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#Writer of #horror, #fantasy and #scifi #fiction. #Shortstories and (eventually) #novels. Dank Goblin. 3,605th most popular account on Mastodon. Will talk bollocks about #Metal and #Warhammer all day. #WritingCommunity

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AnarchoNinaWrites, to random
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Naw, my immune system is trying to kill me again.

Also, I got a lotta bad news from home and we're kinda at "make your time" with my stepdad; the cancer is A) very rare B) completely inoperable C) can't be radiated and D) in multiple places.

So... I was AFK; will probably still be afk off and on for a bit; at least until I get healthy.

Hasn't been a great couple of weeks in Ninaland.

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@AnarchoNinaWrites Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.

alexanderhay, to Warhammer
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And so the Female Custodes shit-storm drags on, as grown men sob about gaslighting and betrayal... And semantics. Lovely semantics.

Naturally, this is a siren call for far right grifters like Sargon and The Critical Drinker. All the usual dogwhistles are blown.

But now anti-semitism enters the play, as the nudge-nudge, wink-wink comments about Blackrock (whose CEO is Jewish) demonstrate.

These are Nazis making hay, and neckbeards falling into line.

alexanderhay, to news
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Thanks to the antics of my local MP, we have a by-election soon, which means lots of election material being spammed into our letter box.

Apart from the Labour candidate's pamphlet looking like BNP material via all the flag-shagging, the one that stood out was from a 'Non-Political' political party.

And when it started ranting about "the woke mind virus", I knew this was yet more far right populist bollocks.

But then, isn't that UK politics in general these days?

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@spytfyre As a bonus, they also moaned about vaccines.

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@spytfyre I suppose this means they will be refusing TWEET-ment?

ThePlant, to random
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"Half of online traffic in 2024 generated by bots, report finds"

Oh god.


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@ThePlant Behold the slow, agonising and not entirely undeserved death of the World Wide Web.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Whatever we might think about how migration is handled across Europe (in in the UK), one significant result is the underemployment of skilled migrants;

the Migration Policy Institute has a whole subsection on what they refer to as 'Brain Waste' - given the skills shortages across the world & its economic impact(s), we seem to be acting against our best interests because we are (politically) suspicious of migrants;

Its a political myopia of the worst sort!


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@ChrisMayLA6 The last thing the UK wants is more intelligence, it appears.

alexanderhay, to news
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The experience doesn't just stop at getting held hostage in a flat and begging a pensioner for the ransom money.

No, the drama is even more INTENSE.

"...In 2017, the Mirror reported [Menzies] had been quizzed by police over claims he got a dog drunk in 2015. He denied the allegation to the paper and said that he was cleared by police...."


Lazarou, to Scotland
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I bet the amounts in question will pale in comparison with the Tory scandals that will break next week but we shall see.....


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@Lazarou Yes, just a little too coincidental, is it not?

alexanderhay, to uk
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Policy should not be informed by shoddy evidence (or even shoddier reports), but that's never stopped governments in the UK before.

"Scottish gender clinic pauses prescribing puberty blockers to under-18s

"Glasgow-based Sandyford clinic issues update after found ‘weak evidence’ for use to treat gender incongruence..."


alexanderhay, to Ukraine
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(Anyway, TL;DR, it appears will be authorising aid to Ukraine after all. Shame about all the deaths while we were waiting, though.)

alexanderhay, to Metal
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How discovering new Bestial Black/War Metal bands works:

STEP ONE: Hear an amazing song by a band you have never encountered before.

STEP TWO: Search the band online in a panic, hoping they're not Nazis.

Rinse, Repeat, Shriek.

#Metal #Music #BlackMetal #WarMetal

alexanderhay, to news
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"Glascoed: Explosion at BAE Systems Monmouthshire site...

"...It happened at in , ... on Wednesday, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said...

"...Primarily an arms factory, last year work began on a bomb-making building at the site....

"...The funds were set aside to refurbish and upgrade manufacturing lines making ammunition, mortars, medium and large calibre artillery and tank shells."


gruff, to random
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Rumour has it that Labour will abstain on the Rwanda bill, in the Lords today, allowing it to pass.

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@gruff Oh, quelle surprise.

waldoj, to random
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I'm trying to pay my Virginia income taxes online, and they have disabled paste in any field of consequence. Paste in a password? Nope. Your bank's routing number? You're gonna have to hand-key that. Your bank account number? You better believe you're typing that in.

If you wanted to force people to create crappy passwords and cause them to accidentally siphon money out of strangers' bank accounts, this is how you'd do it. And somebody went to extra effort to make it be like this!

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@waldoj Inconvenience is not security.

selzero, to random
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What was your favorite computer game in your childhood years?

Gifs get bonus points.

Original Super Mario Brothers. Mario doing his thing.

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@selzero No Gifs, I'm afraid. A playthrough will have to do:


alexanderhay, to news
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You always know an opinion piece on The Guardian is total bollocks when they refuse to turn the comments on.

As for the lede... It projects like a cannon.

alexanderhay, to Youtube
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If you need cheering up after last night's events, the chuds are having a massive nervous breakdown in the comment section of #Valrak's latest #YouTube video, where he reports that there are female Custodes. WITH WOMEN'S BITS!?!

The 1D4Chumps have probably lost bowel control too, but what's the difference in their case?


#News #WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40000 #Wargames #Drama #Gender

alexanderhay, to Israel
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For fuck's sake.

"...Iran has launched aerial drones at Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says, appearing to mark a widely anticipated reprisal attack.

"Israel's Channel 12 TV says the salvo is expected to reach Israel at 02:00 on Sunday (23:00 GMT on Saturday)..."


ajc418, to politics
@ajc418@mastodon.me.uk avatar

Note how the the Brexit-voting lady exporting dinosaur models to the EU, doesn't outright say it was wrong to leave the EU -- she might have second thoughts if she were to vote on it today, is the most she'd admit to.
And that is why reversing Brexit will not be a vote winner this election. People realise #Brexit has been a failure but struggle to connect the reality with their vote for Leave which they still view in emotional identity terms
#ukpol #politics #EU

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@ajc418 "...Brexit voting lady exporting dinosaur models..." Satire is redundant.

alexanderhay, to news
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What's missing in this article is how so many #Americans are still using stereotypes dating back to #WW2 (when the UK was under rationing), and how social media just reaffirms these and other prejudices.

That and the fact that they're spitting in the faces of a Chinese British community that needs no lectures from ignorant little twats on TikTok.


#News #UK #ChineseBritish #Food #America

black_flag, to trans
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You might find it amazing that a supposed medical report into the treatment of trans people didn't interact with ACTUAL TRANS PEOPLE. (It did interact with plenty of antis and treated them as neutral and reasonable.) But so much did NHS England's Cass Report not interact with actual, real trans people that it resorted to generating AI pics of them.

These bigots are literally making up people to get mad at.

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@black_flag Such a trainwreck, even The Guardian featured an interview of a pissed off mother of a trans kid, complaining how slipshod it all was.


fiend_unpleasant, to random
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@mdylanbell @barney I will not be voting for either of them. I can not and will not vote for someone who materially supports a genocide. I know what genocide did to my people and I can't support that happening to anyone else.

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@fiend_unpleasant Be quiet, troll.

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@fiend_unpleasant @barney @mdylanbell

"I only speak on things I know and understand."

That doesn't leave much for you to talk about.

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@fiend_unpleasant If you're not someone just copying and pasting AI drivel, I do rather fear for your faculties. You sad man.

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