demvoter, (edited ) to politics in US Supreme Court reverses affirmative action, ending race-conscious college admissions
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Y’all need to fucking vote blue in every election to stop this shit. No third party shit, no “both sides,” no “my vote doesn’t matter.” If you actually want to stop this kind of stuff, you have to vote for democrats in every election.


voting blue because that's the only option --- what? why? how did this happen?


Because that's how republicans are recorded to vote republican every time, so realistically other choices are just splitting the votes and leaving the republican votes strong.

For the forseeable future unless the republican base breaks they win elections where others try to vote on third party. Because they're voting purely for party and just assuming party is looking out for them.

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The damage caused by the christion nationalist takeover of the supreme court will take literally generations to undo, if it ever can be undone.

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It wasn't just the Supreme Court. To your point.

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It happened because the Left chose to vote their individual conscience, including abstaining from voting for imperfect candidates, as if Politics was a negotiation rather than a winner-takes-all race. Biden was not my first choice, but he's a fuck ton better than what Trump would have done in a second term. The Clintons are unabashed globalists, but still a fuck ton better than what Trump did in his first term.

Not just follow that down the line to Senators, House Reps, State Governors, State Reps, County boards, School boards, Sheriff - you name it. There are zero points for second place and liberals vote as if they will change the Democrats by withholding their support for candidates they don't agree with. Boo fucking hoo. Hold your nose and vote for the team that's the closest, because a non-vote is equal to half a vote for the opposite side (insert baseball half-game lead/trailing description here).


Sheriffs and school boards.

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If you want to keep civil rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, climate change actions, etc. then, yes. Maybe you’re just a fascist though.


i'm right there with you. my concern is that democracy is dying or is long dead.


So you agree with the policy that resulted in the Asian plaintiffs being denied admission to Harvard based on their race?


I’m sure people like Bloomberg or Rick Caruso are very happy with this ruling. It cements more power into the elite and legacy admissions.

Democrats are a big party - Republicans can get away with voting for whatever R exists while Dems have to constantly fight and filter out billionaire bullshit artists.

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This includes primaries. If the left isn't radical enough for you, you can change that within the primaries. It's wild how many complaints about the Dems come from people who only vote in presidential election years.


some states don't have primaries; they have caucuses. which means you get to spend an entire day in a room with a bunch of other people arguing.

if you're conflict avoidant, that's the equivalent of a root canal without anesthesia.

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and local elections. take a cue from the wingnut playbook where they've taken over school boards, for example, and push 'em further left.

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I tried this because of all the calls to focus on local elections, but I found that in my area there werent any dems running for office. The choice was between "Republican party of Trump" and "Republican party of Reagan," and in one position there was only one person running unopposed, so I didn't bother.


I'm UK but we are similar with local elections, my mates seat in district council was conservative (our center right) for ever, so much so the candidate in last 2 election (8years) was uncontested and so just as a protest he decided to run as a labour (center left) in the last election. His local party paid him lip service but really only access to a printer and a few materials and a tiny spot on a blogwebpage. He never thought he would get in. He just wanted to be a protest so people didn't have to either tick con or not vote

But as he talked to people on doorstop he found more and more unsatisfied with conservatives.byhen come election day he got 60% of the vote, support for the con has collapsed. He now has found himself going ot district council meetings and in a coalition of power as the council swung to lib-lab-green as many other seats had similar results.

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That's awesome, but I doubt party loyalty would let that happen in the U.S.


That's what I'm saying there was a lot of party loyalty here, until con fucked up COVID and then had a leader that lasted shorter than a supermarket lettuce and even still doubled the cost of a mortguage with atrocious budget.

Similar in the us didn't a few states turn blue in the last election that you never would have thought of, like Arizona or Georgia and even texas on the move left.

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is there an opposition party at all in your area? if so, then maybe they need support to get on the ballot.

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I think it's a mix of things. I agree a lot of people don't participate in the primaries and they really should, but I'd also stress the importance of elevating the quality of the candidates we have. I don't believe any of the primary candidates right now have any idea what it's like to live in the USA as an "average" person. For starters, the average age of US citizens is 39, but the average age of the 3 current candidates is 74, with each of them being a minimum of 30 years older than the average American. I am not trying to promote ageism in any way, but I would really prefer if we had leadership that was less removed time-wise. I just don't personally believe that someone at 70 or 80 has any reasonable idea what it's like to be an American in the 30-40 age range right now -- their experiences with that age come from a time prior to the advent of cellular telephones, social media, personal computing technology, etc.

