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This region in central Turan is filled with unearthly rock towers carved by nature and the hand of man into dwellings, temples, and monasteries. An entire subterranean city was built, hidden from invaders. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/turkey/goreme/?s=mc

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Visit, if you dare, this necropolis filled with the tombs of sultans both clever and cruel. It is elaborately decorated and cunningly hidden away. #travel #history https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/morocco/marrakech/saadian-tombs.html?s=mc

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This island of Korinthia in the wine-dark sea once saw holy men experience visions. One can visit their hermitages and monasteries, and one can also relax on a pleasant island. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/patmos/skala.html?s=mc

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We said #LXQt would immediately make our #history obsolete after we published it... 😂

Called it! And congratulations! 🎉


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Photo of the Day

What happened to Bill?

On this date in 1966, Bill Tromp piloted an aircraft on a night bombing run near the city of Vinh in North Vietnam.

Bill located his target near the mouth of a river and dropped his bomb load.

He then radioed his wingman — the secondary aircraft on the mission — not to make his bombing run because he had spotted surface-to-air missiles in the area.


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The realm of Korinthia spans from rugged mountains hosting mysterious temples honoring little-known gods, to sunny islands in a wine-dark sea. Learn a little of their tongue to make your journeys easier. #travel #history https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/greek/adverbs.html?s=mc

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The great Dickey Betts. Gone. RIP.

He wrote the seminal Allman Brothers hit, “Ramblin’ man”, among many others.


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A Brief History of Clarence House, King Charles's True Home

#history #time


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Peloton's New 'History Summary' Is Like a VIN for Bikes



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This is just a reminder that, in 1631, Robert Barker in London misprinted a famous line of the Holy Bible, namely „Thou shalt commit adultery“.

The forbidden copies with the famous slip sold well, and a few survived in our catalogues. The edition was called the Wicked Bible afterwards.

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OTD 1906 The Great San Francisco Earthquake

The 7.9 magnitude quake and ensuing fires left over 3000 dead, making it the deadliest earthquake in US history. Over 80% of the city was destroyed.

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Mr. Paton moves quickly between Aleksinac and Ćuprija. Moving up and down the valleys from Mitrovica down the Toplica and South Morava rivers.

#Serbia #travelogue #XIXcentury #Ottoman #History @historikerinnen


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If you fancy visiting a land of ancient temples to mysterious gods, surrounded by trackless desert, read on. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/egypt/?s=mc

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Petroglyphs at Una Vida
Chaco Culture National Historic Park, NM

I'm not a photographer. A Photographer would have timed the visit to when the light fell uniformly across the cliff face. I'm just a person who takes photos of the places I'm visiting.

But these petroglyphs as so cool, I thought you'd like to see them even so.

#ThrowbackThursday #photo #NativeAmerican #history #PublicLands #AncientPuebloans #NewMexico #petroglyphs

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HistFest 2024 highlights: gender, empire, and espionage

"HistFest 2024 concluded on an optimistic note, demonstrating that history is for everyone and that we must consider the diverse viewpoints that can shape the narrative."

#history #literature


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Britain's defence policy is more like one big declaration of war | Owen Jones


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Bei meiner Buchvorstellung letzte Woche im Institut für Zeitgeschichte hat Ulrich Matthes aus den Selbstzeugnissen der Deportierten gelesen. Hier ist die Aufzeichnung:



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This is the freaking nightmare scenario that Netanyahu haa been working 24/7 to achieve.

The moment IRI decides to leave NPT and blocks the IAEA, the whole world go into an even crazier frenzy about it with Israel being the loudest, bit no one will ever mention that israel NEVER signed the . They refuse to allow IAEA inspectors in or declare how many nuclear weapons they have.

Bot to forget that Israel was caught by helping the former south African government under apartheid regime which they volunteerly abandoned and destroyed, but no one did anything to punish the Israeli government.

via @oatmeal


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, 18 Apr 1905, Baroness Bertha von Suttner becomes the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism.

As well as writing an influential novel, Lay Down Your Arms (1889), she founded the German Peace Society in 1892. In 1907 she was the only woman to attend the Second Hague Peace Convention, and warned that Europe was heading for war once again.

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