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The extension for now also works with Joomla 5!
Check it out to publish content directly from your cloud-storage to your website and to receive file uploads of your users in your cloud-storage


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Which CMS Powers Your Country's Official Website? A Global CMS Usage Analysis.

Posted into SYMFONY FOR THE DEVIL @symfony

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Impact and compliance are becoming a central part of running an project. Are we prepared? (me), and joined a workshop at @OpenForumEurope in

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Encaramos el final de marzo con otro nuevo episodio de "Accesibilidad con Tecnologías libres", para los amigues.

En tenéis las notas del programa con los temas tratados y los enlaces.

Si seguís a este alias @6706483 , tendréis automáticamente las publicaciones del podcast dentro del Fediverso

Y por si aún no lo tenéis el feed RSS para vuestras aplicaciones es:

En este episodio 05 participan entre otras personas:

Esperamos que os resulte interesante.

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🆕 New blog post: vs research and comparison.

A small write up of my findings last year when I did a bit of research to find a new CMS option.

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“The international community organizations behind , , , and join forces in a leadership-level alliance.”

I’m interested to see what this alliance is doing in 6, 12, 18 months…

Via the @drupalassoc

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Happy Open Source Friday! Log into GitHub to help Joomla solve issues or test features to perfect the upcoming releases.
Remember, every little bit helps, and Joomla is hugely grateful for every ounce of support. Get started now and be a Joomla hero!

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Thanks to the debacles people are going to start leaving Should see an uptick for

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Liebes #Fediverse - wir brauchen die Macht der #followerpower

Wir arbeiten gerade an einer neuen Website auf Basis #Joomla 5 - könnt Ihr Plugins empfehlen für Terminanzeige und mögliche Autoposter für Mastodon und Facebook?


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❔ Seeking Web-Based CMS Recommendations (, , , etc.)

If you customize/maintain or use a Content Management System () to display Web content, I'd like to know which CMS your prefer

I've always coded Web-based components from scratch, but I'm curious about the CMS solutions that are commonly used to serve up content on the Web. The community here seems to be very tech-oriented, so I thought I'd be able to get some great feedback.

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Be sure to follow the Symfony Universe collection on the Threadiverse.

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