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#WordPress hosting, music festival IT, #filmmaker, repairer of busted things, fan of #horror movies, and to my surprise, a #runner. (he/him) 🏃2020: 4,245km 🏃2021: 6,119km 🏃2022: 5,113 km
#Ottawa, #Canada <waves>

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m750, to running
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I'd love to be humble bragging about a new pr, but I failed to deliver l, and ran my worst official marathon finish, +40 off my pr. I didn't quit, there is something in that, but couldn't get out a full race. Some days are harder than others.

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@m750 I can appreciate the disappointment you are feeling, but you finished, and that’s something significant in itself. 🎉

pch, to wordpress
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Noticed something... With and you need to update Pro before the base plugin. Strange. Otherwise Pro says it's updated but isn't.

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@pch 🤔 I haven’t noticed that, but I’ve been working to disentangle from Elementor.

stephanie, to random
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Someday I will remember that Kyle is almost always on a call while he's at work and that I shouldn't be yelling "COFFEEEE" while going down the stairs.

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@stephanie Look, yelling it is probably better than yodelling it. 🤣

purplepadma, to random
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Wow, check out this response to me clapping back against misogyny. Guess being “antifascist” doesn’t include women’s rights and bodily safety https://kafeneio.social/@yianiris/112276886022924513

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@purplepadma 😳 <sighs>

cmconseils, to random French
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Ways to contact me ranked:

  1. Text

  2. Email

  3. DM

  4. Skywriting

  5. Smoke signal

  6. Call

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@cmconseils @catzilla I’d flip 1 & 2, but the rest stands.

s1m0n4, to Fitness
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1️⃣ rope skipping: (3 SU + 1 DU) x8
2️⃣ Australian pull-up x8
3️⃣ side plank & leg lift x8/side
4️⃣ push-up x4
5️⃣ static lunge + calf raise @ 10kg x8/side
6️⃣ hollow hold 30s

Though I haven't tried DUs in months, I was able to do 4 consecutive reps of 3 single-unders + 1 double-under. I thought I would have lost it all!

I'm struggling big time with side planks instead!

Me doing Australian pull-ups at the gym
Me doing push-ups at the gym. Cartoon filtered.
Me skipping rope at the gym
Me doing side plank & leg lift at the gym

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@s1m0n4 Nicely done! I absolutely struggle with side planks. I never want to do them because they’re so hard. 🤣

WTL, to running
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AkaSci, to random
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More bloodbath awaiting DJT stock, now down 14% in pre-market trading.

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@AkaSci How long to zero? 🤣

blindcoder, to running
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Did I just run 5K under 36 minutes? Two independent running apps seem to think so!
Ran 5K in 35'55" with three recovery walks in between. Longer steps, maybe?

#running #IAmRunnerFive

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SmudgeTheInsultCat, to random
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@samvarma @SmudgeTheInsultCat It was - probably worth a rewatch, too. 🤔

WTL, to cycling
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jameskoole, to random
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@moelholm Did you watch the Gary Robbins movie the other day?

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@jameskoole @moelholm That was something else.

rolle, to running
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@rolle Nicely done! 🎉

WTL, to random
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There’s been a lot of discussion about how bad the film Argylle is. We watched it last night, and thought it was dumb fun (I do have a questions about why the green screen was so bad in some shots).

@TAV and I just commented to each other how refreshing it was to see someone normal sized on screen.

I suspect the main reason so many (appear to be) men seem to dislike the movie is that the main character, Bryce Dallas Howard, is “normal-sized” and a woman.


gruber, to random
@gruber@mastodon.social avatar

“Argylle”: 👎

@WTL@mastodon.social avatar

@tapforms @gruber Agreed. It was dumb fun. That said, some of the green screen was terrible. But, my expectations are always set to low.

s1m0n4, to running
@s1m0n4@ohai.social avatar

There were tons of people and I had to slalom and preemptly visualize the change of direction to make my way through them.

On top of that my respiration is still stuffy, even if I feel good now, so I had to keep an easy pace even when the path was clear.

It's a sunny and warm day. The first one of the year I thought it would be good to have water with me.

Next time I'll wear my new belt with many large pockets!

Running belt with pockets all around it

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@s1m0n4 Nicely done!

molly0xfff, to Podcast
@molly0xfff@hachyderm.io avatar
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@molly0xfff …and today I learned about a new podcast. I’ll add it to my Overcast queue momentarily.

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@molly0xfff And the episodes are a reasonable length too! 🎉

recollir, to running
@recollir@mountains.social avatar

Drove down to Skåne for a longer long run around Österlen yesterday - 60km. Tested another “tapering” setup as well (started Mon with 12, then 12, 10, 7 and 7 - basically “only” 50km (coming from 130km the week before). Worked quite good. Nice dress rehearsal for Rennsteiglauf. The long run was beautiful. Who says Skåne is flat 🙈. Good energy and was able to stay in Z2 for the entire time (apart for 10minutes that I blame the sensor for 😆) at a comfortable happy flow pace. Planning to do basically the same for Rennsteig to be able to experience and enjoy the Volksfest there.


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bomkatt, to random
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Weekly blog post with less exercise and more food discussion. Although my quads tell me exercise absolutely occurred.


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@bomkatt Figuring out “the right” food is so… irritatingly difficult.

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@bomkatt 💯 But some days … why can't I eat a kg of chocolate-covered peanuts?

deathbydenim, to Ottawa
@deathbydenim@mstdn.social avatar

First #CriticalMass of the season in #Ottawa . The weather wasn't great with a bit of rain every now and then, but still a lot of people showed up. I'm impressed!



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@deathbydenim Heheh. You cut away in your video seconds before you'd have seen me around 21:48 or so. You show up a bit after ~40:48 in my video.


@WTL@mastodon.social avatar

@deathbydenim Can confirm. 🤣

CandidApples, to running
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I just ran my first 10 km after my injury! Wow that feels good. It finally feels like I'm through it and can start enjoying myself again. I've got a ways to go before I'm at the level I was at beforehand, but getting there will be a joy, I can just feel it. I'm elated!
#running #recovery

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@CandidApples Completely understand. The urge to push “just a bit” can be overwhelming.

r_df_ng, to running
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Changed my bib to the 100k race, I feel I can make it this time. Brief also done.

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@r_df_ng Congratulations 🎉🎉

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