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I make things for the #Fediverse & #smallNet

Also talk about #FediverseUX #P2P #Privacy #SpreadFediverse

I post #SciFiArt

My work includes — #AllYourBases #FediverseAcademy #FediverseCity #FingerProtocol #GreatApe #PostFreely #SpaceHost #StarSeed

I life-cast at https://firefish.lol/@reiver , collect at https://playset.social/reiver , threadiverse at https://flamewar.social/u/reiver

Once upon a time, was a mathematician, computer scientist, data scientist, software engineer, industrial researcher 🌞

The meaning of life — first survive, then reproduce 🌞

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reiver, to random
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I have been on the Fediverse long enough to remember when the #gemini hash-tag was about the #geminiProtocol (rather than #googleGemini or the #geminiCryptoCurrency ).

bartholin, to random
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I had this saved on my computer since 27.09.2016


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Awesome! 🙂

maegul, to random
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Sorry, don't know who/what to tag (probably an official akkomane account on another server/platform is good best practice) ...

getting plenty of timeouts and "Server is Down" errors on akkomane.social

Started about 5 minutes ago, still happening now.




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@maegul @christophertrottier @atomicpoet

Are you able to look in the "Network" portion of the web-browser "Developer tools"?

If "yes", what do you see?

reiver, to fediverse
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Let's talk about

Akomma is Fediverse software — like Mastodon, Misskey, Lemmy, PeerTube, Pixelfed, and many others.

is a fork

But —

What is an "akkoma"‽
Where did that name come from‽

Why is the tag-line for Akkoma:
"magically expressive social media"‽

And what is the meaning behind the Akkoma logo‽

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The TL;DR version of —

• what is an "akkomo"‽,
• where did the "akkoma" name come from‽,
• why is the tag-line for ‽, “magically expressive social media”‽,
• what is the meaning behind the Akkoma logo‽,

… is this (in the attached image).


If that isn't enough of an explanation, keep on reading.

reiver, (edited )
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Let's focus on the "Akkoma" name first.

is named after a fictional anime character nicknamed Akko.

“Akko” is the nickname of the fictional anime character named: Atsuko Kagari.

Atsuko Kagari is a fictional anime character from the anime: Little Witch Academia.

So, what about the Akkoma logo‽ —

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Look at the logo.

Now look at the Atsuko Kagari (a.k.a. Akko) — the fictional character from Little Witch Academia anime.

The Akkoma logo is a stylized (upper-case) letter "A" with Atsuko Kagari's witch's hat on it.


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By this point, you probably already have a sense of why the tag-line is:

“Magically expressive social media”.


reiver, (edited )
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BONUS №1 —

Do you remember my "Happy Halloween" post from the year 2023 🙂

The image I attached was an homage to both and Akko (Atsuko Kagari).

Look at the hat 🙂

It looks like the hat in the Akkoma logo.

But it also includes more features of Akko's hat than the Akkoma logo includes.


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BONUS №2 —

There are some Internet-memes based on Atsuko Kagari (a.k.a Akko) — i.e., the inspiration for the name, logo, and tag-line of the Fediverse software.


kristian, to fediverse Norwegian
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Does provide MFMs like and ? And, what is ?

Today I look forward to learning something new.

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supports (regular) markdown rather than misskey-flavored-markdown (MFM).

is Akkoma with the front-end. (It gives Akkoma (what I feel is) a better user-experience.)


Also, here is a bonus of where the name "Akkoma" comes from:



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It is very easy.

You could get an Akkomane server up and going on SpaceHost in about 5 minutes:

Go here:


And then just tap/click some buttons, fill in some forms, etc.

If you need any help, just reach out to @spacehost_help

(I can also help.)

Gaptangle, to Birds

Hey Fedi help me out? Someone made a meme I think a long time ago, and shared it some time last year, and it was the whole structure of a bird with silly labels for everything, and it had perfect alt text except it was a bit hard to tell what was where. I'm trying to find this for a friend I mentioned it to ages ago. Can someone link me to the post, or op if you see this can you post it again?

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Was it the annoyed-bird meme?

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With the Annoyed Bird meme, you would add whatever text you want.


Are you more interested in the text someone had, rather than the meme image?

TechCrunch, to random
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Kiki World, a beauty brand that uses web3 for customer co-creation and ownership, raises $7M from a16z https://tcrn.ch/3UdKBi8

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ScienceCommunicator, to science
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Spray oxytocin up a woman’s nose __a research participant (a way to get the neuropeptide past the blood-brain barrier and into the brain), and she’ll find babies to look more appealing.

Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

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I liked his book (back when I read it years ago).

BeAware, to martialartsmemes
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To ALL my followers and mutuals:

This weekend is WrestleMania weekend.

I am very excited. However, I know most of you don't follow me for that.

Therefore, I'm giving you a heads up! I will be using the following hashtags a LOT over the course of the weekend and it WILL contain spoilers.

If you don't want to see these posts on your timeline, FILTER THEM. Preferences > Filters

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I was really into Wrestling starting back in the early 1980s.

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I haven't watched it in decades.

I wonder how many of the characters I remember are still there.

I imagine many of them have retired.

I know some of my favorites have even passed away 🙁

hamin, to blogging
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Old-internet feelings things that are strangely nostalgic even though they shouldn't be:

Anything missing on this not-so-extensive list?

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"Anything missing on this not-so-extensive list?"

It probably depends on how old you are.

For me (in addition to what you wrote):

• finger,
• Usenet / NNTP,
• telnet,
• mailing lists,
• surfing-the-web (back before searching the web became practical),
• personal (web) home-pages and websites (often as a tilde sub-site),
• all the very, very niche mini-sites created by people obsessed by some topic,
• the open-mined net.

atomicpoet, to random
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Watching a pre-season baseball game.

It’s Vancouver Canadians vs. UBC Thunderbirds. Both local teams. Canadians play in a Single A league, and the Thunderbirds are a university team.

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reiver, to random
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I don't do April Fool's posts.

Although I think some April Fool's jokes can be funny in certain contexts — I don't think social-media is one of those contexts.

reiver, to random
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I was curious how a Threads account shows up on the Fediverse.

I have seen Threads users on the Fediverse — but I noticed that when I tried looking up many people, they didn't show up.

Later, I saw mention of Threads users having to enable Fediverse.

This is how a Threads user turns on "Fediverse sharing" on their Threads account.


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chimay, to random
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It's great to have gopher and gemini protocol, but why not use markdown (or orgmode) as a simple yet powerful one ?

Imagine, your notes rendered natively in your browser : headings, lists and so on, but no bloated js.

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What are the things you would add to gemini gemtext, to make you feel it meets your needs as well as markdown and orgmode?


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In addition to the ones you mentioned — some of the other common criticisms of gemini gemtext that I have heard include:

• lack of bolding,
• lack of italics,
• lack of embedded images,
• lack of embedded videos,
• lack of color,


How do you feel about these?

Do you want them, too? Don't care? Etc?

dillo, to random
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Hello mastodon from the browser!

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Very cool!

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