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Powerful. Personal. Private. It’s a web browser. But fun. It comes with a bunch of clever features built in. It’s super flexible and does not track you. Get the Vivaldi browser for desktop, mobile, and your car!

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Vivaldi, to technology
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📧 Looking for an email in your overflowing mailbox can sometimes feel like you’re looking for a lone sock in a mountain of laundry.

And with the number of emails triggered these days when you shop online, make flight or hotel bookings, sign-up for mailing lists—it’s especially important to have more control over your emails.

🔦 Now with more search tools added to Vivaldi Mail, it’s easier to hunt down that one important email.

Find messages easily with more Mail Search tools. Use filters to narrow down results by date, sender, recipient, subject, message content, CC and attachments.

You can also filter inverse to only find messages that do not match.

📨 Save time and avoid an overloaded inbox.

Try our built-in Vivaldi Mail client now👇


Vivaldi, to tech
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It's Friday and we have a new party trick! 🤹

By popular demand, your Vivaldi browser can now auto-adapt to any website's color palette, whipping up a dark color theme for those websites still living in the light ages.😎

And yes, this includes websites that don't offer their site in dark mode.

You can now force it to go dark by selecting the “Dark” option and enabling Force a Dark theme on all websites.

Just go to Settings > Appearance > Website Appearance and choose between light, dark, or auto.

We're excited to give you more ways to make the browser yours.

Read more about it and tell us what you think about this update.👇🏻


Vivaldi, to random Japanese
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デスクトップ版 Vivaldi 6.6 リリースしましたっ!!

🌐 Vivaldi 翻訳がパワーアップ


Vivaldi, (edited ) to random
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👊A fun-sized update to Vivaldi 6.6 that truly packs a punch!

An extra day to the month gave us an extra day to make Vivaldi yours, even more. So let's get right into it:

📧 With growing mailboxes and multiple mail accounts, finding an email can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. With more search tools in Vivaldi Mail, you will instantly find that one email among thousands.

🌎 Experience faster translations with Vivaldi Translate, our reliable and private translation service that currently supports 108 languages. You’ll also notice improvements in the quality of translation for some key languages.

🧩 Web Panels—web pages that you can add to your side panel—will now work more like a regular tab with extended extension capabilities and page navigation.

Extension developers can now extend the functionality of Vivaldi by adding entire new Panels using the Side Panel extension API.

👋🏼 Say hello to Dark Mode. Love Dark mode but the website doesn’t support it? Vivaldi will now automatically generate a dark theme by adapting any website's color scheme.

These are just some of the new updates and you can read more about what's new in Vivaldi 6.6 in the blog below ⤵️


Vivaldi, to random
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🐧 "here’s to the penguins, the terminal tango, and the joyous chaos that is the Linux experience."

Robert Trance shares his hilarious take on what it's like to use Linux.

Read his blog "The Chronicles of a Linux user: A comedy of errors and commands", in the Vivaldi community where you can start a WordPress blog for free👇🏻


Vivaldi, (edited ) to random
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The chances of you and your colleague using a browser the same way are slim.

🎨 If you're in the Creative department, you spend time looking for inspiration across different design websites, use a note-taking tool to save snippets of information for your next written piece, or regularly access file-sharing platforms to share your designs.

📧 If you're a Manager, you spend a large part of your day dealing with emails, manage your team on different internal or external communication platforms, and navigate between different project management tools and dashboards to stay on top of projects.

But in whichever way you use your browser, almost everything about the Vivaldi browser can be customized and tailored to your needs.

Here are some ways you can customize our browser to make it work and feel like your personal workstation.👇🏻


cmccullough, to random
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Ugh! My Vivaldi instance has been crashing all day and now I'm unable to tag Vivaldi about the issue. Any other Vivaldi instance users out there experiencing any issues? Can you actually tag Vivaldi?

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@cmccullough , what if you try from a Private Window, Guest Profile or new User Profile?

snail, to random
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Recommend me a web browser that doesn't have any form of "AI Integration"


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Thanks for the recommendation @nebula.

@snail, we recently wrote a blog post on this topic. You can read it here: https://vivaldi.com/blog/technology/vivaldi-wont-fallow-the-current-ai-trend/.

Vivaldi, to random
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It’s almost the weekend and you still have emails across your different accounts waiting to be read, sent, forwarded, or deleted.

And yes, it can be tiring and confusing to constantly switch between inboxes or web interfaces.

Easier to just use the "Unread" option to read new emails and call it a day, isn't it?

Achieving a Zero Inbox doesn't have to be a distant dream.

Set up one inbox for all your email accounts.

Get the powerful and free Vivaldi email client built right into our browser made for your needs👇🏻


Gina, to firefox
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The way that #Firefox 's reader view makes ad ridden websites usable again.. *chefs kiss :firefoxnew:

Aahhh finally quiet

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@sirber @Gina

It's your lucky day! We already have Reader View. 😉


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Vivaldi, to random
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In this video, @BendikJohan will take you through some features and the primary setup process of the Vivaldi Browser in a Polestar 2.