On top of that, even if you look past the age gap, the choices we have so far really don't instill great confidence.

RFK Jr is an admitted openly vocal anti-vax believer and also a vocal science denier (he still promotes belief in the link between vaccines and autism which has been systemically dis-proven), neither of which are popular positions to the left and will likely cost him votes. Biden has a low approval rating and a lot of Democrat voters don't see him as a strong or effectual president, but he's likely to get the nomination because he previously beat Trump and seems to be the defacto "if you're voting against Trump instead of voting for someone, vote for him" nominee. Marianne Williamson is at least a fresh, non-dynastic face in the political race with a reasonable track record as an independent, but because she'd been an independent until 2019 and because she's female there's a subsection of voters who will adamantly refuse to vote for her regardless of her political stance, making her unlikely to win the nomination over Biden.

I really hope that we start to see greater candidate diversity in the future and I agree that it starts with showing up to vote, I just wish we had candidates that felt more representative of the party ideals and also of our overall population than what we're getting now.


The difference is: what can you hope for vs. what can you actively do.


This goes back to not voting in every election. Groups that invest (money, time, votes) on local races (city council, school board) have a greater variety to pick when one of these people goes on to higher office (state-level, county-level) and then goes on to federal office.

The primaries are already too late - it's all about the local races.

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This is a very valid point -- elections don't stop at the primaries either!

AllonzeeLV, to politics in US Supreme Court reverses affirmative action, ending race-conscious college admissions

These social issues vasculate by design to keep the peasants of every color at each other’s throats.

The only real war is class war, too bad our owners propagandized us from birth to refuse to fight that particular war.

Now by all means, carry on fighting over the social wedges that are largely caused or exacerbated by our rigged capitalist dystopia.

Just don’t be late for work.

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You can't reduce all of society's problems to one source. We need to improve the lives of everyone, and we don't do that by ignoring the plight of minority groups. We can accomplish more than one good at a time.


Not all, but nearly all.

Abortion should be legal and available to all women, that said, around 40% of them are done for economic reasons: ……/1472-6874-13-29

Hence the issue is greatly exacerbated by our capitalist dystopia.

I don’t think I need to l source the economic growth incentive for exploiting undocumented immigrant labor they invite, while at the same time propagandizing half the country to hate them so they don’t gain social footing to get fair pay.

Climate change, hmmm…

Collapse of the nuclear family and birth rate, hmmm…

K-12 educational collapse due to tax breaks for a certain economic class in almost every state, hmmm…

Higher ed being bastardized from a societal necessity to a for profit indentured servant factory, hmmm…

Food deserts and urban decay from big box stores killing main street to eliminate threats and then pulling out of those neighborhoods once succeeding leaving nothing but abandoned disaster areas, hmmm…

I’m sure there are some national problems that aren’t caused by, substantially exacerbated by, or intentionally stoked for division by our owner class through their captured governments and bully pulpit, but without addressing our rigged economy and the wealth class gaining more hard power year after year, I’m sorry but it’s deck chairs by comparison.

TheRtRevKaiser, avatar

I'm a bit puzzled by this response, to be honest. Yes, there are economic factors in many issues facing our society. However, the causes of abortion are not the same as access to it. And I notice you left out issues that are extremely pressing or even existential to many people, like inequities in policing, medicine (I don't mean access to medicine, I mean inequities in treatment and research), higher ed, as well as denial of rights to self determination for Transgender people and erosion of civil rights for LGBTQ people across the country. Some of these have economic components, but none can be completely solved by economic means.

Of course we need to fix our broken economic system. The inequalities in wealth and the stranglehold that the capital class has on our economy and government are a dire problem. But to tell minorities who are also struggling in many ways that those struggles are a distraction is unconscionable. We can help each other, we don't have to reduce the struggle to make a better world down to a single factor, and to do so will just create more inequalities when we fail to consider the needs to groups besides our own.

