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Geek. Curious. #Critter. Cross-Platform User. Occasionally sweary.
Likes Problematic (so most) Disney films.
Bippity boppity back the fuck up.
Pronouns: She/They

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sashabilton, to linux
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The hard part of setting up a new is done. The initial sticker selection is all important. Now, what and packages should I install? I reckon I'll mostly use it for hardware & server side programming.

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@sashabilton Debian ! 🙂

Faintdreams, to Pubtips
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Today I learned that there is an entire classification of fiction books which are deemed (and advertised as) 'Clean Books' and .. wow

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Apparently a 'Clean Book' doesn't feature any graphic violence, cussing (swearwords) or sexual situations.

I Cannot Even with this Problematic Can O Worms ...

Faintdreams, to random
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Oh yes, this is the time of year when I am incapable of smelling anything other than ALL THE FRESH CUT GRASS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

:: sigh ::

:: sniff ::

duckbunny, to random
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Things Achieved So Far Today:
-edited a podcast
-wearing clothes

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Some days this is all you can manage and that is okay.

Faintdreams, to VintageOSes
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Microsoft releases MS-DOS 4.0 as Open Source Code.. well kinda..?

"Microsoft open-sources infamously weird, RAM-hungry MS-DOS 4.00 release" - Ars technica


Faintdreams, to linux
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Just figured out how to rip audio .mp3's from .mp4's and also .mkv files so now I can listen to my favourite Tv shows alll the time.

bwahahahaha !

[Oh. No]

Faintdreams, to fanfiction
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Oh no it finally happened

I'm at chapter 4 of what should be a 7 part Fanfic, but it looks like the author abandoned it.. in 2017

It was sooo good and there was a mystery and now it shall forever be a cliffhanger :C


Faintdreams, to books
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#Books #BookReccs #BookReccomendation #Mystery #Romance

Looking for modern (so 2000's onwards or at least no older than mid 1990's) Mystery / Romance that DOES NOT involve murder.

Does such a thing exist?

Reccs please !

I assume that Mystery / Romance as a hybrid genre already exists but am not sure... 🤷🏿‍♀️

I know that ' Romance & ' as a genre is a far spanning horizon...

Faintdreams, (edited )
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@satsuma for Iain Banks I'd definitely make a date range exception. Thanks !

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@RogerBW oooh I know that A. Christie was adamant about film adaptations not creating a Love Interest for Poirot, but didn't realize other writers considered it a cornerstone of the Crime / Mystery genre.

You have opened up a nice rabbit hole for me.

Thanks! 👍🏾

Faintdreams, to random
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YouTuber: This punch needle project wasn't working with the knitting yarn I had, so I picked up some cheap embroidery thread to use instead because it comes in sooo many more pretty colours.

Apparently there is a difference between wool and embroidery stuff but I don't know what it is.

Me: :: Eye Twitch ::

Faintdreams, (edited ) to random
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No, it's not just you.

does appear to be experiencing some unscheduled down time right now [10.45AM BST aka UTC+1] :S

Its back up now [ 1.34 pm BST ]

Faintdreams, to random
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Faintdreams, to random
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Good afternoon !

I just checked your profile and noticed you don't have a pinned post !

Bad womble!

Don't you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your most excellent book blog ?

Jokes aside - your book writing is quality and you deserve the biggest possible audience ! 😘

Faintdreams, to random
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Sometimes I'll say something online and a Man - it is always a man - will "Well actually .." me, and I can just brush it off because obviously the Man is an asshole, but other times it needles into my brain and I've discovered today that when discussing The Handmaid's Tale anywhere online, Men assume I didn't read the book, this INFURIATES me.


Man - Did YOU actually read the book?

[If you are a Man please don't reply to tell me you read the book. I know you have. Yup]


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@pancaitiff yes, yes, and yes.

I read it before the film hit cinemas back in :: mumblity :: times and it's a lot.

Even more so since certain U.S. Presidents have illustrated how quickly laws and statues can be 'rolled back' or unwritten entirely.

Faintdreams, to DoctorWho
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I know Doctor who Fixed Cannon isn't a thing but a 'Butterfly Compensation Switch', utterly negates the 'Fixed Point In Time' 'rule' that multiple show-runners have insisted is a 'get out of narrative jail' card.

Just sayin.

Faintdreams, to SEO
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It's entirely not her fault - but - having Taylor Swift associated with A Thing sure does pollute the Search Engine (SEO powered ) results to the point of sludge.

Or worse yet A.I. Generated Slop.

Faintdreams, to books
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Book 18 - 2024 'Head-On' John Scalzi: Audiobook: Amber Benson

2nd time alternating between reading text/listening to Audiobook - again - really enjoyed Amber Benson Narration

Didn't enjoy this as much as it's predecessor 'Lock-In' by Scalzi. This plot felt meandering.

Being familiar with the characters, I liked learning more about their lives and the world they live in, but felt the plot (although highly plausible) was mostly 'meh'


RunalongWomble, to random
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Good Morning Mastodon! Hope you’re all ok? Today I’m currently reading the gripping dystopia Dry Lands by Elizabeth Anne Martins. What are you reading at the moment?

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@RunalongWomble Good afternoon.

I recently finished John Scalzi's sequel to 'Lock-In', titled 'Head On' and it was.. okay.

Not as good as the first one but I enjoyed spending more time with the characters and the world building was excellent.

I think my problem was that the narrative hinges on protagonists investigating a mystery and I wasn't really invested in who did what or why.

Faintdreams, (edited ) to FiberArts
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Trying to sew a pair of indoor shorts for Boyf and so far:

  • Overlocker needle broke
  • Overlocker cutter jammed
  • Sewing machine thread broke repeatedly
  • 1st test garment was waay to small (halved waist measurement when I should have doubled it)
  • sewing machine tension would not set correctly, turns out thread might just be degraded?
  • Somehow managed to sew 2nd test garment UpSIDE DOWN ?! (FFS)

Stopping tonight and going to try again tomorrow ::sigh::

#Sewing #sewingwoes

Faintdreams, to random
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Geography question:

Am I correct in understanding that Pebble beaches (as opposed to fine sand) only occur in colder climates not Caribbean type temperate zones?

I have a very shaky understanding of Earth Geology tbh..

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@SallyStrange oooh thank you. That's a really good summary for someone like me with no real prior geology knowledge.

One additional question though, Jamaica - as far as I'm aware has mountains but also only has fine sand beaches - is this the exception to the elevation rule ?

Although I'm not sure if Jamaica became an island through land erosion/sea encroachment of a larger land mass or if it sprouted out of the sea due to volcanic activity .. ?

@Faintdreams@dice.camp avatar

@SallyStrange that is a very comprehensive answer thank you !

you have given me lots of geology rabbit holes to fall into this weekend :)

Faintdreams, to random
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You think the line between things you 'own' and IoT is craptacular now?

You just WAIT until that extends to wetware - I'm probably going to live just long enough to see subscription services for organic functions.

I mean it's happened already [*] but will only get worse and more mainstream

  • Assuming the water /race/ gender wars haven't broken out already

[* "Bionic eyes: Obsolete tech leaves patients in the dark" - BBC News 2022 ]



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