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Join us at TYPO3 Developer Days 2024 for an in-depth workshop on automated testing by @oliklee 🧡

📆 July 31, 2024
📍 GenoHotel, Karlsruhe
🇩🇪 The workshop will be held in German
🎟️ https://pretix.eu/typo3/T3DD24-2/

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Hello #accessibility community, I have a question regarding #cms user interfaces. I may have gotten the gig to implement a website with strong #a11y focus, tech stack of my choice.

I'm gonna go with @astro and want to implement a CMS that is as accessible as possible. Do you have any experience with the following platforms?

I will do my own testing, but still curious. 🤗

#WebDev #Frontend

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Are general conferences more individualistic, compared to specific events? Read about that and more in my report from @fossnorth. https://typo3.org/article/being-typo3-at-foss-north

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Low-code/no-code & the future of digital experience management.


Posted into Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, Native Advertising @content

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We had a great time at the Experts Group in Berlin, engaging in meaningful conversations and gaining valuable insights. Our team covered the recent General Assembly in Zurich and our upcoming communication strategies. A big thank you to Janus Boye for hosting us.


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The extension for now also works with Joomla 5!
Check it out to publish content directly from your cloud-storage to your website and to receive file uploads of your users in your cloud-storage https://extensions.joomla.org/index.php?option=com_jed&view=extension&layout=default&id=741&Itemid=145

Demo: http://joomla.in-nepal.de/index.php/en/?option=com_dropbox&id=1

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Warum Kirby #CMS? Unsere Partneragentur JUNO hat aufgeschrieben, wie Kirby ihnen hilft, Websites und digitale Tools mit Freiraum, Spaß und Leichtigkeit zu gestalten. 🤩 https://juno-hamburg.com/ideas/kirby-cms #webdev

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I wonder if this will affect all those podcast ads that have been running for a very long time.

“Permira is taking #Squarespace private in a $6.9 billion deal” #cms https://techcrunch.com/2024/05/13/permira-is-taking-squarespace-private-in-6-6-billion-deal/

stvfrnzl, to OpenAI
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Just got an e-mail from #storyblok informing me that one of their sub-processors (whatever that means) is now #OpenAI.

I immediately asked them if the content I created will be used in any way to train their #LLM and if so, I want no part in it. Requested a back-up of my data and to delete everything.

I used it for the first iteration of my blog but switched to #markdown a while ago.

This is #ai bullshit hype is SO annoying

#cms #chatGPT #WebDev

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New Medicaid rule expected to lower wait times for home-based care, raise caregiver wages


davidbisset, to react
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React Bricks CMS.

"The only headless #CMS with true Visual Editing. Turn your #React components into visual editing blocks."

(I bookmark CMS for inspiration and research - it's got a bold claim, i'll give it that).


box464, to drupal
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Drupal has an ActivityPub plugin…since 2019?!


davidbisset, to wordpress
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I'm recently bookmarking posts and podcasts that fall under the heading of "My Dream Wish List".


This one is from @kev

  • Have a flexible UI
  • Ability to proof read content
  • Be a social space
  • Cross-post to wherever I need it to
  • Integrate with Git
  • Be easily extensible

davidbisset, (edited ) to blogging
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Interesting, following @mathowie talking about this subject recently.
@davatron5000 on his "dream #CMS"


  • On-the-fly fact checking
  • Auto-tagging
  • Topic bundling
  • Idea validation

#blogging #WordPress

davidbisset, to wordpress
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Although not directly related if you work on any CMS, I would give @chriscoyier and @davatron5000 podcast episode on a "fantasy / setup" a listen. 👂🏻

Has guest @mathowie on.


rdfhrn, to rant German
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Ich archiviere alle Dokumente in einem #CMS

Blöd genug, dass #congstar Rechnungen (wegen Datenschutz - hahaha) nicht mehr per Mail versendet. Muss mich also auf der Webseite anmelden, das Dokument öffnen und ins CMS "drucken". Nicht schön, aber einfach und flott genug.

Jetzt stellen sie alles um. Rechnungen nur noch in der App. D.h. Ich öffne die App, lade das pdf herunter, verschicke das über den Acrobat Reader an mich per Mail und drucke es dann ins CMS.

Also schreibe ich eine Mail

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visionbites, to php

Wusstet ihr, dass laut t3versions.com gerade einmal 27% der TYPO3-Installationen mit den supported Versionen 12 und 13 laufen? 😱 Fast zwei Drittel sind also aus dem Support gefallen oder werden mit ELTS-Versionen betrieben. ➡️ Jetzt TYPO3 Updaten: https://www.visionbites.de/code/typo3-updates
#TYPO3 #Website #CMS #Updates #Sicherheit #Performance


Unlocking Efficiency and Consistency: The Power of Structured Content Management Systems with Sulu CMS (sulu.io)

Discover how structured content management systems, specifically Sulu CMS, revolutionize content creation and management. Enhance efficiency, consistency, and scalability in content production, fostering a unified brand identity that resonates with your audience.

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will change content management forever! 🚀

At , Thomas Schöne, Boris Hinzer, and André Kraus demoed features far beyond text and image generation. 🤯

Read on to see why is where innovative AI meets exceptional content management.


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Live from World Plone Day: Brasília, Brazil https://buff.ly/4aAv3dL

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#Watched: Write-Freely is an open source, self hosted blog and journal solution simply built for #writing, by #AwesomeOpenSource!

I am seriously thinking of using this #CMS for my personal #website! 🙂



#WriteFreely #WebDesign #WebDev #OpenSource #SelfHosted #WritingCommunity

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2023 showed us that it is important for #TYPO3 to keep policy makers better informed. The #EU Open Source Policy Summit in Brussels, Belgium, was a source of new knowledge and a confirmation that our voice is needed.

👉 https://typo3.org/article/report-from-the-eu-open-source-policy-summit

#OpenSource #CMS #TYPO3CMS

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