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quillmatiq, to fediverse
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Some personal news: I'm now a contributor at @news! I'm so excited to work with the team over there reporting everything happening in the world of distributed social media.

For my first post, I wrote about Ghost joining the 🙏🏼

What's exciting about this is that it isn't just an ActivityPub plugin - it's a top-down re-thinking about what Ghost is as a service. This is ActivityPub for publishers done right.

Congrats to @johnonolan and team!


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@quillmatiq Congrats, Anuj!

Flipboard, to fediverse
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Threads is the largest player so far to adopt #ActivityPub, and as @mike says, “The implications are huge.”

Why is Threads doing this? How is the team working with the community? How are they thinking about moderation, monetization and privacy in these early days and going forward?
In the newest episode of @dot_social, Mike digs in with @rklambo, Director of Product Management, and @pcottle, Software Engineer. Check it out in the fediverse on PeerTube or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. More details here:


#DotSocial #Podcast #Fediverse #Federation #MastodonMigration #Threads #Meta #ActivityPub #Flipboard

traveLink, to fediverse German
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Wonderful People are over there at . We love the posts, that reach us. So many fantastic pictures, so many wonderful people. Hey you, at Flipboard, we here at Mastodon love you.

It feels so good, to be united. Flipboard, or ? Who cares? We are the ONE.


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@traveLink Wow — thank you!

Flipboard, to threads
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We've got new Dot Social podcast episodes coming with fediverse leaders, starting with @mike's conversation with Meta's @rklambo and @pcottle, two key people building . That one releases on Monday, followed by episodes with @snarfed.org@snarfed.org and @molly0xfff. Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Here's more info:


Flipboard, to sustainability
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In honor of Earth Day, here are our picks for green-living inspiration from the Flipboard community.

Each of these followable feeds, which we call Magazines, is curated by people interested in sustainability.

Following a Magazine feed in the fediverse is like following a profile, but instead of seeing everything the person shares, you can follow just their posts about the topics you care about.

Inspiration for building your backyard oasis and sustainable living tips by the creator of Green Garden Cottage —

Stories about homesteading, nomadic living, off-grid living, and rural living from one of Flipboard's most active curators —

Sustainable food expert, Darryl Benjamin, shares news about the farm-to-table movement —

Tips and resources for growing a home garden by the creator of Sigrun's Sustainable Kitchen —

Inspiring stories about keeping Mother Earth healthy

arnienicola, to random
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Excited to be federated! but not really sure what it means lol. anyone care to explain?

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@arnienicola Hi! Arnie! A really great starting point is @miaq's Fedi Curious series. You can see all the posts here, and also subscribe on LinkedIn.


shoq, to random
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@Flipboard I have always had a private account, and now I want a more public one. I went to see if my gmail was registered previously and got a reset password for a name that isn’t mine (at my gmail address). That’s a bit disconcerting. Is this a known bug or corruption?

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@shoq Hmm, that seems odd! We'll look into this and get back to you.

Flipboard, to news
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We've received a few questions lately from the community inquiring about what Flipboard is, so we wanted to share a bit about our mission to inform and inspire the world.

Many of you in the fediverse know Flipboard because of our editorial curation on @NewsDesk, @TechDesk, @CultureDesk, @ScienceDesk and @ArtPhotosDesk.

You might also be familiar with our moves to federate our platform.

We are also an award-winning app/website where publishers, creators, and community members curate content about topics ranging from politics to philosophy. If you want to check it out, download it here, follow topics that interest you, and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.


#Flipboard #News #Tech #Science #Culture #Art #Curation #Apps #iPhone #Android

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@holgerschurig Sorry you feel that way! As we mentioned, we've had a number of questions lately of the "What the heck is Flipboard?" variety. These are largely from people in the fediverse who only know us for the curation work we do via our desks — hence the, "many of you in the fediverse know." We wanted to offer a quick explainer about what we've been known for for the past decade. Apologies if you feel it missed the mark.

