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sethkinkaid, to tea

recently getting into assam loose leaf tea. so good with a high quality maple syrup or honey. what’s everyone’s favorite black tea?


@zdl i need to try it! any chance i can find this on Yunnan Sourcing? where can i buy it in the United States?

sethkinkaid, to random

leaving twitter/X was a really good idea... same with reddit. i miss the niche subreddits i used to follow but perhaps it was for the better to completely get off the platform.


@Tim_Eagon definitely with the look! i am on Lemmy.

sethkinkaid, to RPG

anyone else beyond excited for Badger+Coyote’s next rpg ‘The Substratum Protocol’? is it just me?

sethkinkaid, to random

chai is life 😋


@SJohnRoss the great thing about making it from scratch is, other than having the ingredients on hand... there are so many ways to make it. i've been using all the indian spices, an overload of ginger and black peppercorn, oat milk and molasses.


@SJohnRoss gotta get back on it!

sethkinkaid, to RPG

here are my most anticipated rpgs that i am excited for. anyone else looking forward to these?

Deathmatch Island
Triangle Agency
F.I.S.T. (Ultra Edition)

sethkinkaid, to max

anyone else enjoying 'Scavengers Reign' as much as i am? it feels like i've been waiting years for a show like this—like a fully animated weird/horror sci-fi in pure Moebius animation. it's beautiful so far!


sethkinkaid, to Netflix

anyone else watch The Fall of the House of Usher? 🤓


@Tim_Eagon it's pretty great! Flanagan really knows how to write a compelling tight (but thorough) horror series.

sethkinkaid, to scifi

anyone here read Peter Watts ‘Blindsight’, ‘Echopraxia’, or ‘Starfish’? this author sounds incredible.

currently reading his short story ‘The Things’ which is a direct inverse of the film, The Thing.


@nyrath sounds great, it’s definitely high on my list!

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