Popular subreddit alternatives

What are some kbin or Lemmy alternatives to common Reddit subs?

I'll certainly miss r/unexpected, r/guitarlearning, r/damnthatsinteresting, r/historymemes and many more

Hopefully this can turn into a useful thread for everyone looking to replace Reddit with a close enough experience, and maybe even a better one once it gains traction

Here are some I have found:

  • m/TodayILearned
  • m/showerthoughts
  • m/mechanicalkeyboards
  • Memes@lemmy.ml
  • Gaming@beehaw.org
  • Programmer Humor@lemmy.ml
  • Rust Programming@lemmy.ml
  • Technology@beehaw.org
EnglishMobster, (edited )
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Up top, if you hit "Magazines" it gives you a list of magazines on Kbin, sorted by subscriber count. You can find recreations of common Reddit communities here. There's also a search function to look for a particular magazine. These are the ones you mentioned:

As for other suggestions, I'm a bit biased. I moderated /r/Disneyland on Reddit, and I've recreated it here on Kbin alongside some of the original mod team: @Disneyland (mobile link). I didn't moderate /r/modeltrains... but I saw there wasn't any model train communities on here, so I decided to create @modeltrains (mobile link).

As far as things I don't moderate, here's a bunch of cool communities I've found here on Kbin. Note that Kbin magazines are case-sensitive (something I'd wish they'd change):

If you see something in here you like but there's no content in it - content comes from users like you!

Be the change you wish to see. Contribute something - anything - to get the community going. If everyone pitches in soon enough communities will start thriving.


Is there a quick explanation for why mobile links are necessary? I browse entirely from my phone and have noticed that @ links don’t work unless I press and hold to open in a new tab. Perhaps some sort of JS-powered preloading behavior that’s intended to trigger on hover prior to click?

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I'm not sure. I've seen people use /m/ as well (so /m/modeltrains for example) but I'm not sure if that works either. It seems inconsistent.

cyberian_khatru avatar

At the moment, you need to manually add the hyperlink when linking magazines. It's in the list of issues for the project.


You mentioned Federation is off. Why’s that?

HeartyBeast avatar

To reduce the load on a small server suddenly inundated with users. I'm surprised Earnest managed to keep it working at all, to be honest


I think it's because of the overwhelming increase in traffic and server load. I saw a sidebar where the person operating kbin has managed to get all the new accounts approved, but is trying to add server capacity. Stormy seas, batten down the hatches.

EnglishMobster avatar

Cloudflare is currently enabled to help balance the traffic while the site is under heavy load. A side effect of that is that federation can be blocked by Cloudflare since the federation protocol is interpreted as a bot AFAIK.


It's not exactly.off.but at the moment cloudflare ddos protection is turned on to keep the site stable and that's restricting traffic from other sites enough to effectively break federation.

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I've created @unintentionalASMR if anyone is interested - a whole 3 videos on there at the moment :)

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For some reason, as soon as I click @unexpected or any other magazine in your post for that matter, I get 404 redirected to https://kbin.social/u/@unexpected It should be https://kbin.social/m/unexpected@lemmy.ml

EnglishMobster, (edited )
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Yeah, it seems to be different behavior on mobile and desktop which is weird. It is a lot of work to make so many mobile links, but I will go through and do it at some point...

EDIT: 15 minutes later, it's done. ;)

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Strangely enough I'm on desktop and get the same issue, so I need to use the "mobile" links as well or right click and open in a new tab.


Note that Kbin magazines are case-sensitive

No. Fucking. Way!?! The site is doomed to fail if they don't fix it soon while reddit is still down and users are interested in alternatives.

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Seems many things are case sensitive. I believe usernames are, as well. Not sure if it's a fediverse standard or what, though. I'm not going to call doom on the site for that. It's still better than reddit.


Regarding the "wallpapers" community... I get why they have the rules they do... but the rules aren't very conducive to sharing wallpapers like we normally would. Looks like it's trying to get all OC posts, rather than sharing neat ones we find across the web.

For context as of today (June 13th) they have "You must own or have the right to share any wallpapers you post. Include the source in a comment. Posts without a source will be deleted. Copyright violations will result in a ban." as a rule.