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@tennoseremel Oh no! Tell us what you'd like explained more and we'll try and help out!

@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@tennoseremel This is what happens when we say things internally all the time and then assume everyone knows what we're talking about!

Basically, we have these things we call Magazines, which are like containers into which stories can be added. Publishers usually add content via RSS feed, so following one of their Magazines on Flipboard is like following an RSS feed.

Individual users will manually curate (add content to) Magazines. This can be stories they find around the web or on Flipboard itself. Following their Magazines is like following a topical feed of content from multiple sources.

In addition, lots of people just choose to use Flipboard as a content aggregator — based on the topics/publishers etc they choose when they first start using the app, they'll get a "For You" feed aligned with their interests. After that they can just read the stories they're interested in — or they can take the next step and start curating!

Hope that's explained things further and not made things more confusing!

Flipboard, to news
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An organization that represents more than 2,000 publishers has written to federal agencies, urging them to launch an investigation into Google after it began removing links to the sites of California-based news outlets. Google announced on Friday that it would take this action in response to a proposed law that would require tech companies to pay for news content. Here's more from CNN.


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@dangillmor Thanks for this context, Dan.

janettespeyer, to mastodon
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Here it is. A quick video tutorial on how to access your #mastodon Flipboard.social account on @Flipboard. You’ll be able to flip content into your magazines once you have your account connected. #flipboard #fediverse

A video explaining how to link your Mastodon account to Flipboard

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@aldonogueira @janettespeyer Hi there! We have been slowly federating publishers' accounts, starting with U.S., then U.K. and Germany. We don't have Brazilian accounts federated yet, therefore you wouldn't be able to follow them directly from Mastodon, but stay tuned as full federation is on its way!

shadow, to random
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I find it sad that @Flipboard and their accounts managed by @mike 's PR team doing the good work of the fediverse by including hashtags, mentions and alt-texts of shared articles by the medias that they couldn't do it themselves other than dropping article links to Mastodon.

The Flipboard team is probably the most interactive team I've ever seen.

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@shadow @mike Thank you — we try our best!

sidewalksafari, to edinburgh
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Sharing some of my favorite things to do in in the . I can wait to go to again this year.


Posted into The Travel Exchange @the

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@sidewalksafari Hi Jennifer, we get taken out to the Storyboard when we click the link. Are you still experiencing the same error?

@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@sidewalksafari Thanks! I'll let the team know and ping you if there are any more issues.

Flipboard, (edited ) to mastodon
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Yesterday, we announced our federation of 400 Flipboard curators and curators, so today, we're highlighting just a few you can follow on subjects like food, leadership, basketball, and sustainable food systems.

Allen Westly, technology enthusiast, cybersecurity practitioner, and diversity advocate — @West1118

Brian Fanzo, digital futurist, podcaster and ADHD advocate — @iSocialFanz

Camille Styles, lifestyle writer passionate about plant-based cooking and design and beauty — @CamilleStyles

Christie Vanover, champion pitmaster and creator of Girls Can Grill — @GirlsCanGrill

Daniel Hakimi, style curator and men’s fashion writer — @DanHakimi

Darryl Benjamin, educator and advocate for sustainable food systems — @Kafkaturtle

Janette Speyer, professional marketer passionate about cooking, travel, fashion and connecting the Flipboard community — @JanetteSpeyer

Jennifer Petoff, travel writer and creator of Sidewalk Safari — @sidewalksafari

Jessica Bethel, Los Angeles-based photographer — @4eyedgirl

Ken Yeung, journalist and author of "The AI Economy" newsletter — @thekenyeung

Louisa Moje, pharmacist, fashionista and foodie — @foodpluswords_

Marco Secchi, visual storyteller and photographer — @msecchi

Markus Weber, sustainable agriculture and agtech — @Maakusi

Maurizo Leo, bestselling cookbook author and creator of The Perfect Loaf — @theperfectloaf

