I have. Did you not see there was an open armed rebellion in Russia? Granted it was the Wagner group but still, the people of Russia certainly didn't stop them or unite against the rebellion.

felixthecat, (edited )

What is that post you're replying to? It's obvious tankie propaganda.

If you asked me in 2019 if I thought who would win between Russia and Ukraine I would have said no doubt Russia would win. After they took Crimea in 2014 it seemed it was only a matter of time. But after Ukraine successfully fought back Russia from taking Kyiv at the start of the war now I'm sure if Ukraine had the the proper funding they could defeat Russia.

Watching Russia actually mobilize and use some of the ancient tanks that modern weapons easily penatrate and destroy...and to see that they were even desperate enough to dig in and go through the red forest at Chernobyl to try to take Kyiv and still failed....it showed how desperate, under-funded, weak, and terribly lead the Russians are. It seems the only way Russia can beat this tiny nation is by literally throwing millions of men at bullets and hope that the Ukrainian defenders run out of ammo.

If Ukraine can be properly funded it will win. If you know you have the ammo and supply chains needed to keep the Ukrainian front line defenders properly supplied, just throwing away Russian lives endlessly wont work. Tankies desperately need the western populations to turn against funding the war in Ukraine because Russia has already been completely embarrassed in this war. The first major protests against putin inside Russia by armed mercenaries have happened directly as a result of this war. Putin could very well end up dead and Russia could have a whole new system of government if Ukraine is able to stabilize and push back in the coming years. People in Russia are tired of the war, Putin NEEDS a total victory to stay in power.

Don't let tankies convince you otherwise. The fact this war is still going on and that Russia has won so little territory from Ukraine shows that Russia is extremely weak. A properly funded Ukraine can win. Putin could easily end up dead, he is extremely paranoid. The fact that the Wagner group staged an armed protest in Russia is huge. All it will take is the right spark in Russia and there could be a massive revolt against the Russian government.

The only other way I see Russia winning is by using nukes. But if that happens I don't think Nato or the rest of the world would just let it slide....most likely it would lead to WW3.


He is obviously being extremely sarcastic....

Shouldn't have to spell it out yet here we are.


The problem already exists. It's time we face it. If we have 1/3rd of the nation lining up as racist traitors that don't like the freedoms the nation provides then its time to stamp them out. If what makes them rear their ugly head is removing Trump from the ballot then so be it. Really I don't know why Trump isn't in prison for Jan 6th.


Seriously, why bother with executive action? I thought the point was to use that as a bargaining chip for getting Ukraine funding. Now that it's dead because Republicans are now opposing their own bill, why bother?

The only border crisis is the one Abbott is creating between Texas and the United States.


Sure, but the cop could have told her to kick rocks. Instead he arrested a child with the closest thing to no evidence there is. And made sure to bully him with the body cam off. The cop chose to be a bastard which is why this is a story.


The principal is a woman. She should be fired but the real issue is how the police handled it. Instead of arresting a 5th grader they could have told the principal to kick rocks and that they would investigate the threat. Which was literally hearsay and after investigation they'd have found nothing.

Turning off body cam to bully a child....sounds exactly like what a bastard would do.

I feel so bad for that child. His father died less than a year ago and he was kept in solitary confinement for 3 days. I hope he and his mother find a good lawyer that gets true justice for him. And I hope the people of Brownsville stand up for justice and get the principal fired. I hope they pressure the police to change policy on no longer allowing body cams to be turned off. And I hope the arresting officer dies sad, miserable, alone, and soon.


"The reality is that we have the tools to create a much better, richer society for everyone. But the people at the top would prefer a worse, poorer country, if that’s what’s required for them to stay completely in charge."

This is so true. The world as it is now is so depressing and the ones at the top like it that way.

Very good article!

Why the Proud Boys' sentences matter: They're scaring the rest of MAGA straight (www.salon.com)

At the sentencing hearings for the five Proud Boys convicted for some of the most serious crimes related to the January 6 insurrection, the crocodile tears were flowing. Perhaps hoping for mercy from the Donald Trump-appointed federal judge, Timothy Kelly, one member of the neo-fascist gang after another claimed to have seen the...


Yes they could have. If they went to the right chamber and started killing representatives or at least taking them prisoner they could have. All it would take is a smart, motivated, evil leader to take the reigns and that day could have ended very differently.

Thankfully those idiots had no one leading them. But I do wonder why Russia or China didn't exploit the situation to their advantage.


Unfortunately that isn't true. Businesses have a right to refuse service for a wide variety of reasons. Like you said though those protected classes are illegal to discriminate against.

That is why you can have rules, like "no shirt no shoes no service". So in this case it is if you bring a gun you will be asked to leave.

Although now if that store was ever a victim of a robbery I would bet the response time is very slow....


Seems like China is doing anything and everything to avoid having its propaganda being labeled as such. No one will listen to Chinese propaganda if they know that's what it is.

All 4 of these companies should have to register under FARA or face civil penalties.

That final photo should be the nail in the coffin to force those orgs to register.


I think with evidence provided that they should have to register under FARA as foreign agents for China here to spread Chinese propaganda. I'm sure the writer of the article informed them.


13 years. Don't even notice it, loving kbin.social. hoping it gets app support soon!

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