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IT program management professional, editor, and musician (drummer). Recovering academic (formerly an Early Modernist). University of Detroit alumnus. Detroit sports fan. Now a Charlottean. I produce music with FOSS. I can also record drums for your songs. That guy dancing in the header photo is former Detroit Lions head coach Wayne Fontes.

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Today is a day where the rhetorical “right?” irritates more than it does normally.

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LendingTree ends jobs creation deal after tough patch for once-hot company


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These guys are tearin’ it UP!


Joey Calderazzo, John Pattitucci, Dave Weckl: “Chickmonk” LIVE in Cremona, Italy (2024)


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Why do we have a Major League Baseball game starting at 11:30am EST on a Sunday?


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The Black Keys Quietly Cancel Tour, Likely Due to Poor Ticket Sales

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today’s jamie’s list: don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or ready enough, or educated enough, or pedigreed enough, to make art. including you


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This 100%. Great post!

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The Tigers took the lead in a baseball game. Should I turn it on and watch it?

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Snortle snortle it’s Javy who breaks up the no hitter

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It’s bad.

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Atari acquires Intellivision brand

Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand and certain games from Intellivision Entertainment, the company announced.


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Don't know why after a day of meetings I'm thinking about this now but did anybody else have WordPerfect on their Atari ST in 1991? 💪 🤓 :mycomputer: :atari:

#Atari #WordProcessing #GenX #writing #editing #1990s

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So . . . um . . . it’s looking like these Tigers of Detroit aren’t having much luck against these Royals of Kansas City?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining the universe and mans place in it


My son explaining a game in Roblox to me in great detail

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Xander won. Wow.

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My boy Baker just took Best Ears at a street fair for dogs!

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I’ve been sharing these on r/hockeycards but I’m sure they’ll be appreciated here… a few of my many pretties https://www.rawchili.com/3467640/

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It’s starting to look like the Greater Hartford Open out there.

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Hey, golf fans!

Are joggers a good luck on the course?

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This is me every Saturday morning.


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