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Hi, I'm Reuben, the Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code ( Symfony Station ( is my latest venture. I moderate the Symfony magazine here ( and created the Symfony Universe Collection. (

A graduate of the Univ. of Georgia and an MA graduate of Georgia State, I live in Orlando. My full-stack developer certification is from the Univ. of Central Florida.

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Slowly moving to @symfonystation over the course of 2024 so please follow me there as well. Reuben Walker, Publisher of Symfony Station. Good content creator/admin. Decent designer/frontend developer. Half-ass backend programmer but improving. Will post about PHP and its Symfony Framework. Personally a cross between Billy Butcher and Wednesday Addams. #fediverse #symfony #php #cybersecurity #mastodon #programming #typo3 #drupal #css #html #fedi22 avatar


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Ringmaster of Mobile Atom Media and Code. Digital Content, Simplified. #WordPress #Drupal #fedi22 avatar


Content and code for clients at Mobile Atom Media @mobileatom Founder @SymfonyStation Join our list > avatar


Shopware is an open source eCommerce platform built around the ideas and spirit of its community. Get code access:

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PHP User Group Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar. Finde uns bei Meetup oder Slack

#phpugmrn #php #webdevelopment #mannheim #rheinneckarrocks #fedi22 tfr avatar


API, Web & Cloud Experts. API Platform creators. Symfony core contributors and maintainers.

Devs PHP/JS/Python/Go/Rust.

Self-managed and egalitarian company (Scop/co-op). avatar


Grundprinzip & Erfolgsformel: Innovation, Qualität & Professionalität dank einem motivierten & erfahrenen Team.


#php #java #react #webdevelopment #rheinneckarrocks #fedi22 tfr avatar


Leanpub is a unique platform for writing & publishing, with a bookstore that helps readers discover new books & authors every day! Follow us for news & deals! avatar


Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk. avatar


PHP | speaker | anticapitalist entrepreneur | (radio) DJ | podcast host | Rebel @ XR avatar


#shopware #magento #weuc #mageuc #scuc #mageone #winkelwagen #php #safefive he/him tfr
He|him, try to be vegan, still learning about LGBTQI+, racial, etc. inequality,


Développeur web Freelance 💻 | PHP / Symfony | 100% télétravail 🏡 | +15 ans d'XP 🧙‍♂️ | Logiciels Libres ❤️ avatar


Founder of, a tech worker cooperative. Free Software creator:, Mercure, Vulcain, FrankenPHP, various Symfony components… avatar


Docs & Core team member at :symfony: Symfony;
Software Engineer/DevOPs at;
TU Eindhoven Building Architecture graduate; avatar


Still being human even after over 20 years of coding. Speaker, advicer & complexity tamer. PHP, .NET, JS, Go, HR and more. Part of the Doctrine team. avatar


Head of Platform @, secretary, @MilanoPHP coordinator, computer science passionate, retired netgaming nerd avatar


Florida-based Drupal developer and trainer. avatar


👨‍💻 Developer at @JoliCode
🖤 @symfony Core Team Member
🍎 Swift/SwiftUI beginner avatar


The API-first framework: create #REST and #GraphQL APIs, scaffold #Jamstack web apps, and stream changes in real-time. avatar


#Tech, #Joomla, #WebDev, Tree Hugger, Rock n Roller, Critter Lover, #Liberal #Canadian
she/her Skwerl
#Neurodiverse - just not sure yet how diverse. Exploring. avatar


Programming, tech, gaming & other geeky topics from Sherri Wheeler.

Occasional business, handiwork, electronics, parenting and fitness content.

🐘 PHP/JS developer with miles to go before I sleep();

All posts are my own - never AI generated.

Ally & anti-racist. Bigoted or harassing replies get blocked & reported.

Available for part-time contract work.



#nobridge #nobot avatar


Created PHPUnit. Co-Founded thePHPcc. Helps developers build better software.


Let the machine do the dirty work. avatar


#PHP & #DDD #developer & #architect at Ardennes-étape
#OSS, #Linux & #ethics enthusiast (#BEL) beer fanatic
Father of 2


#php developer
fighting against crud
trying to convince you that you need automated tests
author of some #wiezen related web apps


👩🏻‍💻 Front end web developer, building ethical websites for nonprofit organizations. ✨ Current President of Open Source Matters / Joomla Foundation. 🌎 I care about people and our planet. The changes we make on the web have real-world impacts. It’s our responsibility to ensure they’re positive ones.

