back in my day we would have a cloudflare confirmation before every single keystroke and we liked it

theinspectorst avatar

Back in my day, the kbin servers were located in a single room above a bowling alley, and below another bowling alley.

Usually_Lurker, avatar

It’s bowling alleys all the way down!!


back in the early days of kbin....

baggachipz avatar

You. Went to space? You.

FinalFallacy avatar

Jesus Christ. You sound like one of my old in person support clients.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar


Mateng avatar

Hehe. Context for the clueless:

sendingmath avatar

I, for one, welcome our newbie overlords!

charlieb avatar

I welcome new members, the fediverse can always use more contributors! Be polite!

insomniac_lemon avatar

Is there any reason why people think this? Said more in-depth in another comment, but I think the influx happened weeks ago with possibly more people on a wider time-scale or because of some other factors.

Who would wait to join until the last day and why would they? It's not like they need to delete their old account before signing up here.


I wanted to wait until the very last, it's a lot of work migrating and most niche subs aren't alive here yet.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

It's because very suddenly, users of RIF and Apollo are going to be locked out of Reddit, and people think they'll migrate here, rather than going to the official Reddit mobile software (as a RedReader user, I've switched over), or going to Facebook/Instagram.

insomniac_lemon avatar

I know about the situation with the apps, I'm wondering why they didn't see the writing on the wall or why they wouldn't care until now.


Because my thumbs always took me to Rif when I was bored so once I can't do that I'll default go to lift off

insomniac_lemon avatar

You joined 15 days ago just like me...


Yep but no one ever said habits die easy now did they.


People always wait until it's almost too before they act. Some even miss that point.

Lells avatar

eyes the climate of earth nervously

imecth avatar

Because it hasn't stopped working yet.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

It's a fundamental question about society: which is more prevalent, fear or laziness? They had no reason to move until their program stopped working. Now, it's not going to work anymore. But I don't believe we'll see a massive adoption wave. People are still confused about the nature of the Fediverse, and they're too scared by their ignorance to get over it and bite the bullet.

Unfortunately, those that do take the plunge will find that most Fediverse client software is in beta, or less than fully functional. Laziness will keep them away. Fear will push them to other monolithic platforms. So my thought is that it's going to drive traffic to Meta's properties for the time being, at least at this time.

insomniac_lemon, (edited )
insomniac_lemon avatar

I don't get it because I'm lazy but also Solidarity Forever. Also, I signed up as soon as I saw Kbin has Oauth.

That and the continuation of laziness. I don't see that person losing access and immediately moving here (when they had weeks to investigate that choice leisurely before being forced). I think you're right, other platforms that fill the void (even if in a different way) seem more likely. Ones that they already use.



I’ve been browsing on and off on kbin while using Apollo until the end. Officially moved over today so still trying to get my head around it all.

imaqtpie avatar

Ugh, I need to remember to move over to kbin before commenting on this magazine. My Lemmy ( comments never show up here. No idea why, I'll lyk if I figure out.

Anyways, here's my comment:

Very good points, I think people expecting a massive wave of redditors will be disappointed. But it’s not like we need them either, we’ve already got a critical mass of quality users.

root, avatar

Buckle up, buttercup :)

Warped avatar

Don't shoot until you see the white of their eyes. Or they repost and spam the place.

I welcome all newbies, so long as they are human. Dated an alien once, she was from X-R/3DY. A cold planet, just like her.

Timwi avatar

Should have dated a Klingon woman.


Don’t shoot until you see the white of their eyes.

That was the Karolinerna (Swedish soldiers) philosophy under the King Karl XII rule. Get so close to the enemy that you see the white part of the eye before firing your rifle, in order not to miss your target.

You are either very good at history or you heard it in a Sabaton song, which also indicate good music taste. ;)

szczur avatar

Welcome, newbies!

DreamyDolphin avatar

Eternal September? At this time of day, at this time of year, localised entirely within the fediverse?!

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Can I see it?

Actually, wait. I was on Usenet, and IRC, and Jabber...

I guess Green Day's song becomes ever more poignant on the Internet - Wake me up when September ends (hint: it does not end, it is eternal).

siuvhne avatar

I miss IRC if you want the truth.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

It's still out there - waiting. There's a bunch of active servers, and I have Ambassador for Pale Moon installed. I just never have cause to use it instead of Discord anymore. I think that says more about me than IRC.

FinalFallacy avatar

IRC doesn't have gif support and let's be honest. Emojis might be an optional requirement for some people, but gifs are the foundation of communication for a lot of people these days.

Yinchie avatar

Ban GIFs worldwide, TBH. It is mostly spam IMO.


as someone with sight problems, I could not agree more.

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

GIF support, no, but I think most clients I've seen have the ability to display Unicode emoticons, which would help for 99% of the image use. As far as GIFs, I guess you'd need to build an IRC client that does the same thing as Discord - display a "preview" of a properly-coded image link. Because certainly, it's easy enough to search giphy or tenor and drop a link in chat.

I'll readily admit the low-effort ability to react with an icon is both a blessing and a curse. It's sometimes enough to drop in an icon or two as a response, saving mental bandwidth but still responding.

siuvhne avatar

yeah but my peeps gone like 20 years ago!

NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

The problem of any social network that starts organically. If you're invested in the community and not specifically in the software, when people move on, you will too.

abff08f4813c avatar

This article did not age well.

Orionza avatar

I'm new here 👋😆👋 This is my first comment on kbin. I'm migrating here from Reddit. Hope you like me 😆

Today is the last day for a lot of us there. I am using JoeyforReddit, such a wonderful Android app. I'll be sad to see it go, it's been an integral part of my every day. I hope the fediverse will fill that void for me. I also hope it blossoms - no one can take it away from us or get so greedy with it that all the users leave.


Also, once old reddit goes tits up, thats when you will see a TON more migrations over here.

patchw3rk avatar

There's no way they would shut down old reddit.

Then again....

There's no way they would shut out third-party apps.


Why are they gonna get jacked?

Dufurson avatar

from the team kbin since it wasn't cool fvck yeah

PabloDiscobar avatar

I see that the repost have already started on kbin.

TheInsane42, avatar

Waiting for the 1st here they come meme. (hoping for something original instead of the standard whirlwind)

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