What's your opinion on Opera browser?

I've been using Opera for a few years now and I've been enjoying its features, UI and everything. However, I (surprisingly to me) haven't noticed many people mentioning it. Also, when I was on Reddit and mentioned that I use it I got downvoted which left me somewhat confused haha.

So I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with it and/or if I should give another browser a go (I noticed Firefox is mentioned a lot on here)

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Spyware and something a virus will install on your computer. I used it for a while but eventually went back to brave or a Firefox fork.


i stopped using it after learning that it was chinese owned. back to firefox.

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Chrome reskin; Firefox and Vivaldi (made by Opera’s creator and former owner) are much better browsers.


Proprietary. Don’t trust it.


It’s just another Chromium browser now.


Years ago, Opera has been my main browser and I really liked it. Back then, it was the only browser (to my knowledge) that had tabs. It was a novelty back then. Over the time they added more features, like the conversion tool. Then they added more features I didn’t need or want, like the side bar, and it quickly became bloated. I switched to firefox, which offered a greater variety of add-ons. I still use firefox as my main browser. The only thing I miss is the conversion tool. There is nothing comparable like the one Opera has built in. I later learned that the original developers sold it to a chinese consortium. In hindsight, that explains the constant changes to the worse, which pushed me to another browser.


I’ve tried to use opera on several occasions and it just never sticks with me for one reason or another ultimately I have for more privacy options and privacy focus browsers and those that have abilities for add-ons to achieve even greater security in privacy so Firefox tends to be the direction I go or brave.


It has been awesome until 2013 when they decided to make their browser a skin on top of Chromium. Now they had more UI revamps and it doesn’t work or feel like Opera at all. I tried using it sometimes ago and now they even got those weird huge buttons…


Questionable that you can’t change the search engine to a custom one out of “concerns”


Questionable that you can’t change the search engine to a custom one out of “privacy” concerns


It was the best, most full-featured browser until it (effectively) died after Opera 12 in 2013, now it’s just a Chrome skin.

Use Firefox, it’s not just (in my opinion) the best browser now but it helps protect against a Google monopoly on web standards.


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kyub, (edited )

Please don’t use Opera (or any other proprietary browser). It contains a lot of on-by-default spyware and it’s hard or impossible to disable everything.

kuketz-blog.de/opera-datensendeverhalten-desktop-… (post in German, but you can see what the browser transmits. It’s a lot. Including the domains of all sites you visit). The best way to increase your privacy with Opera is to uninstall it. Apparently, this is how they make their money nowadays. They used to sell their browser, but it’s free since a while. So users pay with their data.

Also, try not to use Chromium based browsers (not even if they are purely open source, based on the open source Chromium base). Its development is very much steered by Google and their interests and you can see the effects e.g. with their Manifest v3 which cripples ad blocking extensions, for example.


I used Opera back in the day, but I don’t trust the new development anymore.

I’d recommend using Firefox instead.


Opera sold out to China years ago, stop using it ASAP. I you wanna stay in chromium use the original devs new thing, Vivaldi.


Opera for mobile is the best mobile browser by far in my opinion. For desktop, I stick with Firefox.


My opinion as well. Edge is actually being pretty decent (I’m required to use it at work), but at home it’s Opera on mobile and Firefox on the desktop.


This was my exact opinion in probably 15 years ago when I’m still using my Sony Walkman phone and my first laptop. Not anymore now. I’d stick with Firefox for both desktop and phone, and use Chrome if necessary as last resort.

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