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Fresh front-end dev and techy generalist, mum of 2, euro-mongrel (🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇸🇪), lapsed swing dancer & DJ, erstwhile tall ship and dingy sailor, crocheter, lefty.

Work with :react:, but ❤️ vanilla :html5: :css3: :javascript: (particularly ✨CSS✨ 🥰)

Cis het - she/her, supporting :BLM: :a11y: 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️

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heydon, to random
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What can you say about the <area> element?

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@heydon thanks for making me feel very old

However, I cared for my Tamagotchi very well and never killed it!

maique, to random
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@maique oh no, I'm so sorry. Totally get the imagery with the dark cloud. Hope you find somewhere else just as lovely for your family 🩷

timbray, to random
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I asked meta.ai to generate an image of “a free oboe concert in Shibuya”

[yeah, I know, but it’s been a long day. I also asked for an image of Neil Young fighting a dragon, but it refused.]

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@timbray Lol. That's a very special oboe.

sarajw, to random
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The GIFs are huuuge sometimes though, aren't they?


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@DavidDarnes @ch0ccyra1n yeah they're definitely less easy.

But I can see why the devs transcode them.

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Like, I want my instance (hi @mods! Thanks for everything you do!) not to have to pay a metric assload of cash to host a bunch of reaction GIFs in original format.

So it's cool with me if mastodon automatically transcodes them, to save space.

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@pepelsbey Right?

As much as I like a lot of simple, fun web things to remain simple and fun, I don't think GIFs were ever intended to display a whole TV or movie clip.

elly, to random
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Fuck “AI”.
LLMs are plagiarism machines.

I want a language model that’s trained on my personal data. It needs to be offline so it’s not shipping my data off to some company. Because I have dysgraphia writing is fucking HARD and language models can help make it easier. But I don’t wanna to use a plagiarism machine.

If I was to put on my capitalism hat for a second… “Surely someone can see that this is a huge gap in the market?!”

Can someone tell me it actually exists? That’d be a nice surprise

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@elly I've never actually used it, but how helpful is something like Grammarly for you? I don't know how much AI has seeped in there too, though.

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@elly oh lol I should actually visit the page first - it's AI all the way down...

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@elly fair. I hadn't got as far as checking pricing. Bad reply-gal!

sato1108ss, to random
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I've just finished a final presentation of my internship. I have a graduation ceremony tomorrow. This will be the end of the MLH Fellowship for me.

I haven't felt well mentally recently, so I try to take some time off after tomorrow.

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@sato1108ss definitely sounds like some rest is in order 💜

sarajw, to random
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b0rk, to random
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I've been criticizing git nonstop for months on here but I really do love it. I've been using it for probably 13 years, I'm used to all of the warts that I run into regularly, and I don't think I've had a major problem with it anytime in the last 7 years or so.

not to minimize all of the very real problems that people have with git but I really do believe that it's possible to use git successfully

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@b0rk lol. I'm definitely in the middle of those two. Know enough to use it relatively comfortably for common stuff but USELESS if I leave that comfort zone!

misprintedtype, to random German
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3 weeks ago, I almost died, b/c I (by accident and because I am stupid) poisoned myself.

Today took me 2 trips to the ER, because I decided to wash the dishes...

Maybe I should just stay in bed for the rest of the year.

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@misprintedtype oh my gosh. Please tell us what poisoned you so I can make sure I don't accidentally do it too

@sarajw@front-end.social avatar

@misprintedtype 😦 so glad you're still with us!!

pixelambacht, to CSS
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I'm working on my typography talk for (working title: "Problems Solved By OpenType")!

My plan is to mostly show all the things fonts can do on the web (the techy bits), without going too far into typesetting itself (the designy bits).

What should (and shouldn't!) I cover? Are there issues in your current project(s) that's holding you back from using modern fonts and CSS?

@sarajw@front-end.social avatar

@pixelambacht I'm talking at the very low level here, like my personal homepage level - but I keep swinging back and forth on whether to use interesting fonts because of downloading time, and the flash of either no text or of fallback font.

Any CSS tricks that can make that feel less iffy are welcome!

@sarajw@front-end.social avatar

@pixelambacht Oh for sure!

I mean.. for body text I'm happy with something less unique, but in titles and headings it's fun to go nuts!

Just then also much more noticeable when it has a loading delay 🤔

DavidDarnes, to random
@DavidDarnes@mastodon.design avatar

I realise this poll was somewhat controversial, I should've turned on the option to select both (cool that Mastodon does that!). Also not a surprise that most people selected ‘Developer' down to where I posted the poll and my audience.

However I also think that people working on often begin the design work and end up doing the implementation work as well. Though I could be wrong (cc @beep interested in your Opinions™)

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@DavidDarnes @beep arrghh I've lost who posted it now, as lots of us have posted similar things - maybe @heydon - who asserted that those who can code, have ended up pushed into the developer side, and had the design part wrested out of their hands. Which sucks.

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@beep @heydon @DavidDarnes

I may already be 40, but I look up to all of you and the other brilliant and caring people in the same accessibility-conscious design-development space, exactly where I'm choosing to put down roots and grow into.

I browse the internet, live on the internet, for (an unhealthy number of) hours a day and it's clearly these very people who could turn around the jank and the inaccessibility of it all. And yet somehow we're not seen not as unicorns, but unnecessary.

s3thi, to random
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sometimes i completely forget that October is a month that exists. it feels made up.

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@s3thi I mean, September to December are all just numbers really. Based on the Latin for 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Romans used 10 months. Then we plopped two more in, but we put them at the beginning instead of the end, and shifted the numbers by 2.


(I love that they used to be like 🤷 over the winter months)

andycarolan, to random
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mattwilcox, to random
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Why are cycling shorts?

I mean, yes, you need padding or your arse bones are going to scream at you with any real riding.

So. Why aren’t the saddles properly padded for that? Why do cyclists instead have a saddle that would ruin an arse faster than a session at the local bdsm emporium, and instead choose to wear shorts and trousers that look like you’ve previously had your arse destroyed at the local bdsm emporium and now wear diapers.

There has to be an actual reason?

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@mattwilcox like it could be you need to adjust the angle and/or the fore/aft position of the saddle.

@sarajw@front-end.social avatar

@mattwilcox Hmmm... You might find when loosening the clamp to slide the rails, that there is a little angle play too if you loosen further - or maybe it's another bolt, I forget. I think most seat posts of that kind do it.

Best of luck!

sarajw, to random
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Can anything beat the Adobe React-Aria date range picker?

(Not wanting any "do not use React" responses please. Useful suggestions will be workable within a React based project. Thanks!)


Research time...

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@hmig oh! Sweet, that's good to know.

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@kcjpop Thank you :)

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