Minnesooootan. Degree in Computer Science. ADHD/depression. Working on a graphic novel about Latvia in WWII. Fountain pen enthusiast. My cat’s name is Spockles. Current obsessions: Rimworld, black metal, embroidery. #AnasYearOfMetal2023

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ana, to random

My Visconti Opera Master’s nib is being tuned today 👀

ana, to Cat

Ivy goes to the vet today for the first time! Let’s hope there’s nothing wrong. 😰

ana, to random

Found a stray kitten in our yard. It has no chip and there are no social media posts or listings at the vet/humane society for it. So guess who has a new cat just in time for !

A tabby kitten looks at the camera from behind a gate in our patio.

ana, to Diablo4

r/diablo4 is having a meltdown because the latest patch to is abysmal. But the gamer rage machine is getting out of control and now they’re arguing that bugs are actually intentional. The armchair coders are starting to appear, all of whom apparently have full insight into Diablo 4’s codebase.

“It’s not a bug, it’s an unintended change” what do you think a bug is, my dude


ana, to apple

Lately my phone likes autocorrecting legitimate, correctly spelled words into different words that are similarly spelled. And typing names is impossible — you have to go back and keep fixing the autocorrect over and over bc it will just keep changing it back to whatever it thinks the name should actually be.


I would turn off autocorrect but the fact that it adds in apostrophes for me is invaluable. I would go nuts if I had to add those in manually all the time.

But I’m also reaching my limit in frustration at how stupid some of the corrections are.

(Can’t wait for the Mastodon reply guys to swoop in and tell me that this is somehow my fault for typing the wrong way or something.)

ana, to mechanicalpencils

Different from my usual content, but this time I decided to splurge on a and get the Rotring 600!

It has a good weight to it and it feels nice to hold. I went with the 0.5mm version because I tend to draw a lot of fine details; my only complaint is that there isn’t a 0.3mm version (if there is, JetPens didn’t carry it).


wholegroanoats, to random

Getting my I-9 notarized because silly work reasons


@wholegroanoats thanks for the reminder, because I need to do that too. I keep getting nastygrams from HR lol.

ana, to random

Minnesota passed a law that people making under $80k/year can go to any state college or university for free.

Guys, I might actually be able to get my Computer Engineering degree after all 😭

penfount, to random avatar

of the day:
What are your daily drivers—pens that you do most of your writing with on a daily basis? What makes them the best for daily use?


I use TWSBI ECOs as my daily drivers. They’re comfortable to hold, I like how they feel to write with, and they hold a ton of ink so I don’t need to ink them as often. They’re also fairly durable (at least, I haven’t had the cracking issue with any of mine yet, knock on wood).

ana, to threads

My take on

ana, to random

The new TWSBI ECO showed up in the mail today! It’s a lovely orange 🍊

Skepticat, to random avatar

You reach the age when a stretch sometimes ends with, "what the hell was that?"


My recent favorite is when I yawn and pull a muscle in my neck

ana, to random

I started gaining weight in 2020 after being placed on Vraylar, an antipsychotic, for depression. I quickly outgrew all of my old clothes. I went from 110 lbs to 180 lbs over three years and the hardest part was finding stuff to wear tbh. Even my shoes didn’t fit me anymore. I finally have a bunch of cute new clothes, though, which makes all the difference 😭


Yeah antipsychotics are nasty. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Only thing that helps my depression, though, so a necessary evil for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

ana, to random

My new arrived 😭 I already love it so much (sorry for the not great photos, I’m not a photographer lol)


christianselig, to random avatar

Well, looks like Reddit pulled the plug a little early. Apollo started crashing, but I just manually revoked my token and it looks like it fixes the crashing, but no more Reddit access haha. Those folks are fun to the very end! 😛

ana, to animals
ana, to random

MFW I tell people I primarily use vim and they give me the tired old “HoW dO yOu eXiT” joke

ana, to Diablo4

The amount of hate for the female druid character in the community just because she’s “big” is truly astonishing. Meanwhile I’m just happy she’s in the game because I’m overweight too and it’s cool to be running around like that slaying demons 😭 I try to take comments from the community in stride, but as someone with a similar body type there is a LOT of vitriol out there for fat women.

ana, to fountainpens

…Lord help me, what have I just purchased 🙈

(Ironically, this is the second Cony-themed pen I own — the other is a Lamy (see the second picture) lol)


ana, to random

Microwaving some cheese 🧀 😎

ana, to random

It’s good that they found debris of the submarine, because that means the passengers died before they even realized what was happening. Better than spending several days cramped up in total darkness awaiting the moment of your inevitable demise tbh.

> “But they could have found them!”

But they didn’t until well after they would have run out of oxygen lol. They were dead either way.

sethmlarson, to random avatar

I am the first @ThePSF Security Developer-in-Residence



ana, to random

People are so stupid. There are a ton of road closed signs up around my house. Everyone blows past them and the detour signs and then they get stuck and need to do a u-turn because, surprise, the road is closed lmao

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