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Honestly, if we could stop this cultural race war for like two seconds we'd have a way better society. I just went healthcare end high speed rail.

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Is there some reason that we can't work to have a more equitable society racially and economically? It's not a zero sum game, we can care about and accomplish more than one thing at a time...

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

How would one sustainably protect/save the Jews (and all the other victimized groups) without first dismantling the Nazi regime?

Sure you can free this camp and that camp without marching on Berlin, but if the machine, the source that propagates it and maintains it remains intact, you’re addressing a symptom of the primary cause and they’ll just build more camps.

If you resolve one social wedge, they’ll stoke another in it’s place through the government they fully captured decades ago. Why do you think they’re actively unresolving decades settled resolutions through their Federalist Society judges?

Practiced insatiable Greed that rises to a level that becomes dangerous to society, that makes you more powerful than your single vote, that lets you buy your own regulatory bodies and inform the laws that are supposed to regulate you for the public good needs to be disallowed/criminalized. Without that, it’s a never ending game of division wedge whackamole, and you only need to understand who that benefits, the modern masters/profiteers/“job creators.”

An economy is supposed to be a tool to better distribute good and services for the benefit of a society, ie the people in it. Our society lives in service to, and is often told we need to make sacrifices for, our beloved 🌈economy. We’re doing it backwards, we are being played, it’s so obvious that it burns.

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I'm just going to quote the comment that you are replying to, since you don't seem to have read it.

Is there some reason that we can’t work to have a more equitable society racially and economically? It’s not a zero sum game, we can care about and accomplish more than one thing at a time…

I don't agree that the sole cause of racial inequity is economic. If you only address the economic factors, then you will still be left with an unjust society. Again, what I am saying is that we can do more than one thing at a time.

To address your analogy, what you're proposing would be like marching on Berlin and leaving the camps in place, and just assuming that the folks in the will be fine once you overthrow the Nazis without actually doing the work to make sure that is the case. In reality, allied forces liberated the camps in the process of marching toward Berlin. That is what I am trying to say. We need to dismantle all of the machinery of oppression, not just the economic parts.

Edit: This probably came across as unnecessarily combative. I'm going to take a step back from this thread for a while. Ya'll stay nice.

AllonzeeLV, (edited )

For all the camps we’ve freed that get unfreed, abortion, civil rights, on and on, We NEVER seem to get around on marching on Berlin. In fact, Berlin has has been reinforcing its walls and turrets unopposed for over 50 years. They do make so many jobs after all. We hate the camps, but ignore the ones that commission them.

OofShoot, avatar

Sorry, in my mind forgetting about race problems meant that everyone stopped being racist and shit. The economic inequalities associated with race wouldn't disappear overnight, but they would eventually go away since social safety nets would obviously benefit the poorest people the most. But basically that flip comment was imagining a world where everyone really was colorblind.

TheRtRevKaiser, avatar

No worries. And yeah, in a world where everyone magically had no conscious or unconscious bias, I suppose that by fixing economic inequality we would eventually address most other inequities associated with race. And that's nice to think about.

But I don't think I have to tell you that we don't live in that world, so the bias (conscious and unconscious) remains, and the systemic inequities also remain.

And it's fine to imagine a better world, but if there are folks arguing that actually, addressing the plight of minorities is a distraction from the more important "class war" and that winning that fight will magically fix everything else, your comment comes across as more of the same.

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  • ScrumblesPAbernathy,

    Reducing economic disparities will help solving racial inequalities but it won't solve them on its own. In the US there are so many racial disparities baked into the system we'd also need to looking into school funding reform, policing reform, prison reform and zoning reform as well. All of those institutions are built on explicitly racist foundations.

    TheOlympian avatar

    Exactly. Even if the real villain was capitalism all along (spoiler: it is), we can't abandon all of these battles along the way in hopes of winning the war in the end. The fight will take generations and we need to win ground on multiple fronts to have any hope of real, honest to goodness, change.

    AllonzeeLV, (edited )

    Are you familiar with the concept of diversionary warfare?

    There is no hope if we can’t even recognize the tactics being used against us.

