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New #blog post.

Sunglasses are my new love language, and donkeys are smarter than soldiers.

(with a shout out to @shannoncurtis and @hilljam)

#USmil #retirement #MusicProduction #Nashville #MentalHealth

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Rock-solid, phase-aligned kicks with the Bitwig Grid and a simple setup. Tune in and find out!


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Oh no I have to run errands today.

The goal at this stage of my life is to just not look embarrassing when I leave the house. Any hopes of looking cute or cool or fashionable have long since been abandoned. :AAAAAA:

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I just want to live in a tasteful little castle along the Irish coast with all my cats (and my spouse ofc) and somehow never tour or do any shows yet still be a wildly successful musician. You know, like Enya. :catjam: 🏰 :scremcat:

She really is living the dream.

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Let's talk about crazy ideas:

⏩ We're building a big #LinuxAudioCommunity here in Fediverse!

#PeaceLoveMusic #Linux #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction

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Today is a special day for me and I think for all #linuxaudio #musician (s).
Sinevibes, a true innovator in the field of unique yet easy to use #audio #effect (s) #plugin (s), joins the #linux #musicproduction family by releasing Integer, their new digital-analog buffer device, as their first native Linux plug-in. 🥳🥰
Get it here:
PD: They created their first plug-in almost 20 years ago and were all in on Linux at the time. So in a way this is like "The Return to Linux"! 🤓

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@solidtrax @amadeus First impression: Me and the plugin could become friends! 👍

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Sinevibes released their first plugin for linux. Nice

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Whipped out my old EHX Small Clone and made this

2 mins of retro, lofi rock for you. Made cow sounds on the guitar too!

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Now Behringer is hitting the plugin market?

Behringer Vintage, free analog modeling Synthesizer and Uli’s first synth plugin

Behringer Vintage is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. You need to press on the website “get a free license” and register with the Musictribe community.…

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As some of you know, I regularly write to #plugin #vendor (s) that I would like to be able to use their #synth (s) and #effect (s) #native (ly) on #linux. And wow, the feedback has changed for the better lately! 🥳
I'm currently testing a bunch of plugins that I never dreamed would make it to #linuxaudio. 🫣😜
Unfortunately, I have to keep quiet for now and it will probably take some time for them to be released, but I am more than excited. 😝 #musicproduction #daw

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We all know how important it is to produce precise music. It's more important than anything else. Ideas, harmonies, and arrangement are overrated. If the kick drum doesn't bang precisely and the sidechain doesn't grab accurately, then all the effort is for nothing.

This new German plugin is very precise and therefore good.


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Holy shit layering is a superpower.

I've literally just added synth bass notes under my pads, in subwoofer range, following their chord progression, and it made the whole sound 200% richer. 🤯

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Spent 8+ hours today putting my studio together (haven't had time to work on it for weeks) and I've got it like 85% of the way finished. The only substantial task that's left is figuring out the MIDI routing; apart from that is just a little cleanup and organization, which will probably be an ongoing task for a while.

Today was all about hooking up my patchbays, which was A LOT. 5 synthesizers, 1 drum machine, the modular, 4 vintage FX units, and 5 tape machines are now all wired up.


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There's still a fair bit that isn't wired in, including the 0-Coast, Strega and Terra. Those are all either small enough or weird enough or both that, in my mind, it makes more sense to just plug them into the front of the patch bay as needed. I have enough slots left that I could hook them into the back but it just doesn't feel worth the effort. If I change my mind, I'll have some hours of crawling around on the floor and cursing in my future 😅

etherdiver, avatar

I've also got 2 more drum machines, a half dozen effects pedals, a 4-track cassette recorder, an 8-track recorder (which may not even work but it sure looks cool in any case 😅) and a bunch of other weird shit but again, it's easy enough to just grab those things and plug them into the front of the patchbays as needed. Otherwise I'd need at least one more patchbay and another $200 worth of cables and a lot more patience...

etherdiver, avatar

MIDI routing should be relatively simple. I'll probably just plug everything in via USB (via a hub) and call it good, but I might end up hooking up at least some via traditional 5 pin MIDI if any of them act up while hooked up via USB MIDI. Guess we'll see.

If I wasn't a dirtbag who was inhumanly comfortable living amid utter chaos, I'd spend a day doing cable management. But doing that would be worse for my sanity than just ignoring it, so no.

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Hopes dashed. In setting up my new (to me) PC, installing old music plugins, I was hoping to cull bunch of stuff like VST2 and AAX versions I don't use... move everything to VST3. Hard!

Old tracks using VST/VST2 and no way (I can find) to transfer configuration to VST3 versions without laboriously transcribing all settings.

Also difficult to scan proprietary projects to find out all plugins used (and versions) ... so it is case by case.


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Digging this out for some very specific feedback treatments.

This thing is so playable.

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Still one of my fav plugins. Very versatile, cheap, no iLok, free updates, german company.


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I would like to create a small as a starting point for developers who want to support as a platform for . I plan to interview existing like u-he, TAL, AudioThing, Bitwig and others about this. Who of you would like to accompany and/or support me with this? 😊

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🎇 Hey everyone my new album is OUT! 🎆

Check it out, fall in love, and pick it up this

11 tracks of synthrock with 8 vocalists, all from my local Alaskan scene.

Shares appreciated!

Here's a sampler of each song:

Clips of songs from Blue Nagoon's album "Love in the Time Of" play over clips from 80s movies and anime.

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