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A little Terra Memoria and Ys Origins tonight. How was your evening?


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DoomRPG - die rundenbasierte Rollenspiel-Variante des Ego-Shooter Doom - wurde für AmigaOS 3 kompiliert.


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Taking an “octobreak” from Octopath Traveler 2 to try out Terra Memoria - a cozier JRPG with Fantastic Mr. Fox anthropomorphic heroes.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – jak zrekrutować wszystkie 120 postaci
Poradnik dzięki któremu zrekrutujecie wszystkich 120 bohaterów dostępnych w Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. …

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So & fans... I'm struggling with Octopath Traveler 2. I can handle random battles, but that combined with super disjointed stories & very restrictive party management is making the game less fun and more burdensome and/or disruptive.

I'm thinking of switching (pun intended) to Terra Memoria for a fun, cozy experience.

Anyone else struggle with OT2?


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Things you realise once you reach #Forever28.

  • You can finish and become rich in #SimFarm. But as a Forever28, you can't duplicate your success.
  • You can win every single game of #CaesarIII and #CaesarIV, but not as a Forever28.
  • You play #Diablo (the original) without cheating (especially the duplicate cheat). As a Forever28, you can't even imagine how you played Diablo without cheating.

Most important of all: you still don't like #eyecandy games. Games like #MUD / #MUSH (text-based online #RPG), #roguelike, dungeon crawlers, and isometric games, are still your go to #games.

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Added the TTRPG publisher, Frog God Games to my list of DRM-free bookshops.

Frog God Games is a top-tier publisher of roleplaying games, adventures, and supplements for both modern and old school game systems.

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Au Decatlhon ... rayon escalade... un grand et gros mec barbu avec un t-shirt de roliste "Let's roll"...

  • Z'ont pas de chaussons d'escalade en 53...j'vais faire comment moi ?
    Ha bin ouai, c'est plus un sport d'elfes qu'un truc de gros barbares barbus !

N'empêche... je veux le même t-shirt ! 🤩

#RPG #JDR #D20 #sport

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The players take part of a big historical event, like WW2. Although they cannot change the issue of the war, what happens to them and their individual fates is entirely in their power.

Would you consider this railroading or have the players keep their agency, just they have little agency on the world itself?

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Good morning folks

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There's a #twilightimperium adventure for #genesys #rpg for free, which is a prequel to the War for the Throne adventure:

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Random design idea:

Let's assume a turn-based RPG, single character.

You have a pool of x dice at your disposal, each one already rolled to a result. Every time you'd normally roll a die, you choose one die and use the result. A new die is rolled to replace it.

To prevent hanging on to good rolls for too long, or just never using the bad ones, dice slowly "heat" and if they remain in the pool for too long, explode and cause adverse effects.

Do you think this could work?

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Hikari: Octopath Traveler 2’s best boy and your bi-awakening.

#videogames #gaming #queer #bisexual #lgbtq #games #jrpg #rpg #octopathtraveler

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Project O.R.C.S.'s boons and banes system is both a clever idea, and a wild way to make dice rolls truly interesting. Read all about it here:

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This is a 28 page “temple-crawling adventure” written by Munkao ostensibly for Into the Odd and Cairn (but actually largely system-agnostic), and set in the South-East Asian inspired world of Kala Mandala. I don’t think transferring it into other settings should be that much of an issue, as long as one can come up with a reason why there’s a vaguely Asian-coded monastic community around to set this at. My personal setting is set around a sort of crossroads of cultures so I have absolutely no issue with that), and this might fit in great in some of the areas I haven’t worked out that much yet.

The mission as it is is not one that lends itself to the usual loot and pillage gaming: Het Thamsya is a fledgling temple school in a larger collective, dedicated to the path of Automata. The founder of this school has nearly finished a decade long meditation, but giant (belying the title) wasps have created a nest in the back of the building while everyone else was busy not disturbing the meditator. Your mission now, if you should accept it, is to carry the meditating monk out of there, without waking him.

The complications arise from the guards set by your mission objective (automata of various kinds), the wasps, and a bunch of other intruders that have entered without anyone knowing. Interestingly the wasp nest is detailed much more than you’d think, and there are things going on in there that are way more complicated than what you’d expect, as there’s some bizarre bio-horror twist lying in wait. Which makes for a fascinating chart of faction relations based on the instincts of the wasps and the commands left for the automata and how they interact with one another.

I do feel like I am missing some context for the world of Kala Mandala, as I am not quite sure what some of the things reference. On the other hand it’s easy to just plug in whatever association comes up and go with it. The scenario offers a compelling mission and plenty of complications to make for some interesting play. I think this might be interesting to play with multiple groups to see how either of them make it through.

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Exhibitor Spotlight: Delighted to have YAY Games at Tabletop Scotland again this year. Known for their range of family games, they'll no doubt have some exciting new things to show us at the Royal Highland Centre. YAY!
Find out more on our website:

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Exhibitor Spotlight: If you're looking for dice that catch the eye, then Runefable have you covered, and they're at Tabletop Scotland again this year.
As well as making custom dice for sale, they do commissions too!
Find out more on our website:
#TTS2024 #BoardGames #RPG #TTRPG

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The Forest of Doom (1984) es un juego de rol para y de Puffin Books adaptado del libro de Ian Livingstone del mismo nombre.
Tu misión es ayudar a un enano moribundo a recuperar unas runas perdidas. ¡Son todo lo que se interpone entre tu pueblo y los malvados trolls de las colinas!


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The water is low enough to cross. How long will that last?

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Why that game is not available at PS4 yet?


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