    AllonzeeLV, (edited )

    Not to mention K-12 that isnt in literal ruin, so underfunded that becoming a teacher, what should be one of society’s most revered professions, is a life on the edge of poverty. Proof positive that we choose to actively sabotage the future in the name of increasing the next quarterly earnings call for Wall Street sociopaths. How about our tent cities in every major city filled with our beaten, hopeless brothers and sisters our society throws away like garbage for the crime of not being effective enough capital batteries.

    I could get into other stuff but there’s just too fucking much. Almost all of which stems from allowing insatiable greed to fester and metastasize until it became an aspirational trait and core value in the US. Now half the peasants dream in vain of being in the Oligarch class (good luck class traitors) instead of condemning and dismantling such a class.

    The Gorden Geckos/Mr Potters/Ebenezer Scrooges were elevated and deified and allowed to run a muck here and warp our nation and increasingly the world to their cancerous, antisocial vision, and everyone outside of the owner class lost, even most who are their most zealous defenders. The real people these cautionary villains reflected used to be seen correctly as the deeply broken, deranged, selfish people they are.…/the-wealthiest-10percent-of-americans-…

    We the people kill ourselves laboring to enrich people that don’t even see us as human beings with intrinsic value outside of capital generation. Every other conflict is a sideshow by comparison. Rant over sorry.

    HuddaBudda, to news in US Supreme Court blocks student loan forgiveness plan
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    Tim Scott

    The South Carolina senator praised the ruling as "a victory for common sense."

    "You take out a loan, you pay it back. This decision frees taxpayers from shouldering debt they never signed up for," he tweeted.

    Weird, I didn't get a decision to shoulder the bad debt these companies that got their PPP loans forgiven.

    Or the 2008 Financial bailout on my future.

    Or the 200 billion in medicare/covid fraud


    But what's good for the economy is good for the people. You know, trickle down and stuff. Totally works, trust me bro. Just give us a few billion more, this time it'll rain down gold on you. Absolutely sure!


    These people are incapable of not being disingenuous. They're allergic to good faith. The hypocrisy has become so ingrained in these people that calling it out hasn't been an effective counter to them for years, if not decades. They simply do not care.


    They care. They care about making sure that the benefits of socialism is exclusively for the elite and wealthy and totally denied to the average citizen.

    rockslice, to politics in US Supreme Court reverses affirmative action, ending race-conscious college admissions

    Race shouldn't be a consideration in whether to admit a particular student. But it should be used on an ongoing basis to ensure that the admission process is applied fairly.

    Then, if it's determined that there's a racial bias in admissions, the root cause should be analyzed and corrected. Are students of one race better prepared academically? That's a problem that needs to be fixed at the high school level (or earlier). If you admit students who aren't prepared for college-level courses, you either have to spend resources on remedial classes, or have a lot of students from that race drop out.

    Are students of one race more able to pay? If we want everyone to have the same chance at education regardless of background, maybe college should be fully government-funded.

    TheRtRevKaiser, avatar

    That’s a problem that needs to be fixed at the high school level (or earlier).

    What ability does a private university like Harvard have to affect the equity of primary or secondary education across the entire country? This sounds good, but who is doing the fixing? The same people who are stripping away the ability for colleges and universities to address inequity by considering it in their admissions policies are also strip mining public education. Maybe AA was a bandaid but ripping off the bandaid because it would be better to fix the injury, but having no ability or will to fix the injury, just means that now you're bleeding all over the place.

    AlteredStateBlob, to news in US Supreme Court blocks student loan forgiveness plan
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    Student debt cannot be simply expunged through bankruptcy, it requires extra steps.

    After the 2008 sub-prime mortage crisis, Hedgefunds and Banks didn't stop with their predatory behaviour, they simply shifted it around. Student loans were a prime target for that. As well as commercial mortage backed securities (CMBS) rather than the mortage backed securities (MBS) from that bubble popping in 2008.

    With COVID making work from home inevitable and CMBS becoming a huge risk factor as well as student loans possibly being forgiven, the financial elites have been rotating to survive another day until they can resume squeezing your pennies out of you again so they don't have to go under.

    Just a piece of the shit pie that the US financial markets are. It's just a huge rackateering ring. I'd be immensely surprised if student loans were ever forgiven or university costs socialized again in the future. It's just too lucrative to fuck young people.