Pete Gleason, PhD, professor, psychologist and innovator — @pgleason

Phil McKinney, technologist, author and podcaster — @philmckinney

Scott Kleinberg, OG Flipboarder and proud Apple fanboy — @scottkleinberg

Scott Monty, business leader, executive coach and podcaster — @scottmonty

Tayo Oredola, food writer and creator of Low Carb Africa — @lowcarbafrica

WBB Daily — curator who specializes in women’s basketball, passionate about growing the game — @smrice

Wesley Fryer, STEM educator and media literacy advocate — @wfryer

#FollowFriday #Federation #Flipboard #SpreadMastodon #Mastodon #Fediverse #Lifestyle #Technology #Food #Travel #Business

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@mimoqc Yikes, that's not what we intended to convey, but we can definitely see how this list looks skewed in that direction! Here's our full spreadsheet of federated user profiles, which we'll be adding to regularly.


Candidly, there are quite a lot of cooking and travel profiles in there (just because those are two of the communities we've partnered with a lot in recent years) but hopefully plenty of variety in there. If you're a Flipboard user, we'd love for you to submit your own application too, using this form.


Flipboard, (edited )
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@mimoqc Nous avons de nombreux récits et publications en français et un curateur français résidant en France. Sur l'application/site Flipboard, nous avons également des sujets en français que vous pouvez suivre — y compris féminisme, https://flipboard.com/topic/fr-f%C3%A9minisme. Nous n'avons pas encore fédéré de publications françaises, mais cela arrive bientôt, alors surveillez cet espace !

@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@HonestAndTruly Excited to see what you curate — and what you learn as you find your feet in the fediverse!

@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@HonestAndTruly That's so funny — "not another social platform" was the jumping-off point for an edition of @miaq's Fedi Curious newsletter. You can take a look at it here:


janettespeyer, to mastodon
@janettespeyer@flipboard.social avatar

I’m on this list! I am officially federated by @Flipboard. This means that all my blogs, and my #flipboard magazines can be seen all over #mastodon or any #fediverse platform like Threads.
Who cares?
Well, if you are a #publisher, a #journalist or a #blogger and the new Google update is killing you might want to consider getting traffic from other sources. Flipboard and the Fediverse sound like a good option. https://flipboard.medium.com/flipboard-federates-11-000-magazines-by-400-creators-and-enthusiasts-82dd94691f74 #publishing #federation #activitypub

@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@salvomic @janettespeyer We love to see it! Energized Janette and Salvo = Watch out, world!

Flipboard, (edited ) to fediverse
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In December, we started to federate the accounts of some Flipboard publishers and in February, we introduced Magazines to the fediverse. Now, we’re taking two important steps: federating the accounts of 400 creators and expert curators; and enabling two-way communication so that new followers and fediverse activity are visible and actionable in the Flipboard app.

To learn more about this, take a look at our blogpost:


Find all the handles of our newly federated curators here:


Thanks so much to everyone who has given feedback on what we’ve done so far. We welcome your thoughts and comments as we continue on our journey to fully federate Flipboard.

#Fediverse #Federation #Flipboard #ActivityPub #SpreadMastodon #Mastodon #Curation #MastodonMigration

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@AskPippa Hi Pippa! You should be able to find all the handles in this Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iUFTo6rPvhqzCReLaM1c6-xUKRuBVqlZVStZl9Al-EU/edit. Just search for the handle you're interested in on Mastodon and that should bring up their profile and all the Magazines they curate, then hit Follow. It may initially look like the accounts have no content, but that's likely because no one from your server is following them yet. Once you follow them, the next thing they flip should appear in your feed.

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@Lizette603_23 Sorry about that! You can’t remove it, but you can disable it completely — here’s how: https://flipboard.helpshift.com/hc/en/4-briefing/faq/589-how-to-disable-briefing/.

Newer Samsung devices don't have it installed, but we appreciate that's not terribly helpful if you're not buying a new device!

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