You can browse the web, and stream movies or TV shows while you're parked.

Plus, with in-car connectivity, you can also plug in a keyboard to get work done, make calls, or play games with a controller. 🎮

Try Vivaldi in your Polestar now:

Red background frame and a video about how to use Vivaldi in a Polestar 2.

Vivaldi, (edited ) to iOS
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Priyonto M Rahman @prio talks to us about a secret feature combo — found only on our Desktop browser — that makes his workflow as an iOS Developer easier.

He gives us an insight into the experience of being part of the team that helped build the Vivaldi browser on iOS and why he feels a sense of joy when he hears that people love to use our browser.

Read all about how cricket and football help him code and a valuable lesson he's learned along the way. 👇🏻

#iOSDeveloper #iOS #Browser


Vivaldi, to productivity
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🍅 Heard of the Pomodoro technique? It keeps you hyper-focused on the task rather than getting overwhelmed by the weight of it.

The technique was created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1990s. It involves breaking tasks into 25-minute intervals (Pomodoros) separated by short breaks, with a longer break every four intervals.

To use the Pomodoro timer in Vivaldi:

  • Left-click on the Clock button to bring up the Clock popup.
  • Click on the Pomodoro preset.
  • Click the Start button.

Learn more about this built-in productivity hack here: https://vivaldi.com/blog/pomodoro-timer-in-browser/

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@NewDay14 Thanks for letting us know, we've updated it.

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

@v613 you can read more about it here: https://www.pomodorotechnique.com/what-is-the-pomodoro-technique.php

Hope this helps 😊

michabbb, to windows German
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look who has arrived 😉

#windows #arc #browser #beta

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@michabbb :vivaldia_heart:

sirber, to random
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@Vivaldi why is the zoom level not remembered for a website? would be great

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As @cgt said "Use Tab Zoom" setting needs to be disabled for websites to keep the same zoom level no matter which tab they're open in.

If that doesn't work, please share an example website, where zoom levels aren't remembered.

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

Probably because tab zoom is the more common option. But we know that people have different preferences and that's why we provide all these settings, so people can customize the browser to their liking. :tony_normal:

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I tested and it's working as expected.

When "Use Tab Zoom" is enabled and you change the zoom level in one tab to, for example, 150%, then in that tab, when navigating between Mastodon and Slashdot, the zoom level will remain 150% on all pages. When you open Mastodon or Slashdot in another tab, the sites will be displayed with the default zoom level.

When "Use Tab Zoom" is disabled, then you can set the zoom level to 150% for Mastodon, but Slashdot in the same tab will still have the default zoom value. But when you open Mastodon in a different tab, it will be displayed with 150% zoom.

Hope this helps. :tony_normal:

cynical13, to Vivaldi
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Congratulations @Vivaldi, you officially made it! I got my first spoof emails claiming to be from you, saying you were going to shut down my email account unless I clicked on a fake link.

I forwarded it for review.

#Vivaldi #VivaldiBrowser #VivaldiMail

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Thanks for reporting it. :tony_normal: It helps us combat these scams.

wdsouth, to random
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Profile spring...er, winter cleaning is done!

Also the Vivaldi profile image uploader and I aren't friends. Uploading an cropping an image on mobile was an annoying experience. Can we get a use as is or no crop option?

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

I'm sorry that you had to go through the trouble. There is a newer version available for the image uploader and we hope to add it in the next update for the profile page.

aral, to random
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@Vivaldi Hey folks, just a quick heads up, I was going to use your browser while recording my next video but I can’t because I can’t get my screen reader to read the page (unlike how it can on Firefox and even in Chrome). Likely it’s the issues presented here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/60027/vivaldi-browser-screen-reader-accessibility

Would love to use it but I can’t until it works with screen readers.

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

Yeah, screen reader compatibility is something we need to take a closer look at. :tony_sigh:
Seeing the issue you're encountering would be a good start.

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

Have you checked the focus settings in Settings > Keyboard and Settings > Webpages? Perhaps changing something there helps.
Also, if you've customized Vivaldi's Keyboard Shortcuts, could it be that you've set Ctrl + I as a shortcut for some command and now there's a bit of a clash?

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar


Please create a bug report on https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/ and let me know the ticket number (VB-###) you get, so I can follow up.

Vivaldi, (edited ) to windows
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This news is SO last year, but here's a reminder that Vivaldi is now available on all desktop and mobile platforms...including some cars! 💻 📱 🖥️ 🚗

Sync your data and get ready to upgrade your #browser game.🔥

#Windows #Linux #macOS #iOS #Android #AndroidAutomotive

@Vivaldi@vivaldi.net avatar

@NewDay14 Good to hear. With the help of Sync, you could do a clean install of the Stable too, if you prefer to use that version.

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