    The prohibitive cost of higher education and the factual uselessness of high school diploma keep young warm bodies going into the military. This is important for the nation that spends the most on its military, globally, and secures its global hegemony in large part through said military (but also of course cultural 'coca-colonialism')

    nameless_prole, (edited )

    Capitalism has robbed us of more than we could ever even imagine. To the point where most people don't even realize they've been robbed. It's tragic.

    We live in a society where amoral, faceless corporations are more valued than actual human life. And those corporations have so much power over people, and their cognition, that the majority have been tricked into consenting to this perverted system against all of their interests. And I would love for someone to explain to me why there should ever be a distinction between the people producing something, and the people/corporations that own the means of that production. Why should these be two different groups, and why in the FUCK would the class that doesn't do any actual goddamn work, make 300x more money? It's fucking disgusting.

    But on the other hand, they said they were going to lower taxes. And also, trans people exist, so........


    Capitalism has robbed us of more than we could ever even imagine. To the point where most people don't even realize they've been robbed. It's tragic.

    Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s the reason our standard of living is higher than ever. Every time we try anything else, millions of people die. I’m not sure how many more people need to die for people like you to accept reality. We need to improve capitalism, not turn to authoritarianism.


    Here's a pro-tip for you: the opposite of capitalism isn't authoritarianism. That's where we already are.

    The opposite of capitalism is socialism. Socialism is not an inherently authoritarian economic system.

    And, food for thought: how many people in 3rd world countries have been killed by capitalism, hmmm?


    Millions people starve under capitalism every year in a completely preventable fashion. Yes, other systems have been broken, but that doesn't mean capitalism is not


    No, that argument is a complete lie. Technology is why we have a higher standard of living. Technological advancements have taken place in communist countries. They experience the same increases of quality of living as capitalist countries. This proves that argument false. Capitalism isn't responsible for technology. That's just wealthy people pushing a narrative to protect the system that consolidates wealth in their hands. Consolidated wealth at the top of the economic ladder is a well known and documented side effect of capitalism. That's why capitalism requires strong regulations, not free market dogma.


    Technological advancements have taken place in communist countries.

    1. rofl

    2. regulated capitalism is very different than communism


    Formulate a response of substance or fuck off. You absolutely didn't disprove a single thing I said. Capitalism didn't raise the quality of living, technology did that. Capitalists steal everything thing they can, including credit for technological advances. They've been taking credit for work done by talented engineers and scientists for many generations.


    They've been taking credit for work done by talented engineers and scientists for many generations.

    Those engineers and scientists were also capitalists rofl. Pfizer? Capitalist. Apple? Capitalist. Ford? Capitalist. Hell the only non capitalist quality of life enhancements we've had come from our military.


    To pretend that only capitalists have invented and improved technology is an exercise in ignorance.


    Sure, there have been advancements under communism. But the vast majority? Capitalism. Turns out greed is a powerful motivator.


    I'll bet a million dollars your comment is based on a dogmatic belief in capitalism and has absolutely no evidence whatsoever backing it up. You're basically just making shit up as you go without looking at any data at all. With a rose tinted lense towards capitalism because that's what you were taught to never question.


    I'm not gonna fall for the old sealioning "find me evidence to prove something obvious" ploy. If you ever want to educate yourself, please just google a list of inventions of the past few centuries. And then send me a million dollars.


    Thanks for proving I was right. You don't have shit to back up your bullshit. Capitalism didn't invent anything, science did that. But you don't give a shit about being correct, you have capitalist dogma to spread, regardless of facts.


    Fun fact, one of the major reasons the elite of the 13 colonies wanted to separate from the British Empire is that a lot of them would get huge loans from banks in London under the name of a fictitious company in a given colony, close up shop, move to a different colony and repeat.

    It's why the original astroturfed riots were organized in Boston and well as why the Sons of Liberty were created. Because among other things, the Stamp act would have prevented the main method they used to execute the fraud.

    See the book: Crucible of War by Fred Anderson. It starts dry but is absolutely worth it.

    Endorkend, to technology in Reddit says new accessibility tools for moderators are coming. Mods are skeptical
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    They promise this each and every time there is a conflict between Reddit and the userbase.

    For as long as the platform has existed.

