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📷 Oliver at work, December 2023.

skinnylatte, (edited ) to animals avatar


skinnylatte, to animals avatar

Sometimes people ask me if she has cataracts and I say no, she has dogtaracts (@sabcatsilver hehe)

kevbob, to animals avatar

Alpaca boops.


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📷 Gus' goofy side.

#FediversalPictures #DogsOfMastodon

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Don’t take my picture while I’m getting my massage! #DogsOfMastodon

amyfou, to Dogs avatar

Good morning, friends ☕ ☕ 💞 🐕 🐕 💞

#Niko #Gracie #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #fediDogs

amyfou, to Horses avatar

It's a blurry picture because it was dark out but here's more evidence that and are 💞 🐕 💞 🐴 💞

I got to smooch these two sweet horses on their soft soft noses too.

Gracie was interested in the snurfles on the other side of the path.

And now it's time for snoozles

DemocracySpot, to animals avatar

📷 Gus with bat ears, mlem-ing.

skinnylatte, to animals avatar

On doctor’s orders, I am to feed Cookie more and more regularly (she lost a lot of weight over her hospital visit, and is slowly regaining her famous appetite)

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

DemocracySpot, to animals avatar

📷 Hanging with the boys in the shade.

skinnylatte, (edited ) to random avatar

I never thought that blood test results would bring me so much joy:

‘She has the bloodwork of a young, healthy dog again’

(Normal bilirubin is up to 0.9. She had 8.0 when she was admitted!!)

skinnylatte, to animals avatar

You know you’ve made it when you have geriatric pets vying to sit on you (the cat says wins)

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel staring at the camera

kevbob, to animals avatar

Ready to audition for a live action Dr. Seuss story.

kevbob, avatar

Feeding baby peanut butter in his wolf den. #dogsofmastodon

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Extelec, to Dogs avatar

Storm out on his dog walk today, joined by a young GSD that he is teaching all his bad habits to :)

Wen, to running avatar

Morning stroll.

Ran with the Collie (12k, concrete road, some track) and then returned to take my mums elderly terrier for her 2k walk. Clearly the pair of them have had a disagreement overnight. They still are not talking after breakfast.

#collie #running #cumbria #westy #DogsOfMastodon

amyfou, to Dogs avatar

They are enjoying this place 💞 🐕 🐕 🌳 🌱 💞 but now it's time for us to head to dreamland.


#Gracie #Niko #dogs #dogsOfMastodon #fediDogs

Two dogs come running through the grass and under the tree towards the camera.

chrishuck, to animals avatar


Saske giving me some side eye because I’m not throwing his ball.


skinnylatte, to animals avatar

Cookie’s schedule: eat, sleep, toilet, lie on blankets

LoneLocust, (edited ) to animals avatar

My wife is taking online courses and shes using my desk, which is enclosed in my podcasting duckblind.

You can’t see her in this picture, but you can see Bumper, sitting faithfully under her chair for as long as she’s there. #DogsOfMastodon

peterdrake, to animals avatar

Dramatically lit dog is dramatically lit. #Violet #DogsOfMastodon

markwyner, to Dogs avatar

This is no way to work. And, yet, it IS the way to work.

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs #BringYourDogToWorkDay

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