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syntaxseed, to wordpress
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I've been working on a plugin for a client that generates custom PDF worksheet printouts for teachers. And it's turning out SO awesome that I'm basically high on coding satisfaction today. 😁

Not bad for my first plugin!

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It's using a library called TCPDF which requires pretty old-timey HTML & very limited so.... table layouts are back baby!!


But I've managed to exactly match the manually created PDFs, so I'm pretty happy with it.

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@bhhaskin Using a PHP library!

And it's only going to be installed on our own sites so we control the environment.

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Has a bit of a learning curve & poor docs... but it's working nicely.

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@PJFDF Ooo nice!!

majorlinux, to random
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Everybody just has to have more.

Discord to start running ads even though it said it wasn't going to - Desk Chair


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@majorlinux Self-hosted forums are going to make a comeback I swear....

syntaxseed, to Korean
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Hey folks!
My fam & I are loving season 2....

Please help us understand Korean names like: Kim Nam-Wook & Park Woo-jin.

Which are the family names & which are their given names? 🤔


syntaxseed, to php
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ALL of my projects have been upgraded off 7.x. Yay!!

:elephpant_purple: 🎉

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Next up...

To upgrade the ones still on 8.0 and 8.1.

There are 19 of those.... 😭

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@ericmann @wyri My sites are all 'pinned' to 8.2 for compatibility (due to plugins) so that's my minimum target for now. 😁

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@wyri What are your Github Actions doing, if I may ask? 🤔

syntaxseed, to mastodon
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Does anyone know how to view the alt text of an image on the mobile website?

I see the little badge indicating alt text exists but if I click it, it just opens the image.

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@shovemedia OMG that's it!! Thank you!

syntaxseed, to martialartsmemes
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The kids, husband, & I have been taking classes at our local rec center for a few years. Our dojo is part of Goju‐Ryu Canada. The kids have their first belt levels but husband & I have been doing it casually & haven't tested. Well we decided to go for it & will be taking the test next month. 😬

It's tough because we are shown the katas a couple times in class then are expected to practice at home without any reference. So of course I went hunting on Youtube...

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And it turns out that there are variations on the katas despite the name being the same. So it took concerted hunting to find videos that <kind of> match the the way our dojo does it. Then I've been transcribing the steps into text. 😵‍💫 It's hard to know if I'm getting it right.... but I turned my efforts into a blog post in case any other local people are looking for the same resources.

Anyway.. I've been memorizing the numbers 1-10 in and practising. Totally nervous! 😁

syntaxseed, to Marriage
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Doing the "recycle walk of shame" to bring our recycling across the street, because SOMEONE'S husband forgot recycle day. 😑

blog, to linux
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Fixing broken suspend on Pop_OS

My Linux laptop used to suspend perfectly. I'd close the lid and it would go to sleep. Open it up, it would spring to life - presenting me with a password screen. But, some time in the last few months, it has stopped doing that.

If I close the lid, it keeps running. This is unhelpful.

If I manually run the suspend command - systemctl suspend - the laptop blanks the screen then immediately turns it back on at the lock screen. It doesn't suspend.

I know that suspend physically works - becasue running any of these other command does properly suspend the machine. But powering it back up goes straight to the desktop - no lock screen!

  • sudo /lib/systemd/systemd-sleep suspend
  • sudo echo "mem" > /sys/power/state
  • sudo acpitool -s

The Fix

I found what was causing suspend to fail by running:

  • sudo systemd-analyze verify systemd-suspend.service

That spat out any errors in the suspend service. Highlighted in red was:

systemd-suspend.service: Failed to create systemd-suspend.service/start: Unit nvidia-resume.service is masked.

That was odd, because I don't have an Nvidia graphics card.

Looking in the relevant directory:

cd /etc/systemd/system/systemd-suspend.service.requires

I found:

nvidia-resume.service -> /lib/systemd/system/nvidia-resume.servicenvidia-suspend.service -> /lib/systemd/system/nvidia-suspend.service

I deleted the nvidia-resume.service and nvidia-suspend.service files.

For good measure, I also checked what Nvidia stuff I had installed:

  • apt list --installed | grep -i nvidia

I used sudo apt purge to remove the remnants of any Nvidia stuff. Probably installed by mistake.

After that, suspend worked fine.

What "Fixes" Didn't Work

I went down a bit of a rabbit hole, following lots of suggestions from various people on the Internet. None of these helped me - but they may be useful pointers to you.

I tried disabling everything in . I couldn't get PXSX to be disabled. But even with everything else off, the suspend didn't work.

Killing Bluetooth with didn't work. Nor did disabling WiFi.

I have an updated Kernel 6.8.0. I'm not sure of the ramifications of swapping to an older one.

Running https://github.com/pop-os/pop/issues/1368 and then rebooting didn't make a difference.

Switching from Wayland to X11 didn't fix it. Nor did unplugging the laptop from power. No external peripherals or screens were connected.

The whole system - including Flatpaks and Snaps - was updated.

This shell script works. But there's no way to tie it in to having the power button pressed or the lid closed.


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@blog I had a similar problem last week on Ubuntu. It was an incomplete Snap Store update that was waking my PC up 30s after suspend.

syntaxseed, to random
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Does anyone here on phpc.social know how to look up our numeric user id for use with shields.io?


None of the suggested strategies is working. @phpc

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@phpc If I use the API to get my numeric account id, shields.io gives me a badge for a user on mastodon.social.

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@ramsey @phpc Nice catch!

syntaxseed, to Nintendo
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Ok #Nintendo #Switch fans... I need some guidance.

My 3 kids (& husband & I) are starting to have more struggles sharing one console & I think it might be time to invest in a 2nd Switch. But! I have some questions:

  • Do we think Nintendo's next console is coming soon? The Switch is 7 years old...

  • Does the Lite version still pair with pro controllers? Any cons to the Lite other than can't dock it?

  • Will my kids have to 'pick one' for their account to reside on??

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Trying to avoid dropping around $400 CAD for something that might get replaced by the next gen Nintendo soon or that will cause a bunch of account headaches. 4/5 of us are on the Family plan subscription. Youngest doesn't have an online account yet.

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@ChrisFerguson Hey very helpful!! Thank you so much.

I was secretly thinking of it for next Christmas... but it might be worth waiting a teeny bit longer. 😁

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@ChrisFerguson Ooo that's soon! Good call...

syntaxseed, to pokemon
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My son (12y) has been making a new game in on . It's a cannon wars type game (set the angle & power & shoot your opponent).

This program lets you drag & drop logic & effect blocks and connect them together.

Look at this insanity! GBG is both very cool and an utter affront to . 😵‍💫


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@brycedixon We've dabbled. He wrote a little personal homepage. And he's been using @rpginabox and occasionally drops into the code editor to tweak what the visual editor did.

But I'm hoping tools like RPGiaB where there are both, will be a gateway- he'll start with the visual editor then ease into the code to gain more control. 😁

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