Routine Building - IOS App?

I’m a bit new(ish) to working out and utilized a personal trainer to get me started over the last few weeks. I can’t afford to continue using a trainer and was wondering if there was an app out there that helps you build a routine? I looked at Apple Fitness and I don’t want videos, just something that can help build a...


Would second rock climbing. Bouldering in particular is really fun.

It's not that good workout for your legs, chest, or triceps though.


Maybe try out calisthenics? Never been too into it outside of the basics, but its a good way to build strength and muscle without lifting weights. You should be good at long at you're still training hard and applying progressive overload.

I guess you're still lifting weights, but the weight you're lifting is your own body weight.


Not really. Some climbs will have pushing moved, but they're not nearly common or strenuous enough to be a good stimulus.

If I do weighted pull-ups right after climbing, I do much worse than I would if properly rested. But if I bench right after climbing, I'm basically completely fine.


I don't think fast charging is underrated generally

Maybe it was just me underrating it.

that fast charging will reduce your battery life more than slow charging,

That's true, though I think Oneplus does a good job of keeping the battery from heating up. That and the fact that I basically never charge up to 100% any more has resulted in my battery health dropping to 98% after 6 months of use.


I get where you're coming from. My Oneplus charger is extremely slow when used with my Steam deck.

Does any phone with USB PD charge at 80+ watts though?


I'd disagree about that being the worst case scenario.

When I used to use Arch and asked a question on the Arch forum, they removed my post because they saw I was using Pamac so they assumed I was actually on Manjaro. They didn't ask me if I'm using Manjaro or anything, they just assumed I was and removed it.

I reposted the question and clarified that I was using Arch, but that got removed again due to it being a duplicate of a removed question.

I made a meta post about what I should be doing in order to not get my posts removed and that got removed as well, though I don't remember the reason they gave for that.

That was the last time I posted on the Arch forum and shortly after, I switched to Void Linux.


Issue was not Pamac related, if it was then I'd have understood. They just saw that I had Pamac on my system and shut down my posts.


Really not much of a podcast person, but my favorite has to be the Stronger by Science podcast.

The 'New York Times' attacks e-bikes while ignoring the real danger all around us (electrek.co)

The New York Times published a pair of articles this weekend highlighting the rising number of deaths of cyclists riding electric bikes. However, in one of the most impressive feats of victim-blaming I’ve seen from the publication in some time, the NYT lays the onus on e-bikes instead of on the things killing their law abiding...

FermatsLastAccount, (edited )

I live in NY. As a pedestrian, cars are way more annoying than bicycles.

What is a good hobby for a depressed person?

So i still have depression and im constantly bored, i feel like a loser who cant do anything right. I want to let my creativeness out, make something i can share with the world or family, but im probably dreaming too big. I cant stand being depressed and bored, it stinks, everyone tells me to work out but i lack the motivation...


If one of the two sessions is cardio, then it's not too bad. But yeah, lifting weights twice a day would be extremely difficult to recover from.

I'm done with NextCloud

Just had NextCloud denying my credentials (not for the first time). I know they weren’t wrong because I’m using a password manager. Logs didn’t say much. Was about to reinstall (again, not the first time nextcloud went bonkers on me) before I tried a docker compose down && docker compose up. Lo and behold after a restart...


In my experience, Immich is way better for Photos.

List Open Source Workout Trackers you use here.

Does anyone here use any Open-Source Workout Trackers? I’ve been using hevy, but their high fees, the fact that they are a company that holds my health data and has made no commitments to open source, User privacy, or fair trade practices like user data import/export has me looking around. I wanted to see if anyone had...


I've tried like a dozen different workout trackers, including Hevy, and recently settled on Liftosaur. Before that I was on Fitnotes.

I'm busy working out right now and don't have time to give the app justice, but it's fantastic. It has its own scripting language that let's you create workout programs in greater detail than any other app out there.


If I had to guess, you have some photos that were backed up to Immich and then deleted on your phone.


Bouldering if that counts. If not, then incline dumbell bench press. It's definitely my favorite exercise, probably followed by pullovers or flat dumbbell bench.

If you have spare computing power, consider donating some of that to a distributed computing project (boinc.berkeley.edu)

Berkeley has this really cool program called BOINC that you can download and donate your computer’s resources to processing scientific data. There are a bunch of projects to pick, from working on climate change, to cancer, to the Large Hadron Collider....


I use a VPS. They don't charge based on CPU utilization so I run Folding@Home on it.


It's much more related to people changing their activity level as they get older.

If you're still as active in your 40s as you were in your 20s, you'll burn basically as many calories.


She was already sending double-digit boulders at age 9, and to date, has sent multiple V14 boulders

Legitimately just absurd.


His birth is closer to Lincoln's assassination and the abolition of serfdom in Russia than to 2023.


I'll have some once every few weeks and usually eat like 2-4. The serving size is 3 which has 160 calories and 14 grams of sugar.

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