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Web developer, +10 years of web dev, creator, non-influencer, open source contributor, #nodejs user, #IndieWeb participant, #TypesInJs advocate. Lives in southernmost Sweden 🇸🇪

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surma, to random
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Just found a great show-case of AbortController. I don’t think I could make this code as concise without aEL’s support for AC signals.

Note that I need to:

  • access controller from within the listener,
  • access this in start()
  • remove the listener in cancel()
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@surma And great to abstract it into a wrapper, because it’s concise but also a bit hurting on the brain with all its layers, but that’s okay if one keeps it in the internals of a wrapper

Not a pattern people should mimic in all their react components 😅

thekenyeung, to fediverse
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@Flipboard is deepening its ties to the fediverse, announcing it has onboarded 400 more creators (including me!) plus launched in-app fediverse notifications.


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@thekenyeung For those looking for the account, it’s this: @thekenyeung

voxpelli, to random
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The USA really needs to fix its patent system. Software patents are so bad. “Amazon owes $525 mln in cloud-storage patent fight, US jury says | Reuters”

voxpelli, to programming
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Completed setup of a small Windows PC today and remoted into it from my MacBook to some code that was failing its windows tests on GitHub Actions

Is almost 20 years since Windows was my primary dev machine – it feels so alien nowadays when all my dev work is centered around git and cli-tools

voxpelli, to random
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Released a couple of improvements to installed-check these last few days:

  • pnpm workspace support
  • symlink support

And right now added to that list with:

  • autofixing support


sindresorhus, to random
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I'm still hoping for Apple to add support for time-limited trials and paid upgrades to the App Store. No, I'm not interested in IAP. Maybe EU could force them.

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@sindresorhus There was/is the hack of creating an app bundle that contains both the old and the new app and that way get a lower price for everyone that already owned the old app?

webpro, to random
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Do you manage package.json files? Here's something you might not know you actually need (hat tip to the prolific @voxpelli):


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@webpro 🙏🙏

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@nhoizey @webpro When I started with this tool npm did no such checks.

Now it does some kind of check of whether the modules you install are compatible with your current Node.js version.

This tool instead ensures that if you update a dependency to a version that supports a smaller range of node.js versions than your project does, that you narrow your claim as well (which will result in a semver major release)

npm doesn’t help with that at all :)

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@nhoizey @webpro And part of the secret sauce of installed-check is this other module of mine: https://github.com/voxpelli/semver-set

It can calculate intersections between semver ranges and as such can calculate the intersection of all the engine definitions of all of your dependencies, which is then compared to your current engine range by installed-check

scott, to GraphicsProgramming
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@scott Will be interesting to see how much of it that will be released in the open!

simonschreibt, to gamedev
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BETA TEST for new Player Ship! SPECIAL: Each segment contains a weapon slot, BUT the lower your health, the fewer segments you have (until you gain health again)!!
Test in Browser: https://simonschreibt.itch.io/cozy-space-survivors-web


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@simonschreibt Would be cool to get this packaged in something like https://impactjs.com/ejecta and released for iOS 😜

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@simonschreibt Assuming the project still works as intended (seems like it was a few years since it was updated) then you would need Xcode at least: https://github.com/phoboslab/Ejecta#quick-start

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@simonschreibt Getting it distributed through Steam is probably more interesting, but I always read your posts when I’m on my phone hence why I thought of it

So here’s a Steam library for you instead: https://github.com/ceifa/steamworks.js

jamie, to random
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Octoeverywhere saves a print

Picked up the failure and paused so I could exclude that object. Hopefully the rest of the print finishes fine.

This was an 11 hour print on a K1, it would have been a real piss off to lose the whole thing.

Anyway, Octoeverywhere is amazing.

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@jamie Sounds neat!

voxpelli, to random
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One thing often forgotten in a business centric / investment centric world:

People gain knowledge, interests, ideas and desires in their work and those doesn’t vaporize simply because a company shuts a project down.

blaine, to random
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On instagram, which I only use these days to follow friends who are on there, the most frequent "notification" is from obvious spam (presumably phishing) accounts. Meta has thus far been unable to stem the never-ending flow.

Except these accounts are all brand new. I don't know anyone who's not on instagram in 2024 that will decide to sign up and follow me

If Instagram had a flag that said "don't let new accounts follow me", it would stop the spam dead.

Fediverse apps should do this.

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@blaine LinkedIn is a bit special in this regard – there one can require people to know ones e-mail address to be allowed to add

Would be nice to experiment in the Fediverse / IndieWeb with models like “only people I follow and the people they follow may request to follow me” – finally we can actually do such experiments!

argyleink, to random
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apparently progressive enhancement is scary?

so much fear around the concept when talking with folks.

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@argyleink That's odd, I find it to be quite the opposite.

Only scary part about it that I can think of is to maintain a high level of progressive enhancement in a larger team with varying degree of awareness and knowledge – then it can require quite a bit of testing to ensure it doesn't break over time.

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@argyleink One challenge that I find today as well is to pick a good baseline reference for the progressive enhancement

When Internet Explorer existed it was an easy baseline.

Now I would kind of want a Minimal Viable Web definition that dev tools could degrade a browser to, to help in testing, and which new browser engines like Ladybird, @servo can target as a baseline for when they are ready for prime time.

Is it eg. reasonable to expect Flexbox support today? I would say yes.

voxpelli, to random
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Early release of a new companion module to my "list-installed" module: ”list-dependents”

It uses npm and optionally @ecosystems to look up the dependents of a module and returns the package.json files of them similar to how "list-installed" do for locally installed modules.

On top of the package.json data it also returns download metrics as well as some @ecosystems extras.


gn, to random
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Rendered a new Linear icon to complement the interface refresh. Shipping in the latest app update.

@voxpelli@mastodon.social avatar

@gn Desktop app or iOS app?

voxpelli, to typescript
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Forked and revived an old module I made at my previous job:

ts-ignore-import: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ts-ignore-import

It helps ignoring optional type imports in autogenerated type declarations – which is especially useful when one writes .

Ignoring an optional type import makes it silently revert to ”any” when the type can not be imported, which is great when one eg. wants to reference multiple frameworks in the same project without requiring all those types.

voxpelli, to random
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Something I nowadays stay far away from:

File-based routing (and other auto-loaded plugins / routers)

While conceptually intriguing it violates one of my main dev philosophies:

That all data should be “grep”:able / searchable.

When a file is indirectly imported, and even indirectly given a specific route, due to where it lives in the file system – then that won’t show up when you are searching the project content for uses of that file or for existence of that path.

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I have seen this causing confusion and bugs in many projects throughout my career.

And the rule that the data should be “grep”:able is also kind of a wordplay, as the Swedish word for “understandable” is “greppbar” since “to understand” is “att greppa” and “:able” is “:bar”

parkerortolani, to random
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hot tip: if you search “@threads.net” in your Mastodon client you should see everyone from Threads who has turned on federation, easiest way to find people you want to follow here too without manually combing through Threads lists (because so few appear to have enabled federation lol)

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@parkerortolani Only everyone that your instance has seen would be my guess, so it’s easier for those on large instances

voxpelli, to random
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Tomorrow is the Christian Holy/Good/Great Friday in memory of the time when Jesus was sentenced to death and crucified outside of Jerusalem by the rulers of the realm.

Hard not to think about how the current rulers of Jerusalem are killing tens of thousand of Palestinians, occupying Palestinian territory and arbitrarily imprisoning them.

And this year Ramadan and Easter happens simultaneously, but the current rulers of Jerusalem shows total indifference to both of them.

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