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Die ursprünglichen 'e im gelten schon länger als und die scheinbare alternative Lösung hat nun integriert und schnuppern die aus. Die wahre finden wir wieder im Fediverse und sind ua / so wie . Ja das ist viel mehr als nur und Co und kommuniziert nicht nur auf einem Server, sondern in der (ihr kennt es evt schon)

💬 https://kbin.pub
💬 https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin
🐭 https://join-lemmy.org

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Song of the Day - No 434


"1979" is a coming-of-age anthem by The Smashing Pumpkins. Released in 1996, the song was featured on their critically acclaimed album 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness'. With its nostalgic lyrics, driving guitars, and electronic elements, "1979" became a massive hit for the band.


#SOTD #SongOfTheDay #music #TheSmashingPumpkins #alternative #altrock #poprock

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Mariadb (the open source MySQL alternative) might be taken over. Deadline for that decision is March 29

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Jetzt Live 🦊

🎵🎶 die letzten drei Tracks: 🎶🎵
• Shearwater - Breaking the Yearlings
• Alffa - Gwenwyn

▶️ https://INDIEdunkelheit.de/live
ℹ️ https://INDIEdunkelheit.de


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Jetzt muss man das nur noch in eben jenen Netzwerken teilen, damit es seine Wirkung entfaltet.


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Neue Videoveröffentlichung von New Model Army zum Song "Language" aus ihrem Album Unbroken. toller Song, nur dieser Spoken Word Part im Mittelteil zieht mich immer etwas aus der grundsätzlichen Stimmung des Liedes heraus.


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As the World Economic Forum puts it: "traditional leather production is a land-intensive process that produces large amounts of greenhouse gases". The cattle industry releases roughly 14.5% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, including emissions from dairy cows and meat, with leather often coming from the latter. It also takes "dangerous chemicals to tan animal skin", the WEF notes. Alternatives made from cacti, pineapple leaves and fungi could have a lower environmental impact, BBC News reports:

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Bluesky, the open-source Twitter alternative, is getting rid of its waitlist and opening its decentralized platform to everyone.


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My massive discography on #bandcamp is a mere €12.75. If get ten Discography sales today, I could buy 2 weeks worth of food shopping! Come on, buy my music, http://Limneticvillains.bandcamp.com feed a musician! #alternative #electronic #indie #rock #irish

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Looks like I am having a day of inspecting musical sacred cows that I have previously bounced off. Got about halfway through Zen Arcade and while it was fine, I wasn't loving it (fwiw I love Copper Blue by Sugar). Now I am trying on Leaves Turn Inside You to see if I can finish it for the first time at least

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What do you think?
as a simple solution to create your site on for contact. Is it OK to use the offer or a "hinder"? I think it's more convenient to quickly create your own with @glitchdotcom, what do you think or are there better similar solutions (for free)?

🎏 https://glitch.com

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Song of the Day - No 409

Polly Scattergood - I Hate The Way

"I Hate The Way" is a poignant track by Polly Scattergood, from her self-titled debut album released in 2009. The song is known for its emotional depth and Scattergood's distinctive, haunting vocal style.


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"Only alternative"? Lol. An implies that plenty of things will be different if you choose them.

No matter if or wins, the along with its rival power will still push us peoples living peacefully in to . No matter whether it's blue that wins or red, the occupation of , , and will continue. No matter which fucking white old senile man you elect, and her family will not get the they deserves after that bastard soldier killed her in our own country. , my dear will have to put up with your horrible fucking .

So is it really an "alternative"? ​:sagume_think:​

@philippines @Philippines @palestine

RE: https://infosec.exchange/users/73ms/statuses/111821117137569569

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Oh look it works again, thought when it wanted to access #X anonymously it didn't work anymore. Apparently it now works again like on and you can distribute its anonym here in the over a instance. It's more convenient to avoid the data collection frenzy of this recording for your .

🐦 https://nitter.net
🖖 https://twit2nit.xyz

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🧵 …anyone who calls themselves or/and these days should either use @funkwhale or @Castopod to publicize themselves or at least link to over @libredirect:

«Tent is a simple alternative front-end for . It is free and software, with its code available on Forgejo. It was inspiret by @invidious, @nitterbot and the like.»

🎶 https://tent.sny.sh
🔗 https://forgejo.sny.sh/sun/Tent
🚧 https://libredirect.github.io

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»YouTube: Sperren gegen Werbeblocker nun global«

Auch deswegen nutze ich YouTube nicht direkt, sondern Links über @invidious* oder nutze es mobil via @newpipe*, um Videos zu sehen und so weit frei vom Tracking zu sein. Leider sind noch nicht sehr viele anregende Videoproduktionen im Fediverse zB auf @peertube vertreten.

📺 https://stadt-bremerhaven.de/youtube-sperren-gegen-werbeblocker-nun-global/

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🧵…zum Thema ein weiterer sehr informeller Beitrag in diesem . Es geht darum, weshalb dieser populärer -Server so viel an "benötigt". Ein weiterer Grund um die oben benannten 's und/oder -'n zu verlinken oder gleich eine @peertube Instanz nutzen.

»YouTube embeds are bloated - do this instead«

📺 https://www.roboleary.net/2024/02/10/youtube-embeds-suck-but.html

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