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I'm a PHP core developer and documentation writer, funded by https://phpc.social/@thephpf
Lead maintainer, and master of typos, for the French translation of the PHP documentation.
BSc in pure mathematics
Photograph/Otaku in my spare time

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Girgias, (edited ) to random
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So we completely forgot about adding support for marking parameters with attributes in the PHP documentation.

But this is now done and some functions now show that their password parameters are annotated with the #[\SensitiveParameter] attribute!

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@timwolla that would be a good idea, please open an issue! :D

Mainly because I will forget otherwise and I might need to think a bit about how to edit the class mark-up, which might need to wait for the DocBook 5.2 migration to be finished

vm666, to php French

Charles Fol a présenté la faille (CVE-2024-2961) à le 10/05/2024. On n'a toujours pas de détails. On dirait bien qu'il n'y a pas d'attaques généralisées non plus.
Quelqu'un aurait vu des sites compromis via ce genre de chose récemment ? Ou pire ?

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@vm666 C'est surtout pas une faille dans PHP, et faut faire des choses vachement sous optimal pour que ça soit exploitable IMHO.

maccath, to random
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Live coding always works in rehearsal but never on the day! Thankfully @Girgias is adept at improv in C, and remains cool as a cucumber under pressure (at least outwardly).

It's a nice 'day in the life of a core developer' talk. 😂

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@maccath didn't go to plan at all but we managed somehow :')

Crell, to python
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Teaching folks the joys of clear and explicit object type definitions. An interesting experience...

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@ramsey @Crell The only one I know is FB's one, Pysa, in which they took the lesson learned from Zoncolan (like taint analysis, whose white paper @psalm used).

But I'm guessing there are some competing one.


sarah, to random
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My journey of transition and self-discovery https://sarah-savage.com/my-journey-of-transition-and-self-discovery/

This is my "coming out" story.

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@sarah > I struggled for many months against the notion that I might be *different [...] *And I oscillated between relief at knowing myself and deep depression at the potential consequences of coming out.

Yeah, very relatable.
Acceptance is step 1.
And there is no how to guide on coming out, nor the perfect time to do so, always something that could be better, not the correct mood, etc.

It is just a leap of faith into the unknown.

But happy to see you on the other side of it. :)

SenseException, to mastodon German
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Are there clients out there that do interpret and format ? 🤔

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@SenseException I use @elk on my desktop, which does interpret MD.

soatok, to random
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Here's a fun idea:

A rust rewrite of the PHP interpreter

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@soatok I mean someone is already doing that kinda: https://github.com/Davidflogar/phpl

Girgias, to random
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> FRENCH new entrant Kevin Speed has confirmed details of the new train fleet that it plans to order to operate Ilisto commuter services on three high-speed lines in France from 2028.

> Kevin Speed

> Kevin Speed

> Kevin Speed

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Girgias, to random
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ngl I am slowly losing my mind trying to get stuff done with the NHS :|

ian, to random
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Is there anyone in Kobe/Osaka/Tokyo who can hook me up with a Rakuten Mobile physical or eSIM? Probably impossible since I don't have a Japanese ID card, but would be cool to test all four mobile networks here.

@nauleyco, know anyone?

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grmpyprogrammer, (edited ) to random
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And while I am on the topic, here some challenges I’d like to see other devs take up for PHP:

  • langchain support
  • our own version of numpy
  • abstraction layer around FFI, similar to how FrankenPHP/Swoole provides an implementation/framework for Fiber usage
  • Jupyter notebooks with first-class PHP support

I know there are folks out there looking to sink their teeth into some -adjacent projects

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@grmpyprogrammer @anthony The "problem" is that numpy and libraries based on it (like pandas) can't truly work in PHP, as multiplication is assumed to be commutative.

A thing that matrices are famously not.

I really do not have the will power to fight Dmitry on this topic at this point in time (c.f. https://github.com/php/php-src/pull/9218) so if someone wants to drum-up support and possibly write the required RFC, then please do it.

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@grmpyprogrammer @anthony The C/C++ is really not hard, it is just modifying one line of code in one specialization: https://github.com/php/php-src/pull/9218/files#diff-773bdb31563a0f907c75068675f6056b25f003e61f46928a31d9837ae107460dL165-R165

One could make it more complete by creating a new specialized multiplication handle for int/float, similar to what addition does. (As + in PHP is not always commutative (because array "addition")).

robotalien, to php

What IS this??? A colon? In my ???

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Girgias, to random
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I just realised that my talk is up online!

Some more feedback on it would be appreciated, even if I already got some on certain things to improve. :)

auroraeosrose, to random
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if every user did just one documentation fix a year - what @ramsey calls "light open source contributions"

We would be light-years ahead

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@auroraeosrose @ramsey Yes, it is easier for me as a maintainer to just merge a typo fix or a small improvement, than to actually go fix the typo myself is someone opens an issue about it.

And this would fix a bunch of issues :D

Girgias, to random
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ngl being in possession of a French ID document (my driving licence) while not being French nor living in France any more and wanting to update my details leads to me being very confused.

Might be simpler to exchange my driving licence for a GB one (although this is not required as the UK still accepts EU driving licences, but not vice versa...) but that seems to require proof of ID via my passport, that I can't "just" change because I have British and German dual-citizenship.

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Can't say I'm enjoying this administrative hellscape.

cabbey, to php
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Does anyone have a better way to write the conditional calls to foo at lines 5-9 of this code? https://3v4l.org/fqCvv The goal is to have the default argument for bar trigger the default argument for foo, but they're different defaults (since one is nullable and the other isn't), and bar should not need to know what foo's default is. (obviously in my real code it's a much more complex signature, and separate classes.)

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@cabbey Use func_num_args()?

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@cabbey well you can use that function to determine if the call-site passed an argument or not, if not the default value is used in the function body.

It seems like you want different behaviour depending on what arity the function is called which the above function allows you to do e.g. https://3v4l.org/bFjSJ

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@cabbey sure for nullable types the null default works just fine.

I have opinions about multiple named parameters, but that's because so many terrible Python APIs are designed like that when they should effectively be multiple functions.

xakan, to php French
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Moi ce que j'aime avec , c'est que c'est so 2024.

Genre strtoupper(), la fonction censée convertir les caractères en majuscules, ne gère pas du tout les accents.

Ainsi, strtoupper('très') retournera 'TRèS'.

Classe 😅

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@xakan Ouais une "chaîne de caractères" en PHP c'est vraiment juste un byte-array. Et tout ce qui commence par str* fonctionne grosso modo que avec les caractères ASCII.

IIRC si tu utilisais setlocale avec la locale FR ça pouvait convertir certain accent.

Mais setlocale c'est vraiment mal foutu donc bon.

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@xakan 👍

giantweevil, to 3DPrinting
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I never actually made an post on my old account, but now seems like a good time. A beiger time, if you will.

I'm giantweevil, I use he/him pronouns, I like and occasionally I'll do something other people call but I call " hurting computers with "

Sometimes I make memes. Sometimes I make images that are just a long winded pun.

Lately my time has been mostly consumed by

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@giantweevil I approve of hurting computers with PHP :p

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