    Them neglecting to actually implement anything is the very reason so many external applications came to be.

    And the very few times they actually did start releasing some accessibility or moderation tools, as soon as any conflict died down, they stopped developing those features and left them in a half finished state or removed them down the line.

    Or they do ridiculous shit like trying to market their "new" reddit user interface and app as being accessible and having tools, while in reality, even fully able users can't work with that pile of shit.


    even fully able users can't work with that pile of shit.

    It's not discriminatory if no one can use the shit.

    cryptosporidium140, to news in US Supreme Court blocks student loan forgiveness plan

    Why do they always have to pull this shit right before I see my conservative family members on the 4th of July?

    BraveSirZaphod avatar

    SCOTUS goes into summer recess in July, so they get through a big batch of cases at the end of June.

    Skyler avatar

    So that when they say "you take out a loan, you pay it back," you can point out to them that Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy (i.e. didn't pay back his loans) five times in his life.


    Right but that's just being a good businessman! /s


    They will just say it wasn’t personal bankruptcy.

    You can’t argue with prostudent debt people. The answers and excuses keep changing and morphing. You might as well try to convince a theist out of God.


    Disown them. I stopped all voluntary association outside of work with rightwingers.

    My family and friends are a packaged deal. If you don’t like them then you don’t like me. My wife is an immigrant non-white non-christian. My sister-in-law is trans. My children are biracial. I have Muslim friends, Hindu friends, Jewish friends, Gay friends. I won’t associate with anyone who doesn’t support their right to exist and flourish. My parents (and the rest of my birth family) decided to not support the people I love so I decided to protect their grandchildren from them.

    Blood means nothing.

    PabloDiscobar, to news in James Cameron says the Titan passengers probably knew the submersible was in trouble
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    Pressure hulls should be made out of contiguous material like steel, titanium, ceramic or acrylic, he explained, in order to do modeling and finite element analysis to "understand the number of cycles that it can take." That's not the case with a composite material, like carbon fiber, made of two different materials blended together.

    "And so we all knew that the danger was delamination and progressive failure over time with microscopic water ingress and ... what they call cycling fatigue," he added. "And we knew if the sub passed its pressure test it wasn't gonna fail on its first dive ... but it's going to fail over time, which is insidious. You don't get that with steel or titanium."

    rigatti, avatar

    Damn, I didn't realize Ja knew so much about materials science.


    Apparently he built the sub he used to go to the titanic and into the Mariana trench. Dude must be intimately familiar with this sort of thing with that experience.

    kestrel7 avatar

    He honestly seems like a fairly accomplished and responsible citizen scientist compared to the Oceangate clown (RIP).

    kestrel7 avatar

    Like, I don't trust carbon fiber for my bicycle frame and stick to steel because that shit cracks easily. I can't believe this guy rolled the dice with carbon fiber on a fucking deep-sea submarine.

    !deleted168346, to tech in 'No kill' meat, grown from animal cells, is now approved for sale in the U.S.


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  • TWeaK,

    Eat your heart out.


    This is how you get prions.


    That's the great thing about cultured cells, no prions.


    I don't know. I feel that the soul is part of what makes cannibalism so delicious.


    Pretty sure it's the chianti.

    sour avatar



    Did you change your avatar just for this comment?

    olorin99 avatar

    Would you eat yourself if lab grown?


    I’m imagining the gp having Soylent Green/cockroach milk while (imaginary) middle class have this, Elites have this with a side of poors.

    Nougat, to politics in The Trump campaign embraces Jan. 6 rioters with money and pardon promises

    He has also hosted fundraisers for a controversial nonprofit group that financially supports Jan. 6 defendants, and campaign finance records show that his political action committee donated $10,000 to the group.

    In the days immediately after the Capitol riot, when he was still president, Trump "floated the idea" of a blanket pardon for everyone involved in Jan. 6, ...

    ... aid or comfort ...

    BMatthew, to news in We were interviewing a Palestinian farmer. Then the drones and soldiers appeared : NPR

    Hamas in no way is the govt of the West Bank. If anyone has a bit of soul left, they will see this for what it is, the elimination of Christians and Muslims from their homelands by military might against international law and my President Biden supporting this. After all I thought we leaned post George Floyd, we just shifted who we find ok to discriminate against and the rabid hate that was quieted has come back multiple times as strong. It’s almost like there was a built up hate pressure that has exploded. Stop ethnic cleansing, is it to high a bar to ask of our leaders (on both sides as the Republican talking points are just as bad or worse).

    AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

    I wonder if focusing on the fact that many displaced Palestinians are Christian would alter public perception. Gotta imagine the MAGAs wouldn’t like Jews bombing Christians.

    TheCrispyDud avatar

    They don't care where their pound of flesh comes from. As long as it's not theirs that is.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    genocide joe must go. primary his ass


    Found the Republican.


    They are just so left, morally and strategically superior that they’ll hand the election to Republicans to spite the Democrats! That’ll teach em!

    Uranium3006 avatar

    Biden loses to trump by 4 points but a generic dem wins by 8. he's the wrong man for the job of beating trump


    Good, with how stupid we are collectively, we deserve a Republican president.


    Lol and you’re over here condescending the other guy for being young. You sound like an immature prick


    No, I’m just tired of smoothbrains fucking it up for others.


    And you railing against trying literally anything else besides the status quo, ensure that we’ll continue on with our two party system ensuring Republicans will continue to make up ~50% of the legislature. Good job, bud!


    Go ahead! I’m not the one that has to worry when Republicans take office.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    and you sure speak like it, seeing how you're not worried genocide joe's gonna blow it next year.


    I shouldn’t really be that hard on you. You’re young and idealistic and want to just jump the shark with the presidential election instead of doing the necessary work under it. I hope you figure it out someday though.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    dude biden could fucking lose to trump. we were asked to "hold my noses" in 2016 and look how that one turned out. 2020 was a near miss, 2024 isn't looking so hot and literally any other candidate would get more votes than Biden. why do you love biden so much you're willing to risk trump in 2024 when literally some random governor (not from cali) would be a safer bet to win?


    When you a little older I’m sure you’ll figure out this while election strategy thing. Maybe you’ll even look at some past elections too get a feeling of how this all works.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    you mean I'll figure out running shitty cannidate4s your base doesn't like is a bad strategy? I already know that


    Well it hasn’t exactly sunk into your strategy yet, give it another 20 years and a few more Republican presidents and you’ll figure it out. I’ll give you a hint: don’t start with presidential elections. It’s the side effect, not the problem.

    Linkerbaan, avatar

    Found the Nazi apologist.


    If you care to check my comment history you’ll see I’m anything but. I just understand the realities of a two party system.


    These smoothbrains are retarded enough to think they can just third party their way into the presidency without changing the voting structure at the community, city and state level first.

    These are the same types that fell for charlatans like the green party and librarian party people that ran last time. Not incredibly bright.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    the primary hasn't happened yet, we can run another democrat in 2024, it's not too late


    Hopefully mother nature runs her course for both of these old fucks.


    3 states’ filing deadlines to appear on the ballot have already passed and several will pass next month. And then there are the signatory and other requirements to file which take time and money. The ship has sailed on new candidates entering the race

    Uranium3006 avatar

    big mistake on the democratic party. if he loses he can't blame young people again

    Uranium3006 avatar

    no I'm not. I'm an anarchist. no one is obligated to support shitty candidates and it's not ok for you to go around calling people republicans for not doing so


    It’s not ok for you to sit back and watch while the fascists take over, but here we are.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    biden supporters, like clinton supporters before them, are the ones risking the country on bad candidates they often don't like themselves


    So what’s your plan? Sit around and gloat about how enlightened you are while the world burns? Your kind does nothing useful.

    Uranium3006 avatar

    My "kind"?


    Yes. Do you need something explained to you?

    Uranium3006 avatar

    what's my "kind" exactly? be specific?

    lolcatnip, (edited )

    People who match your description of yourself in this thread. That’s as specific as I can be, because what’s in the thread is all I know about you.

    isVeryLoud, (edited )

    Found the Americans. Good job, you’ve made it about your country again. You may leave now.

    Edit: The Americans don’t like being told to not make everything about themselves. This platform is america-centric, just like Reddit.


    wow, your comment history reads like… well, reddit.



