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Writer and media relations consultant for several organizations, but all ravings here are strictly mine. Known troublemaker, transplanted from California to Hilo, Hawaii. I often post pics of the cute #reptiles who hang out near my house. Escapee from #Xitter. Do NOT patronize any business owned by Elon Musk.

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the_etrain, to random
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Possible headlines:

Pecker takes center stage
Pecker exceeds expectations
Pecker does serious damage
Pecker grilled by prosecution
Pecker reveals everything

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@the_etrain Pecker stands erect?

BruceMirken, to Columbia
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A Jewish student at : "This crackdown was the most violence inflicted on our student body in decades. I implore you, as our Jewish Voice for Peace chapter does, to consider whether arresting Jewish students keeps us and Columbia safe.

"Smears from the press and pro- influencers, who have levied charges of antisemitism and violence against Jewish students, are a dangerous distraction from real threats to our safety." https://zeteo.com/p/i-am-a-jewish-student-at-columbia?publication_id=2325511&post_id=143899407&isFreemail=true&r=nunx&triedRedirect=true

popcornreel, to random
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So the mighty judge balked. Kicked the can down the road. FAIL

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@popcornreel I hear you. I think Merchan is taking the long view, looking ahead toward possible appeals, etc., and making sure to dot every i and cross every t. I can't say whether he will prove right or not, but it's a plausible approach -- much as I would love to see Trump behind bars tonight.

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@popcornreel No argument there. You or I would have been thrown in the clink ages ago for half the stuff Mango Mussolini has done.

BruceMirken, to random
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"In a case about whether it is possible to pass laws that all but make it impossible for #homeless people to live in a city without breaking the law, I couldn’t help but notice that the highest-paid lawyer in front of the justices in the case was defending this policy — and received the most support for her argument from the wealthiest justice." #SCOTUS via @chrisgeidner

Brandi_Buchman, to random
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have just set himself up for a First Amendment fight from hell.

DeSantis says Satanism is ‘not real’ and ‘not qualifying’ for new Florida school chaplain program


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@Mary625 @Brandi_Buchman And I bet some right-wing preachers might disagree with him about Satanism being real. 😂

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@CStamp @Mary625 @Brandi_Buchman Oh, by orders of magnitude!!!

GottaLaff, to legal
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👉🏼Via Ryan Goodman:

NYT scoop: "David Pecker...is set to go first" as prosecution witness. ⬇️

Pecker could be key witness - in ways more devastating than Michael Cohen.

This also indicates DA is foregrounding unlawful election influence for jurors.

#TrumpTrial #Trump #legal

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@GottaLaff I really wish they allowed cameras in the courtroom, though I understand why they don't. 🍿

CStamp, to random
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I like MacIntosh, Cortland, maybe Granny Smith apples. Hard to find at this time of year. I was craving apples, so fellow picked up some Cosmic Crisps. Not a fan. Crispy, but too sweet. A bit better than Red Delicious, which I really don't like, but, good to try, not again.

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@Pineywoozle @CStamp @gedeonm The best apples IMHO are Gravenstein. They're hard to find -- I could get them sometimes when I lived in San Francisco because some orchards in the North Bay grow them. They have a good sweet/tart balance and a wonderfully vibrant, aromatic flavor. I miss them.

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@CStamp @Pineywoozle @gedeonm There must be something about them that makes them not ideal for commercial mass production. 😨

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@CStamp @Pineywoozle @gedeonm In SF I had a Fuji apple tree in my back yard, and the fruit was really good. Not as flavorful as Gravenstein but good -- of course it helped that I was eating apples I'd picked the day before.

BruceMirken, to TeslaMotors
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I kept thinking the #Cybertruck reminds me of something, and it finally hit me: It's the spiritual successor of the Pontiac Aztek.

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Marjorie Taylor Greene gets destroyed by Professor Timothy regarding her lies about and .



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@hanse_mina Give Rep. Maxwell Frost credit, too. He was well-prepared and very skilled.

BruceMirken, to random
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"America’s mainstream news media and its pundits have, for the most part, actively avoided the ethical and moral dimensions of the country’s crisis and the Age of ." https://www.salon.com/2024/04/19/first-criminal-trial-is-a-test-run/

TexasObserver, (edited ) to Health
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“We must have this national conversation. How are we going to deal with long ?”

Featured post: Medical experts and those suffering from this challenging condition are demanding better—more research and healthier air to breathe. https://www.texasobserver.org/long-covid-texas-clearing-the-air/

(Edit: adjusted word choice based on reader feedback 🤠)

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@brianvastag @TexasObserver Apparently they're using "mysterious" as a synonym for "incompletely understood." Not the best word choice, but at least they're paying attention.

BruceMirken, to journalism
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THIS: "When the news is 'balanced' in an unbalanced world, it becomes an instrument of deception." @brianklaas unravels the #NPR brouhaha. #journalism

BruceMirken, to random
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Attention: cautious folks! I just got an email from US Mask, from whom I've been buying respirators for a couple years, saying they're ceasing production "due to market conditions." Does anyone have recommendations for an alternate source? I can probably get one last batch from them, but that's it.

BruceMirken, to tesla
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Question of the day: Are shareholders stupid enough to pay $56 billion? https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cqqndqndpq5o

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Melissa Murray:

She's been saying this for a long time. You're delusional if you think banning birth control is off the table.

Biden-Harris HQ:

Top Trump supporter Marsha Blackburn says Griswold v. Connecticut is “constitutionally unsound”

(Griswold v. Connecticut is the 1965 Supreme Court ruling that legalized birth control)

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@GottaLaff The absolutely wants to criminalize non-procreative sex.

BruceMirken, to random
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Just astonishing cowardice from #USC, refusing to allow its #Muslim valedictorian to speak at commencement. https://www.commondreams.org/news/usc-cancels-muslim-valedictorian-s-speech

inquiline, to random
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USians: Can anyone tell me anything about getting a new booster if you were boosted in fall? We have adults under 65 who are self-attesting to being high risk who just got turned away by a pharmacy bc not old enough. If you've pulled this off, how? Thanks!

(Hope this is clear, ask me if not)

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@inquiline The official guidance is not well-written, but it seems like a new shot is only recommended for those under 65 unless you haven't received any of the 2023-24 updated vaccine. But of course, that's guidance, not law. I presume a doctor's prescription would take care of it.

BruceMirken, to random
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Don't lose track of this: The illegitimate, radical-right-captured just took another step toward wiping out the Constitution: https://www.vox.com/scotus/24080080/supreme-court-mckesson-doe-first-amendment-protest-black-lives-matter

BruceMirken, to EmmaWatson
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BruceMirken, to random
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