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Full-stack developer.
Senior Frontend Developer at https://hypothes.is
Formerly Senior Software Engineer at adidas.com

Author of https://shlink.io

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acelaya, to random Spanish
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Yesterday I had to block a specially aggressive and entitled user from my GitHub projects.
A second later he had a new account, so I had to block interactions from all new users as well.

He was very rude, demanded to be helped, and literally told me I was less helpful than ChatGPT.
He created the same issue three times, just to be annoying and noisy.

I honestly don't know how someone can think that's the best way to invest their time.

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On the topic https://acel.me/rY9Dd

nzakas, to random
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I'm looking for example repos using ESLint v8 and a .eslintrc, .eslintrc.json, or .eslintrc.yml file to test a config migration tool I'm working on. Please reply with your repo URL.

(I can't promise I'll get to all of them, but trying to get a representative sample.)

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Crell, to php
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Please, web app developers, consider how your users will upgrade. If your upgrade process is "remove the old one, unzip the new one", then it's not an upgrade process. It's an encouragement to never upgrade.

acelaya, (edited )
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@Crell Do you have some recommendation on how to address that on a self-hosted app?

I maintain one which suffers from this and I would like to eventually address it, but I have never found an approach where there's no risk of breaking things without an easy way to roll back.

I provide a CLI tool which helps, but still requires you to manually "download and unzip".

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@Crell Thanks for the suggestions!

acelaya, (edited ) to DarkSouls Spanish
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Yesterday I started my first "Souls" game, 3. Wish me luck.

acelaya, to random Spanish
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Sleepless nights are good for triaging pet project issues and answering pending discussions 🥱😴

SenseException, to php German
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talks 10 years ago: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

PHP talks nowadays: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

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@SenseException Does that mean we haven't learned anything? 😅

acelaya, (edited ) to Redis Spanish
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The new website has broken so many links. Some redirect to their new corresponding urls, but not all of them, and it's very hard to find anything in their new marketing-focused website 😩

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Thankfully, the Internet Archive exists 🙂

sebastian, to php
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It's that time again: I'm thinking about what I want to share at conferences about in general and with in particular.

Feel free to write your ideas and wishes in a reply to this toot.

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@Crell @sebastian I recently learned about TestWith, which can be an alternative to data providers for simple cases.

EDIT: sorry, I just realized you were answering Sebastian, not openly asking the community 😅

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@sebastian @Crell Is there any particular reason we should actually avoid it? Or is it just a matter of personal preference?

acelaya, to random Spanish
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Please, don't be the kind of person that reports bugs to projects where the steps to reproduce start with "Create a k8s cluster", "Deploy a container to Azure", "Set-up a cluster in AWS", etc.

grmpyprogrammer, to random
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Life of the Staff Software Engineer — 6 hours over two days of step-debugging a failed test, and going over ALL the tests, and checking my test factories, to discover deep in the code I was using a datetime library wrong.

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@grmpyprogrammer @derickr You may want to take a look at chronos, an alternative to carbon but with immutable objects

It used to have the same API, but I reckon it has deviated a bit over time.

greg0ire, to random
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Apparently some people need to hear this so here we go: doctrine/orm 3 is compatible with doctrine/dbal 3, so it should be possible for you to upgrade to doctrine/orm 3, test and deploy, let things run for a few days and then upgrade to doctrine/dbal 4 instead of upgrading both packages at once. Also, if you use doctrine/orm is mentioned in your composer.json, but not doctrine/dbal, you're probably doing it wrong.

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@greg0ire I updated both packages a couple weeks ago, and I have had zero problems since.
You guys made an incredible job there.

acelaya, to php Spanish
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New blog post! 📘
Capturing remote code coverage in tests with

acelaya, to php Spanish
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The main item in by whishlist is around interfaces which allow readonly public properties 😀

Classes implementing them would be forced to define those properties.

ramsey, to random
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Do I know any software engineers who work at at Chess.com?

LinkedIn says I don’t, but maybe I’m connected to someone here who works there. If so, please DM me. I have some questions about a job posting, and maybe you can help.

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@ramsey Nikola Poša works there, but he's not on Mastodon AFAIK

ramsey, to random
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What’s going on with the version numbers on this package? https://packagist.org/packages/mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib

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@stof @ramsey I have just asked https://github.com/serbanghita/Mobile-Detect/issues/938#issuecomment-1806453889
But based on the previous response, it's probably 4.8 because it adds support to PHP 8 🤷‍♂️

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