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All abort the hype train! :blobcatgiggle:

h/t @parismarx

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🥥 Time to get off the Apple [Vision Pro] hype-train. 🥥
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Apple is cutting Vision Pro production as it fails to meet sales targets.

Analysts expected it to sell 700-800k units in 2024, but it could now be as low as 400k. A lower cost model could now be pushed beyond 2025, if it ever arrives.


#apple #tech #visionpro #vr #ar

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Apple was never going to "save" VR.
We've spent the last decade giving Apple an unlimited runway of speculation and hype to bring a face computer to market.


Instead of doing a better job earnestly and fairly covering the tech along the way, properly educating consumers on what these things can do, now even Vision Pro can't live up to the media's imagined narrative of Apple.

Apple did nothing to earn a DECADE of media support for XR products, but think of all the projects that were criticized for not living up to some kind of imaginary Sci-Fi standard.

"Wait for gen 2 or gen 3 instead!"

Techies expect everyone else to lift off like a helicopter, but Apple gets UNLIMITED runway...

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You can now load glTF files on the Apple Vision Pro with Unity glTFast 6.4.0!


But what excites me even more about this release is that CI/CD has come a long way, paving the way for more features.

Support for KTX (compressed textures) and Google Draco (compressed meshes) has been ported to visionOS as well.


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#MapTiler Augmented Reality maps made easy! Give your users a truly immersive experience on Android, iOS, #Oculus, or #VisionPro simply by adding two lines of code to your #JavaScript map. Get the code here: https://bit.ly/43WKzhv

#SpatialComputing #AR #MR #AugmentedReality #MixedReality

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I liked the Touch Bar - it just felt DOA to me.
So here's how I'd like to see it return.

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I see so much chatter about the and people comparing it to the iPhone’s first year. I did this myself a few weeks ago.

But that’s missing the boat. It’s not at all like the first year of the iPhone or the Watch, or anything else.

This is Apple experimenting in public in a way they’ve never really done before. Saying it’s a flop or a success after 2 months is just an opinion based on almost no data.

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An app for that puts a guitar in your hands. Called AirGuitar, of course. With selectable modes from Pretend, where you just do your regular air guitar schtick and it plays Hendrix back at you, or whatever, up to Pro, where you have to actually play the guitar but it’s virtual. Tricky that. Maybe hafta wear special gloves, or tape on your hands and fingers. Oh, and you can pick any guitar you want, too.

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A question for you great — has this year felt quieter to you in some way as we head into May?

Has muddied the proverbial waters somewhat? Or could it involve Apple's battle with the EU?

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: "Meta’s Quest 3 headset has four external cameras. Apple ups that count to twelve: six “world-facing” tracking cameras, two high-resolution video passthrough cameras, and four eye-tracking cameras. It also has a TrueDepth 3D sensor and Lidar.

However, the privacy experts I spoke with felt the risks associated with AR/VR headsets come not from the number of cameras or sensors, but from the perspective they offer into a user’s life.

Data privacy expert Maritza Johnson said it’s “very common for most people in the U.S. to be surrounded by cameras and microphones.” But those devices, though ever-present, aren’t physically attached to the user. “A phone is not mounted to my head, [...] a big difference is in the intimacy of the device,” she said." https://spectrum.ieee.org/apple-vision-pro-privacy

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Porn for Apple Vision pro is here.

How Amateur Performers Are Making Porn in the Apple Vision Pro


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Had my library 3D print the @christianselig stand. Learned a lot about 3D printing and think I spent an hour removing supports. That said looks great. Just need a dowel now.

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"With spatial Persona, up to five people using their own Vision Pros can participate together within compatible apps without being in the same physical space"

"Spatial Personas" is the next step in the battle to reduce the isolation of Apple Vision Pro. I do like this premise and it's VERY early days still.


czottmann, (edited ) to apple German
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Here's a idea: Buy a full face motorcycle helmet, remove the visor, and cram the Vision Pro (sans the strap) into the opening. Motorcycle helmet makers solved the comfort & ventilation issues years ago.

Unintended side effect: Your should now be street legal


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/dev/world/, the single nicest developer conference in Australia, is on again, and we want YOUR presentation! Come speak to a fantastic audience of iOS developers, server engineers, frontend hackers, and more, all in Naarm/Melbourne this May! https://auc.edu.au/devworld/cfp/

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The Entity Component System design pattern used in RealityKit for #visionOS / #VisionPro is REALLY cool.

It's also a departure from what a non-game developer is probably used to. It was for me, anyway.

It took me a bit to get my head around it. Here's the five minute crash course I wish I'd had.

One component, one system, one button, THREE rockets!


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What if you never ever had to put your phone down? Ever?

Eddy Burback's "Apple's $3500 Nightmare" video essay is ridiculous, absurdist, and amazing. Low key humor exploring the dystopian nightmare that VR/AR is ushering in for... reasons?

If you are interested in, less about a tech review, and more about what tech like the Vision Pro mean for humans I recommend giving it a view.


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Brilliant! No notes.

Exclusive: Virtual Boy Pro Revealed! All the Details on Nintendo's Wildest System Yet
Check out Nintendo's surprise headset and its amazing launch game, Mario Kart: Open Road!


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Gestern konnten in Köln Menschen die Apple #VisionPro ausprobieren und darüber diskutieren, wohin das alles eigentlich führt! 120 Menschen haben sich angemeldet und viele sind gekommen. So sahs aus: Galerie (Google Photos, 42) ➡️ https://photos.app.goo.gl/5ETjQQwS3CWJxSfS9


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"Apple is releasing its first ever sports film shot in Immersive Video format, which gives Apple Vision Pro users an engrossing 180-degree 3D video experience with Spatial Audio."


This is what is going to bring sales traction to Apple Vision Pro.

On stage at a concert, running down the court with the Golden State Warriors or skating next to Ovechkin.

Immersive content will sell hardware and tickets.


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