EnglishMobster avatar

Fair enough - admittedly that's on me for not reading their rules. ;)


I believe the rules are similar to how you’re hoping it would be.

From what I understand you can post OC or something free to share from somewhere online. If it’s not OC then you can post but need to link a source. If it’s copyrighted material not meant to be shared then it’s not allowed.

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Once federation is turned back on, will the magazine list show the federated magazines and their subscriber count too? Or is that list local to this instance only?

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It only shows the subscribers that belong to this instance. But yes, every federated magazine will be shown.

reflex, (edited )
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Maybe this doesn't matter, but if magazines are unique between instances, how will we know if we are patronizing the most active magazine? E.g., Lemmy has, I dunno, @factorio, and Kbin has @factorio, is there an easy way to tell which one is more active?

Further, I saw a diagram floating around that suggested that magazines between different instances of Kbin are also unique. E.g., @factorio @kbin.social is unique from @factorio @fedia.io? Isn't that the same fragmentation as accessing different forums?

Wouldn't mind an ELI5.

Ignacio avatar

The only way to tell which is more active is by seeing when posts where published, how much posts there are...

About fragmentation, I've a good example. Let's suppose that there are two instances, beehaw.org and lemmygrad.ml. Both of them has a community about China. The first one, you can post anything about China. The second one, nothing against Chinese government. Every server has their own rules, some are more extrict and some are more free. It depends.

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@EnglishMobster most of those links just go to 404

Edit: nevermind, if I open them in a new tab they work, weird

Same here! Weird

Fatalchemist avatar

I'm thankful for these comments because I had the same issue and opening in new tabs worked.

eatmoregreenfood avatar

Seems like if you click on it directly, kbin reformats overrides the link and looks for a user profile (https://kbin.social/u/@unexpected@lemmy.ml) whereas if you open it in a new tab, it correctly navigates to the magazine (https://kbin.social/m/unexpected@lemmy.ml). Probably something in the kbin markdown itself.

minnieo, (edited )
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gonna shout out my own mag for Silent Hill fans @SilentHill :)

Supersonic, (edited )
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I also started a game mag, @SilentHill. calling all SH fans!!


I just created /m/silksong for any discussions about Hollow Knight: Silksong!

AnakinSandlover avatar

I just started /m/mixingmusic for those who are interested in talking about that stuff. Used to be r/audioengineering on Reddit.

evoterra avatar

I was a very active user on r/audiodrama, which had about 260K members before I logged off on Sunday night. It'll be interesting to see how many return tomorrow. I expect most.

I started https://kbin.social/m/audiofiction less as a replacement and more of a "let's experiment with this" service. I didn't make a lot of noise about it, but I'm encouraged by the small amount of activity. It's given me the boost of confidence to perhaps spin up a new kbin instance, with lots of magazines for the myriad topics that are a part of the larger "audio fiction" world. That's the theory, anyhow!

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Surprisingly didn't see a magazine for it yet so I made https://kbin.social/m/tea for my fellow leaf juice enjoyers. :)

Pudutr0n avatar

I'm planning on migrating my /r/pudu subreddit of cute & tiny reddish-tan deer to /m/Pudu here.
I'm not participating in the blackout, but am gonna close it for good when stuff calms down for more visibility.

MonitorDeodorant avatar

Waiting on a new AlzheimersGroup

vanderbilt, (edited )
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While not big, 196 has a sort of cult following: https://kbin.social/m/196. I spun up https://kbin.social/m/schizophrenicpissdawn if that is your thing.

Lianrepl avatar

I made https://kbin.social/m/Internetparents for all your parental advice needs!


I created @RCFlying to give all the model pilots a home.

Help me make it fly!

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I don't know if there's a college football sub yet. The sports subs and game/postgame threads are what I'll miss the most of reddit goes away


Why can’t I see comments :(

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1Blocker was blocking it on my iPhone, maybe check anything like that?


Forgot I wrote this! Also forgot I had 1Blocker! Switching to Firefox fixed it. Was using safari before. Thanks!

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