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I love tech, especially Open Source Tech

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I expect none less from Elon and his band of misfits. what a train wreck

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Only thing more pathetic than Elon Musk is Donald J Trump.

IPhone car sound issue

I have an iPhone 15 that when my car picks up a phone call on the hands-free system. It takes a moment to Ashley pick up and then is at first with the volume. Is this an iPhone issue that is known? Could it be T-Mobile? Or could it be my 2014 Avalon system? I didn’t have his problem with my android phone prior to this iPhone...

Ukraine packed a Cessna-style plane with explosives, added remote controls and kamikaze’d it into a Russian drone factory 600 miles away (www.forbes.com)

In a sharp escalation of its drone campaign targeting strategic industries deep inside Russia, Ukraine seems to have fitted Cessna-style light planes with remote controls, packed them with explosives and flown at least one of them more than 600 miles to strike a Russian factory in Yelabuga, 550 miles east of Moscow....

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But in that case fighter jets here are usually scrambled and if they don’t see anyone in the cockpit, they shoot the damn thing down

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The only problem is that the only increments are 15 min or 1hr or all day. Nothing in-between. Bah

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Are there any other options out there?

What is the cheapest woocommerce hosting?

I want to make an online store but don’t want to pay $$$$ for Shopify. I looked into woocommerce and it looks exactly like what I want but hosting companies seem to charge extra for woocommerce options. I have deployed my own Wordpress in the past and know enough about front and back end to work things out on my own. Can I...

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I just realized that I responded via Mastodon. LOL.

If I were you, I’d look for the most economic platform with the best uptime and support. It might not be the cheapest, but reliability is key.

cactus86, to wordpress zh-CN
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@wordpress If a account doesn't purchase a package after the 7-day trial period, what will happen to the account and store? Will they always be in the state it was set to at that time?

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I’m confused. Are you trying to write WordPress.com. Your message isn’t going to get to them this way. This is a user-operated community.

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How is that safe? And some people actually use their commutes to not work.

informapirata, (edited ) to wordpress Italian

Is it possible to publish posts on Lemmy from your Wordpress blog? If this post appears in the @wordpress community then this hypothesis will be confirmed!


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Wow that’s wild! Holy crap. How’d that work? You just tag the Lemmy community that you want to post to?

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I can totally relate to this. My wife gets so frustrated with me when it happens. LOL. I just shrug and say sorry, can you repeat that again! 😒

Vivaldi, to blogging
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The new extended character limitation in VS is great, but that doesn't mean the #blogging era is over! 🙅

Our #ad-free blogging platform has recently been updated to the latest @wordpress , which comes bearing gifts! 🎁

Did you know you can share your #blogs to the #Fediverse as well?

Explore all the features and get #writing!👇


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Honestly, spin up your own instance. Don’t rely on a browser company to host it for you.

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Next time if get some Switchback Ale. It’s made in Burlington and hard to get outside of New England.

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I loved this show! It was my Wifi SSID for a while!

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