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We visited an Alpaca farm on Mother's Day, and it was awesome:

Their alpacas are mostly rescues, and Yvonne taught us a lot about them. Would recommend!

#alpaca #farm #outside #nature

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Modraszka / Blue Tit / Cyanistes caeruleus

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I don’t find a lot of Painted Trillium [Trillium undulatum] in the woods, but was lucky to find this sweet little patch.

#Nature #NewEngland #Wildflowers #Bloomscrolling

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🪻African Iris on a

Pale lavender arms stretch out in the morning light...

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-- June 2022 --

A pretty unfazed blue heron during one of our walks - was nice to be able to see one up close as generally they tend to be more guarded.

#blueHeron #greatBlueHeron #heronsOfPixelfed #birdsOfPixelfed #heronsOfTheFediverse #birdsOfTheFediverse #nature

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I took this photo because the clouds looked so cool. Notice the bird feeder in the distance.

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It is going to rain. Ugra river, Nikola-Lenivets, May 2024. #landscape #river #nature #water #nikolalenivets

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Taking pictures of Böhme bottomland while my cat Lilli is asleep in her buggy …..

🇩🇪 Vorbei fließende Landschaft II
🇬🇧 Landscape flowing by II

When the nature of movement is known in the midst of stillness …
… this is the recognition of one-pointedness.

Canon EOS600D, Tamron SP24-70mm, f20 ND8 2''

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"You can't do wildlife photography with a wide angle lens..."

"... Hold my coffee!"

Shot with Fujifilm X-A7 + 7artisans 12mm f/2.8

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Roughly 1,000 armed with the app on their smartphones are as many species as possible along the border in May. Uploading photos to the app helps & & records the coordinates of the location.

The hope is the information could lead to more protections for the region's natural richness, which is overshadowed by news of drug trafficking & migrant smuggling.

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I love ! & I love !! These are impressions from today’s trip to : tea ceremony in the Dutch train, German clouds (with notation electricity lines! ), brunch with additional Indonesian snacks, while reading a book about Native language: collectivist culture & animism grammer ! (There is no word for please: food is meant to be shared )

Clouds with depth & electricity wires
Emping , beer, omelet, book
There is no word for please: food is meant to be shared

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Enjoying sights around venue this morning: & ; I even made friends with a small dog!

Squirrel on the feeding house
Water stream !
Squirrel running away & pidgin too!

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McKenzie River Trail: Part 1

I’m hanging out at the famous Blue Pool this morning eating lunch and drying out my tent. It rained a bit while I slept but was only misting by the time I was packing up. I’ve already covered a large portion of the trail last night and this morning. This trail is a gem, I love it out here. I believe the waterfall corridor is next. Just a quick post, more photos to come.

#Backpacking #PNW #Oregon #Photography #Hiking #Walking #Nature #Outdoors #LandscapePhotography

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