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Co-host of "The Dalrymple Report", a podcast dedicated to tech, friendship, and curiosities.

I wrote Audio Cupcake (audio processing app), bunch of dev books, created Ovichase.com (hockey site) support kindness and community,

CMU/Stanford alum.


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ezat, to random

@davemark Listened to the podcast and just to make you envious, I was AT the Queen in Montreal concert!

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@ezat AMAZING!!!!! What a bucket list achievement. Cheers to you!

davemark, to Games
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If you've ever played the New York Times' "Connections" game, pick up a cup of coffee and give this a read.

Chef's kiss, McSweeney's!!!


davemark, to ai
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From @gruber on Google adding AI GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) to their search results:

"They’ve turned Google Search — the crown jewel of the company, arguably the greatest consumer product ever made — into the butt of jokes."

If facts and hard data are required, folding in AI is like a truth diluting virus. Once the AI learns about adding glue to pizza, there's no simple way to exorcise that "fact".


davemark, to movies
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Trailer for the movie "Hit Man".

  • Directed by Richard Linklater, who did "Dazed and Confused", "School of Rock", two movies I really loved, and lots more.

  • In theaters now, getting RAVE reviews

  • Hits Netflix on June 7 (less than 2 weeks)

Watch the trailer. On my short list.


davemark, to apple
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Two things:

  1. My watch wants to call 911 when I am drumming (looks like you've taken a fall)

  2. Was watching a movie, Siri suddenly piped up wanting to call the suicide prevention hotline. No idea the context, can't reproduce.

Sprinkle some into the mix, the future is going to be wild.

davemark, to apple
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New Dalrymple Report is live!😎

Elvis, Alexa, Microsoft's Mac attack, lots more.

Dig in, and thanks for listening. 🙏🏻❤️


davemark, to Samsung
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"Samsung requires independent repair shops to give Samsung the name, contact information, phone identifier, and customer complaint details of everyone who gets their phone repaired at these shops"


"it also requires these nominally independent shops to “immediately disassemble” any phones that customers have brought them that have been previously repaired with aftermarket or third-party parts"



davemark, to Samsung
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"We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration"

iFixit on why they are terminating their "Samsung Repair Hub". An interesting "right to repair" read...

#Samsung #RightToRepair

davemark, to apple
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On the rumored Mac foldable, here's a link to the Yoga book 9i, which does what Apple seems to be aiming at.

Follow the link, start clicking through the photos at the top. Seems a bit unwieldy to me, a bulk/weight tradeoff for the extra screen real estate.

Worth it? Will Apple find a way to make the tradeoff work?


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@fahrni Don't know. It'll be interesting to see Apple's take on this, if and when it becomes a thing.

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@JamesWNeal 🙌🏻

davemark, to ai
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Rollup of some of the wildly incorrect answers Google's AI search is surfacing.

Garbage in. Garbage out. 😐

#AI #Google #Futurology

davemark, to apple
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The rumored foldable Mac:

  • 14-15" Mac will unfold into 20" display
  • M5 processor
  • As soon as end of 2025

And maybe NO keyboard/trackpad?

Not getting this. foldability is for portability, yeah? But no keyboard/trackpad means you need to bring your own? Or add bulk with a keyboard case?

It'll be interesting to see how this all unfolds (sorry).


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@donkey I don't think so. It's been in the rumor mill a long time, just getting slightly more detail from a reliable analyst.

davemark, to Tennessee
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"A judge blocks the foreclosure sale of Elvis' Graceland, after his heir alleges fraud"

A fascinating story, but what got me was the bit about Graceland being valued at $400 million. For 14 acres. That's about $28M per acre. That's approaching mid-town-Manhattan prices.

This how much Elvis was revered? Still an amazing draw? Can't think of any other person whose home has so much value.


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@jann interesting. Had no idea.

davemark, to apple
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"Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price"

Given that Amazon is going to start charging for the AI version of Alexa, I wonder if Apple has this same plan up its sleeve.

Maybe roll AI into the Apple One Premier bundle? Or add a tier, Apple One Ultra?


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@mlanger Great question. It's all speculation at this point, but presumably, when and if pricing is laid out, there will be a compelling case made to shell out for AI.

davemark, (edited ) to ai
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[UPDATE: Added a screenshot]

From Reddit, here’s a test for Google…

Go to Google search, type:

“which us presidents earned degrees from UW Madison”

No quotes. That’s a really really wrong answer. Anyone else see this?

This just unvetted source material? That’d be a red flag for their AI, yeah?

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@designatednerd I added a screenshot to my original post. Take a look. For sure that’s the source, and I can understand how someone could make that mistake, this is a bad result on Google part, and I’m guessing it also feeds into and educates their AI.

davemark, to poetry
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One of my favorite all time poems, apropos of nothing:

"Because I could not stop for Death—
He kindly stopped for me—
The Carriage held but just Ourselves—
And Immortality."

-- Emily Dickinson

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@eurobubba I will never not hear that now!!! 😝

davemark, to apple
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Apple Music drops their top 10 albums of all time.

I love a good list, any notable snubs?


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@MisterArix “malicious compliance” 😃

davemark, to movies
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"The core “Pixar braintrust” is gone"

From @gruber on Pixar laying off 175 employees.

Sad watching the once absolutely brilliant flow of films from Pixar devolve to a shadow of its former self.

Pixar was a mighty Indie that reinvented the movie industry.

What made this happen? Was it the loss of Steve Jobs? Changeover at the exec level?


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@matt @gruber Really good examples. The movies were good but, to me, they were missing that storytelling magic that was everywhere in the earlier movies. Feels like a personnel loss, replacing A+ storytellers with B+ storytellers. My two cents.

davemark, to apple
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One of the new Copilot Plus laptops, with the same "Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite" chip inside:

  • Base price of $1299
  • 13.4" display, 16GB/512GB
  • Available July 5th

Equivalent 13" 16GB/512GB base M3 MacBook Air is $1499.

Will this push Apple to lower their premium on Memory/SSD?

Return of the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads?


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@coachmike66 Good catch. Thanks!

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