see cases like KeepassXC where the Debian package is now by default broken, actively damaging the reputation of upstream but then I remember where upstream was left unchecked and hid bad code in plain sight and I go back around in a circle.

carlschwan, to KDE
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A new feature I absolutely love in @neochat is that the message delegates now offer a full previews of the file you send. Here is for example a markdown file with Markdown syntax highlighting! The same works with train tickets or any other types of tickets that KDE Itinerary can consume.

begasus, to KDE
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Done :) Pushed my recipes to build the frameworks (6.2.0) and a few frameworks (6.0.4) to: https://codeberg.org/Begasus/haikuports/src/branch/kf6

For those wanting to try them out it's a matter of setting up a repository and import those recipes. Mind you, the full frameworks for KDE on are 137 packages.

In the meantime, and updated locally to latest beta 24.04.90 :)
In the screenshot, KDevelop building latest sources for itinerary/kosmindoormap.

vascorsd, to KDE
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Omg, someone finally found a way to make discord work for sharing screen under #kde #plasma that works - https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/1cf57xa/comment/l1mvp1a/

Tldr: pass the env variable XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 to discord command

This way it's finally possible to open the share screen without it going on a loop forever with asking for you to select a thing to share with the xwaylandvideobridge!

Just tried, it works.

#linux #archlinux #wayland

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Or just use discord in a browser

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