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Software developer at a major research university. I live on a farm near Ithaca, NY.

Experienced in e-commerce, e-publishing, search, A.I. and other data-rich systems. Current side projects involve modelling financial messages in OWL, a smart RSS reader with a transformer-based classifier and workflow engine, and a system of three-sided cards.


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UP8, to food
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UP8, to skateboarding
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UP8, to Japan
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🗡️ How the discovery of a giant sword in Nara offers clues into ancient Japan


UP8, to IT
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UP8, to animals
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UP8, to Japan
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🦋 Harajuku strives to reclaim its former glory — and surpass it


UP8, to Electronics
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UP8, to NFL
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🏈 NFL draft pool shrinks as NIL money entices more players to stay in school


UP8, to ocean
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UP8, to Futurology
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UP8, to Mexico
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UP8, to politics
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UP8, to Futurology
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🦠 The GMO tooth microbe that is supposed to prevent cavities


UP8, to Football
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vicgrinberg, to Astro
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I just love this image - it highlights why we need all the different telescopes: each of them looks at the same object in different ways. And only when working together a complete image emerges.

Here, 's wide field is combined with 's zoom-in and sharpest IR image we ever obtained, allowing us to study how radiation interacts with interstellar matter.

More here and in the linked articles: ▶️ https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2024/04/Webb_captures_iconic_Horsehead_Nebula_in_unprecedented_detail

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@vicgrinberg that last shot is particularly lovely to me in that I can make out so many galaxies in the background

UP8, to linux
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🛸 Linux can finally run your car’s safety systems and driver-assistance features


UP8, to television
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📺 Into the Tubi-Verse

(... it's like as cable died and went to heaven: multiple MTV branded channels really play new and old music videos)


UP8, to climate
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🧮 Climate damages by 2050 will be 6 times the cost of limiting warming to 2°


UP8, to space
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🛸 NASA technology helps guard against lunar dust


UP8, to Netflix
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💰 Password crackdown leads to more income for Netflix


UP8, to literature
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UP8, to nyc
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🔋 FDNY Makes First Ever Criminal Arrest of E-Bike Shop Owner for Allegedly Selling Illegal Batteries


#nyc #ebike #batteries #safety #fire

UP8, to Sports
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Daniel Cohen Pitcher No 25 from Yale plays Cornell on April 21, 2024 at Cornell's (brand new) Booth Field

... it was a cold day so I left early which was a bit of a mistake because I missed some action in the last few innings.

UP8, to Sports
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🏃‍♀️ Is this the dawn of a new era in women’s sports?


UP8, to nyc
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🚌 New York City greenlights congestion pricing – here’s how this toll plan is expected to improve traffic, air quality and public transit


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