    SoleInvictus, avatar

    Unnecessarily antagonistic and really has nothing intelligent or worthwhile to add?


    Also Democrats in 2024, “It’s the progressives fault that Biden lost!” Really, you want to get people excited about elections? Then find better candidates.


    Meh Hillary has baggage, I’ll let the quasi authoritarian nutjob win instead. Democrats 2016.

    Meh, Biden is not exciting, I’ll let the proven kleptocrats promising they’ll destroy any checks in government win instead - they should have served me a better candidate.

    Hopefully not 2024.


    If it comes down to Biden and Trump, you better believe I’m voting for Biden. However, we’ve been here before and the DNC has had 8 years now to fix their shit, but they act as clueless as ever. You don’t like the risk of having an authoritarian Repub in office? Then the DNC needs to fix their shit period. You want to win the house and senate? Then find a Presidential candidate that people actually like.


    I dunno, he doesn’t seem half bad - particularly when you look at the mooks currently in the lineup.


    it’s sad but you’re honestly so right

    AFaithfulNihilist, avatar

    I just hope they still show up for all the down ticket races. So much more is elected than President and the way Republicans captured our government was by acting at the school board and town level as well as securing legislatures and governorships so they could pack the courts.

    The birchers had a cohesive strategy for a multi-frontal assault on democracy, and they didn’t do it by getting the most votes for president.


    It’s not a zero sum game. You don’t have to be a republican to dislike Joe Biden.


    You don’t have to like him think shit like calling him “genocide Joe” is counterproductive.


    He is actively and openly supporting and funding a genocide but we’re not allowed to call him mean names?


    I don’t accept your characterization. And despite what the last person said, it is a zero sum game. Do I need to draw you a diagram of how Trump would be worse in just about every possible way, including for Palestinians?


    Obviously Biden is better than Trump. The Democrats and Republicans are both bad. Yes, the Democrats are less bad, but things aren’t going to get better if we just refuse to criticize them because of this.

    As long as we’re stuck picking between Democrats and Republicans I’m going to continue to vote Democrat and encourage others to do so, but I’m not going to hide my reservations nor accept mockery for refusing to toe the party line.

    lennybird, avatar

    I don’t have a problem with a primary challenger but there is nobody even considering it let alone viable.

    MicroWave, to news in The charges facing Trump in the Jan. 6 investigation, explained avatar

    For some relevant info from the article, here’s a summary of the charges Trump is facing in Washington, D.C., for attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election:

    • one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States applies to Trump’s repeated and widespread efforts to spread false claims about the November 2020 election while knowing they were not true and for allegedly attempting to illegally discount legitimate votes all with the goal of overturning the 2020 election, prosecutors claim in the indictment.
    • one count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding was brought due to the alleged organized planning by Trump and his allies to disrupt the electoral vote’s certification in January 2021.
    • one count of obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding is tied to Trump and his co-defendants’ alleged efforts after the November 2020 election until Jan. 7, 2021, to block the official certification proceeding in Congress.
    • one count of conspiracy against rights refers to Trump and his co-conspirators alleged attempts to “oppress, threaten and intimidate” people in their right to vote in an election.

    The charge of “conspiracy against rights” goes back to the Civil War era.

    It was passed after the Civil War as a way to stop members of the Ku Klux Klan and other similar organizations from intimidating, harassing and outright terrorizing Black voters especially in the South.

    Jaysyn, to news in FDA approves Opill, the first daily birth control pill without a prescription
    Jaysyn avatar

    Oooh, the christofascsists are gonna be so mad.

    Madison_rogue avatar

    They will be so mad...unless SCOTUS overturns Griswold v Connecticut.

    DevCat, avatar

    Since it’s an over-the-counter product, there shouldn’t be any problem with ordering it from relatives in the free states. Since the Postal Service is a federal department, they’d have to block mailing it at the federal level.

    FangedWyvern42, to technology in Reddit says new accessibility tools for moderators are coming. Mods are skeptical avatar

    Considering that r/Blind is apparently having issues getting Reddit to listen to them when it comes to accessible tools, I’m not sure I believe Reddit on this.

    Xylarthen, to news in US Supreme Court blocks student loan forgiveness plan

    "Socialism for me, but not for thee."

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