I’m married to @nikosdion, and we have an awesome kid. There will be some #MomLife posts sometimes. #Joomla#a11y#UX#WebDesign#CSS#HTML#ADHD#WomenInTech#FOSS • more… avatar


Likes code that has the age of a good whisky. :symfony: :doctrine: avatar


Hi there! I mostly work on backend applications written in PHP/Symfony and enjoy optimizing search systems (Elasticsearch, Solr, ...).

Passionate about Software Architecture, DDD and clean code.

Working at

Learning Rust, y otros idiomas 🇮🇹🇨🇭🇪🇦🇪🇺

Yes, I can ride a unicycle.


ecologeek 🌱

æneria developer : avatar


Lead engineer at Lullabot · knitter, front-end developer, and lover of stationery · on Pocumtuc land in western Massachusetts

I talk about #CSS #Drupal #knitting #handspinning #fountainpens #beer #coffee and so many other things! avatar


Are we allowed to talk about Backdrop here?

Ethical Detergent is sole proprietorship of Richard Eriksson aka @sillygwailo who, during the day, works for Acquia. One day, he will tell you the story behind the name.

#Drupal links syndicated from #BackdropCMS links syndicated from Member of #DrupalTO.

This account follows those hashtags, and will often re-post from them. avatar


Berlin. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈-Ally. :asexual: || Developer of || Moderator of
Co-op forever with
#Gaming #WebDev #CSS #Laravel #VueJS #Coding #HomeAssistant #ActuallyAutistic

Gaming-Platforms: #Xbox #PlayStation #NintendoSwitch #SteamDeck

Eat the rich. avatar


just another nerd
🌞 rises in the east, 🌈🏳️‍⚧️ rights are human rights, #RussiaIsATerroristState .
Hammer-and-sickle is a swastika-tier hate symbol, denying it only makes me block you harder.


UK based tech bod. Once helped tidy up after the largest peacetime explosion in Europe. #Neurodivergent, #ADHD, 40-year #TTRPG veteran. Majordomo at Software developer with deep experience in #PHP, #HTML, #CSS, and #JavaScript. avatar


Creatieve webdeveloper & tech consultant from The Netherlands | #fullstack #vuejs #drupal #php #FOSS | #DigitalWellBeing #privacy #selfhoster | Toots are in English

My Dutch account:

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🤖 AlternativeTo is the ultimate hub for discovering new and exciting software, no matter what platform you're on! Whether you're looking for apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, online services or mobile devices, we've got you covered!

🇸🇪 AlternativeTo was founded in 2009 in Sweden by Ola and Markus. avatar


Wir sind ein Online-Magazin und ein Podcast rund um Freie Software und Freie Gesellschaft. Bei uns schreibt und spricht die Community für die Community.

Unsere Beiträge werden automatisiert gepostet. Wir sind aber immer für euch da, um mit euch zu kommunizieren (kein Bot).

Schreibe mit:
Unterstütze uns:

#linux #opensource #foss #technology #nobot #fediverse #society #podcast #gnulinux avatar


🇵🇱 🇬🇧 | Self-educated specialist: PHP, CI/CD, QA automation, Docker, Gitlab and more 😎. Member of 🪶. avatar


My real name is Thomas Durand
Indie developer of iOS app and
Software Architect and Security Engineer at DiliTrust
Full-time geek, building stuff in the open
🇫🇷 Paris


When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl.


koffeinbasierte lebensform. Hoft auch hier auf eine dauerparty. Katzen, Zweiräder und Beton. Oft in Bildern.


tries to clean code like a scout 👾


Community Manager / DevRels at Shopware. Father of four boys, passionate about the open source idea, software development, e-commerce, shopping cart systems, i18n, l10n, community development, community building, guitar playing and archery. avatar


Enthusiastic & pragmatic software engineer at Activinnov & member.

Opinions are my own.


Développeur php
Bientôt en recherche de stage
En formation (bachelor developpeur php/symfony).
13 d'xp en freelance, 1 an en agence. avatar


Building and enriching the PHP community.

Want to learn PHP? Check out:

#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦️


IT #security expert, interested in #IoT, #cryptography, #blockchain (since 2010!) and #hacking - FR&EN - opinions are my own

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