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My Experience of Participating in WeblogPoMo2024

The Weblog Posting Month 2024 (WeblogPoMo2024) has come to an end and this is my results, experience and insight gained from my participation.

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📣 I'm happy to say I achieved the challenge with 🌟 31 🌟 posts completed in 31 days for the month of May 2024. I hope the extra posts were enjoyed.

:mastodance: :partyparrot: :partyparrot: :mastodance:

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Start the exploration of possibilities in this week's Follow Friday with contributions, boosts and follows.

  • LiberaForms @liberaforms
    Create and manage forms that respect the digital rights.
  • OpenXE ERP Projekt @openxe
    A free ERP System.
  • Friction @friction
    A vector-based app designed for creating web animations and videos.
  • Manyverse @manyver_se
    A social network off the grid.

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Some quick thoughts now that the challenge is over!

This is day 54 of , and post 22 for .

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Little Bits: Issue

Get ready for another installment of Little Bits uncovering the creative bits hidden throughout the Internet about tech, gaming, hardware, and more.

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Happy final day of #weblogpomo2024! I have 2 posts for you today:

Nobody likes to think about what happens when you fall off the wagon (missed post from yesterday; I explain why)

And my recap of the things I learned blogging every* day for Weblog Posting Month

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📝 From Apple Annie's Weblog

Wrapping WeblogPoMo 2024:


#WeblogPoMo #WeblogPoMo2024

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Bittersweet moment: the end of

No regrets in doing this challenge. I learned a lot and pushed me to keep writing, even during days I didn't want to write. Plus, I discovered a lot of really cool bloggers in the process.

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A final post for #WeblogPoMo2024, wrapping up what I've learned about my digital self:

As mentioned in the post, a humble and sincere thank you to @anniegreens for suggesting this month-long challenge in the first place. I didn't expect it to be quite so revelatory.

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Congratulations to all the #WeblogPoMo2024 participators, whether you made it all the way, partway or sporadically, you did great!

I had an idea last night about trying to figure out many collective blogposts were published but Im too tired 😅

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A WeblogPoMo Retrospective

The final day of and there has been so many great posts. I've picked out a few of my faves, did some stats on my posts, and found my most popular ones. Until next year 🫡

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Well done all bloggers! I couldn't have done it 🫡

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So, I made my own for my and I decided to write about it. You should try doing your own as well!!

Made with and and love :P

This is day 53 of and post 21 for

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Customize Your MPV Player with OSC Modern

Learn how to customize your MPV player default interface to have a simple, clean and elegant experience using OSC Modern.

#commandline #linux #tech #blog #WeblogPoMo2024

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Create a Custom Description for Your Jekyll Posts

Learn to create an effective custom post/page description with Jekyll using either the excerpt feature or a custom description front matter variable.

#WebDev #WeblogPoMo2024 #blog

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Departed Humour: GLitcH! Snail Speed

It was the year 2000 and a computer mouse cursor was creeping along like a snail in this showcase of a departed comic strip called GLitcH!

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The Converse Experiment: Report One

Answering the question no one was asking: How long does a pair of Converse last?

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An odd post today as we creep towards the end of the month:

A love letter to, and why I'll probably stop using it before too long despite that love.

(Contains plenty of envy and admiration for @cory, @sarajw, and @robb, amongst others)

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I Like Your Blog If... As I spend less and less time on commercial websites and more time exploring the blogs on IndieWeb platforms, I am developing a type and preferences. There's plenty to choose from.

I like tech but not too much tech

For better or worse, it takes a fairly technical person to... #WeblogPoMo2024

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📝 New Post: The Miyoo Mini Plus

A quick review of the Miyoo Mini+


#weblogpomo2024 #blogging #smallweb

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