It’s unbelievable how good M1 is compared to Intel yes. I think it’ll be a good chance to get an Intel Mac to install Linux and such on it. They’re still great hardware if you pick the right ones.

There is one good reason and that’s price. I got my dad a 10 year old retina mac for general browsing and streaming and it’s more than enough.

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Ugh, not a fan of articles like this. Old hardware can continue to have plenty of uses, depending on what those uses are. (I was using a 2010 Mac Pro to run my laser cutter up until last year, and still have an even older iMac as a music player.)

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I have to admit, this is kind of frustrating. I had to buy a MacBook in early 2020 because my job at the time went WFH, a few months before the new Macs came out. I would have loved to wait, but couldn’t. So that computer going obsolete so soon is so frustrating.


I mean, there’s always Linux. Support is comparatively good.

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