Writing two web serials: GOLDFIRE, a queer oceanpunk fantasy, and RADIANT INVERSE, a psychological space opera adventure.

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erosdiscordia, to KindActions

If anyone wants to boost a bunch of BIPOC #mutualaid posts into my timeline, that's what I'd like to see folks spending money on this weekend. Trans people to the front.

erosdiscordia, to random

As someone who's worked at Target on Black Friday, all I can say is this:

Stay home. Please, stay home.

The stores are ripping you off.

erosdiscordia, to random


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  • erosdiscordia,

    I'd been dreading doing it, and struggled to work up the spoons to even start. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

    selfsame, to random avatar

    interview for a senior engineer job at a big company in a bit, feeling nervous :yikes1:‍:bigyikes3:​


    @selfsame If they're smart, they'll see your high quality. Good luck, friend. 🤞

    phoenix, to random

    Hey, it's my Mastoversary! One year since I joined in the big Nov '22 Twitter exodus. This is still my favorite of all the post-Twitter alternatives, and the Shop's ethos and community is 99% of the reason why; thanks for being so cool, gang ❤️


    @phoenix ✨🎊

    zzclaybourne, to random avatar

    Thank you


    @zzclaybourne 💜 :hug2:

    ojou, to random

    only a few weeks in but thus far I like Tokyo every bit as much as I thought I would. sometimes you just know


    @ojou I'm glad you're liking it!

    coleoptera, to random avatar

    First Christmas Cactus flower fully open now! And many more buds popping up :babyhappy:


    @coleoptera Oooh! Nice!

    sungo, to random

    A thought that’s been stuck in my head the last few days is how quickly the mech keyboard world would fall apart, freed from the bonds of capital.

    If no one was worrying about money, would so many people obtain the same 60% keyboard over and over again so they could load it up with whatever rare key switches and caps are cool this month? Would the year+ long pre-orders of the same gmk profile caps in a new colorway even exist? Or would folks finally settle in on what they need to do the computer thing, rather than display their disposable wealth? Would those of us on the accessibility side finally get a word in edgewise?

    And then, would we even still be able to buy parts? I think it’s possible the only reason we can do this accessibility thing is because we’re being subsidized by r/mk and the like.


    @sungo 🔥

    tek, to random avatar

    I'm heading in to a day of (virtual) on-site interviews, aka convincing would-be coworkers that I’m not a total doofus, or at least I can hide it for several hours at a time.


    @tek Good luck!!!

    jackdaw_ruiz, to random avatar

    I think it's a very good distillation of my whole existence to get absolutely fucking nailed from behind in a rear ending by 20 yo driver in an SUV and while I am completely disoriented from getting my bell rung, having to like calm them down and tell them to move their car and explain how auto insurance works.


    @jackdaw_ruiz Oof, take care friend!

    HauntedOwlbear, to random avatar

    Little kitty update. Still eating like a champ. She fell asleep on a towel in my lap, so that's today's bed.

    She can't see any more than changes from light to darkness, but we're keeping things in consistent locations, with different textures to act as sign posts.

    (New thread because I broke the old one trying to do something smart with replies.)

    The same cat, curled up in a grey towel. She is gripping it with her front claws.


    @HauntedOwlbear 💙💚💜🙏

    erosdiscordia, to random


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  • erosdiscordia,

    @o1vr Me too! :ablobwobble:

    God, I can't wait to move to civilization.


    I'll find out tomorrow, most likely. There will be a small piece in the local paper, between high school football scores and church service times.

    llamasoft_ox, to random avatar

    Today is my mastoversary! A year ago today I arrived on I'd been thinking about leaving the other place for a while and someone said to me "Oh here is your new home" and dropped a link to and I started to feel at home almost straight away.

    Took a few weeks to fully settle in, and to lose the habit of keeping an eye on the other place too but that's far behind me now, haven't so much as looked there for months now and the app has been off my phone for a while.


    @llamasoft_ox Glad you're on here!

    erosdiscordia, to random

    I think I'd be more comfortable with drag, if its performers and fans treated it as inspired by trans people.

    Rather than trans people being treated like second rate and kinda boring drag performers.

    ItsJenNotGoblin, to random avatar

    Why is


    Such a fun, funny word and Vagina is so cold and clinical?!?

    More misogyny by the naming committee 😤😤


    @ItsJenNotGoblin Cooter is a top-shelf term, for sure.

    My only hesitation is having grown up knowing old guys named "Cooter", after the animal.

    I feel like there is a furry joke in there somewhere.

    WoozleWuzzle, to random

    holy fucking shit, this afternoon my company fired the woman that has been the driving force of us unionising. then fired one of the other guys that was part of our group of 4 that started all this. I cannot articulate how fucking furious I am


    @WoozleWuzzle Oh haha, damn, I hope they enjoy being sued.

    ashley, to random avatar

    I need to give a blanket "thank you" to everyone who has said kind things to me over the past several weeks, thank you. It's been a tougher time than usual for me, from a lot of different angles. Anyway, again, thank you.


    @ashley 💚💜💙🫂

    infernusgoatus, to random avatar

    I think my fediversary is sometime in February, but all my first accounts are gone so we'll never know


    @ItsJenNotGoblin Ah, no, I see.

    Blocked, lol.

    horrowfide, to random avatar

    hello, horrowfide's back again after a brief break from social media.
    did i miss anything..?




    This pie

    We saved you some tho

    erosdiscordia, to random


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  • erosdiscordia,

    @smallerdemon Yeah, it's like if Pippi Longstocking were a horny immortal.

    lucas, to random avatar

    What are you thankful for?


    @lucas ✨ 🙏 I'll tell him ya said so!

    SoniaSulaiman, to random avatar

    I just checked in on SFWA's Discord and... it's a hot fucking mess of anti-Palestinian racism. I am legit shocked. I no longer wish to be affiliated with this organization, in any form. I'm shaking... I was expecting apathy, but it's a violent. It's not safe for me, for any Palestinian. I'm gone.

    This is coming literally on the cusp of me trying to write again. They just didn't think there would be any Palestinians in the room.


    @SoniaSulaiman That's horrible. I'm so sorry.

    ojou, to random

    I've gotten so much more prone to tears

    can't talk about the kyoani fire without crying

    yesterday was explaining why I left china to a group of friends, mentioned the BL ban[1], started tearing up...


    [1] there is no strict "ban" but there were some really aggressively worded memos, arrests, and the censors have been much stricter about adaptations and content. BL def still exists but it is much more restricted and not really allowed to flourish


    @ojou Legit and valid reasons to cry, I think. 💜

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