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Still being human even after over 20 years of coding. Speaker, advicer & complexity tamer. PHP, .NET, JS, Go, HR and more. Part of the Doctrine team.

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carnage4life, to random
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More evidence that this is the toughest tech job market since the dot com era. The top Indian outsourcing firms have their first layoffs in 20 years.

I really feel for all the new graduates entering this market.


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@carnage4life A great time for companies to force experienced devs to work for less money.

SenseException, to random German
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I planned to buy new eyeglasses this year and already went to measure my eyes.

Now the frame on temple side of my current eyeglasses broke. Lesson: If you don't plan maintenance for your glasses, then your glasses plan it for you. 😅

SenseException, to gamedev German
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  • JavaScript
    Language wasn't powerful enough (back then)

  • Macromedia Flash
    Nice tool for web and local games. Did some fun mini games & animations with it. Used Action Script

  • RPG Maker XP
    It was great for RPGs and was my first step into Ruby

  • XNA
    Made by Microsoft. Uses C#. I did some promising initial work, but MS decided to stop XNA

  • Pause

  • I did some promising initial work, but well... Unity happened

  • I installed it. Now give me time and motivation

Skoop, to random
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Made a friend at the hotel here. When I just arrived the room was really warm, so I opened the balcony door. I was just in the toilet when I heard sound in the room. This friend had entered my hotelroom through the balcony door.

Now, every time I even remotely open the door to get some fresh air in here, this friend is on the balcony.


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@Skoop A spy in feathers

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@heiglandreas @Skoop Birds are real, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

Crell, to random
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Reminder: US courts have decided the 5th amendment does not apply to your body. Only to your brain (for now).

Never, ever, rely on a fingerprint or face sac for auth. The Cops can legally hold you down and force your finger on the sensor.

This is why passwords/passcodes are a must, permanently forever.


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@Crell So people are going to be forced to use more fingerprints etc. for auth in the future?

mattsches, to php German
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Wir suchen noch einen Talk für das nächste @phpugrhh Meetup im Juli in Mainz. Schwerpunkt soll im weitesten Sinne "Content Management" sein, wer also ein Thema aus diesem Bereich hat und davon erzählen möchte, darf sich sehr gern melden!

Bitte auch gern retröten!

#php #phpugrhh

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@mattsches @phpugrhh Schade das Mainz nicht bei mir "um die Ecke" liegt.

AlSweigart, to random
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@AlSweigart With the end of ToS, they dropped one point from that list: fist fights. 😄

SenseException, to random German
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If there's work to do that isn't php or php-related, I'd be interested.

SenseException, to php German
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#PHP talks 10 years ago: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

PHP talks nowadays: "Use value objects instead of arrays."

SenseException, (edited )
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@adriano Kind of. This was just a prominent example. (This was actually supposed to be an answer for a different toot.)

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@acelaya Kind of. This was just a prominent example.

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@Crell @deleugpn @ramsey Not to mention that devs can stuff any data in any form or structure into an array (which is what you already called "hell to maintain"). It reminds me of RDBMS/SQL vs. Document DBs/NoSQL.

SenseException, to random German
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Everybody is okay with people talking about their products until something breaks. Then the smaller pieces get mentioned when something needs to be blamed.

grmpyprogrammer, to random
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Again, this going to be unpopular — why not offer these folks a chance to learn PHP? If they know Python it will be very straightforward.

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@grmpyprogrammer So many languages have so much in common, that similarities make it easier to switch to a different language.

SenseException, to random German
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The Internet does forget.

Websites disappearing that didn't get archived, Certification directories, single videos or other sources... but it likes to keep all the bad things.

SenseException, to mastodon German
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JulianOliver, to random
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Last night I opened up YT in a private window, & clicked on an unrelated video to that of the one I had just watched. It was a video on arctic ice melts that turned out to be 100% denialist.

One click & there I was in endless fetid scroll of Jordan Peterson, climate change denial, 'what is woke' explainers, 'lol snowflakes' shorts, Trump propaganda, knife fights, & misogynistic, racist garbage.

Don't tell me Big Tech aren't culpable for the hate out there. They're farming it, on a vast scale.

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@JulianOliver And it's probably like that just because they took the money.

SenseException, to random German
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Achievement unlocked: A search in Google led me to the Doctrine docs.

s_bergmann, to random
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LEGO 5008325 Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box

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"こわい よ
暗い よ"

SenseException, to random German
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My goal for this weekend: Writing code for myself. Not OS, not for friends.

SenseException, to random German
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I received an email with important documents from the sender "Your Team". Must be urgent when "Your Team" sends this.

heiglandreas, to random
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Drückerkolonne 2.0....

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@flowcontrol @heiglandreas Deutschland würde ich es zutrauen wenn die Aussage ist: "Glasfaser - nur noch für kurze Zeit".

SenseException, to php German
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Building and maintaining a User Group isn't just good memories.

There was the time when a @phpugka was about to start and for a long time no one came. I was even starting to believe that I might have left a wrong address or time on meetup.com, but everything was okay. In the end, next to the speakers, only 1 of around 12 registered attendees came.

It isn't just that my time & work of the past 2 months was for nothing. The host company pre-ordered Pizza for 12 people and had expenses too. #php

SenseException, to php German
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=> en_US
#php #intl

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@cedx I haven't take a look into why PHP's intl uses mostly underscore CLDR. It would be interesting to know though.

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