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Allow users to drag and drop content elements and edit them easily in #Sylius Admin

#SyliusThursday #Symfony

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Happy to announce that I will be speaking at the SymfonyLive Berlin 2024 conference at the end of June about Gally, the advanced searchandising engine built on top of Symfony, API Platform, and Elasticsearch.

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SYLIUS DAYS RECAP – What an amazing event! Thank you for joining us and a big shout out to all of our speakers for sharing your valuable insights on @Sylius.

Big thank you to our partners, sponsors, speakers and our community! 🔥


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Already on my way back but really enjoyed . Well organized, nice crowd, good talks. Big thanks to the @bitexpert and people for everything!

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Here we go! We kicked off Day 2 of the Sylius Days in our Office in Mannheim. We've got some exciting talks lined up for today. 🚀


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V1.14 will come in Autumn, as a fallback v1 version. V2 will also come later this year

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V1.14 will not contain many new features since focus for new features is on v2. But there may be some changes that need to land in v1 as well #sylius #SyliusDays

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conference day starts with Łukasz talking about the new features!

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Explaining without explaining Sylius done by @Skoop at the @phpugmrn meetup tonight...

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DER COUNTDOWN LÄUFT! Noch ein Tag bis wir uns im bitOffice treffen. Am 18. und 19. April finden bei uns in Mannheim die Sylius Days statt. 👉

Wir bieten: Zwei Tage voller interaktiver Workshops, spannender Talks rund um die Sylius-Plattform, Möglichkeiten zum Networking.

Wir sehen uns in Mannheim!

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While developing the connector for , I explored the Sylius grid component in-depth and covered my findings in the latest blog post on the @bitexpert blog. Enjoy!

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Join us on 17th March at the @bitexpert office in Mannheim for our pre-event of Sylius Days! Excited to have Oliver Kossin as our speaker to talk about Dependency Injection and #Symfony. Sign up now: #phpugmrn #phpc #rheinneckarrocks #Sylius

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