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For now, I'm just preparing the groundwork, but first, I need to get some sleep :p


Lack of rest leads to bugs. Take your time.

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just kidding

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rip sleep

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Get some rest!

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You deserve it, we all appreciate your dedication and efforts

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You're the man!


you're the man too, the exodus is on? at least the 'traffic is enormous holy shit' prompt on the right is a good sign.

someone's gotta help this guy though if it's just one dude and his server rack in his spare room

*edit works looks like. yea this is cool, pretty much reddit, nice

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Keep up the good work man, but also take care of yourself.

It doesn't do anyone any good if you burn yourself out from lack of self care.

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You are killing it. Keep it up and take care of yourself!



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  • Otome-chan,
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    The speed thing is interesting because for most of the time it's actually not unusable. It's a little delay here and there, but often fast or okay speed. it's only sometimes that it gets kinda unbearably slow. But IMO as long as it's up, I can deal with a slow speed here and there if it means I get to keep using kbin :). the dev/admin here is an absolute champ. kbin is awesome.



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  • Otome-chan,
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    So far I've used kbin entirely from my laptop web browser. I haven't tried accessing it with my phone just yet.


    Definitely been more stable than reddit.

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    I prefer "sometimes it's laggy/slow" over reddit's "btw we're gonna just die for an hour. lol you broke reddit, here's a pic of a cat unplugging a computer".

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    I don't know why but the "you broke reddit" message always frustrated me. I didn't break shit lmao, it's the site that's broken

    exscape, (edited )
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    Indeed, pretty cool!

    First thing I noticed though is that I'd really like to know which instance a thread is actually on.

    For example, this post:

    Going back to Reddit feels bad (
    polygon, 2 hours ago to chat

    ... is actually on, even though it says "" and just "chat" below. Pretty confusing.

    There's at least one fix for this in the meantime -- get this userscript:

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    Also: I think usernames from other instances should show which instance they're from.

    Otome-chan avatar

    you can see this if you hover over their name. but it's not displayed by default. It'd be nice to have an option to have it written out rather than hidden.

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    I think it'd make the comments a little cluttered looking. It doesn't really matter what instance someone is from for regular conversation and if someone's curious the can click through to the persons profile

    SparkIT avatar

    It matters if 2 users have the same nickname.

    czech avatar

    I was thinking it should be included to avoid casual impersonation. I agree it would be a lop more cluttered though; maybe there's another way.

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    I mean - on the desktop site at least, I can just hover over someone's name and see what instance they are on.

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    It should be an option. Some people prefer the "clean" version of just showing username, with needing action to see url. while others prefer seeing the entire username+url even if it's "messy". I'd prefer the latter, while others might prefer the former. It should be a toggleable option.

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    I think appending it to the username would be slightly messier for me, but for unexplainable brain reasons I seem to want to have this feature as well. Maybe if we stuck the instance below their avatar instead?? In any case, it would still be appreciated on articles

    Otome-chan avatar

    Yeah, whatever ui to show it i'm fine with as long as i don't need to hover over every name to see it lol. whether it's just added to the end like how tagging works, or if it's shown underneath or something is fine too.

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    Yes the full username@instance for all remote users at a minimum would be good

    exscape avatar

    There is a userscript for this now! Works a treat!

    Otome-chan avatar

    Threads are hosted on the instance that the magazine is on. I think instances viewing it also just make a copy?

    You can check the @ to see the url for both users and magazines. I'm not fond of the fact that kbin often hides the @url for things. I'd much prefer to see it since it makes things feel bigger to me. just ends up being shortened to lol. see? @chat @chat they are identical lmao. it's annoying.


    I get what you're saying -- that the link source indicator should point to the instance that hosts the group -- but it's a quirk of how federation works that the thread is actually on And, well, any other site that's following the thread.

    Everything is actually local on the fediverse. It's just that not everything has to originate from the local website. Federation works via content mirroring, which is why the URL for any given Magazine you're viewing still starts with You're not viewing remote content, you're viewing local content that was imported from a remote source. And the link indicator is telling you where kbin has been told the content resides.

    And that's on

    I think maybe the link source indicator just shouldn't render if the thread doesn't have a link purposefully attached to it, and the Magazine name should show the full name@host indicator.

    Nepenthe avatar

    Cannot tell you how much I appreciate things like this and how long it's going to take me to get used to the idea of not being on a closed platform. It makes perfect sense, but it would seem to defeat the purpose of having the source there at all, like you've suggested. We know it's on kbin, that's where we are.

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    @ernest doing the business. What a dude.

    If you have the means, sling him some funds

    parrot-party avatar

    Chucked another coffee. The black gold will power the servers through.

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    Do you have the link on hand? I'll pour one out too.

    parrot-party avatar

    Sausage linked it above

    CoderKat avatar

    Ah, thanks. Done! To save anyone else thinking similar from having to scroll up, it's:

    samwise avatar

    Thanks for the link just donated!

    Lells avatar

    Bought him several coffees earlier today, he deserves it!

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    I mean seriously? This dude's project has had hardly any downtime (like 100% inaccessible downtime) in the last few days during a massive migration. How impressive is that? He was able to find a solution with cloudflare where, sure things were a little slow to load and didn't federate, but I never found myself unable to access kbin. On top of that, he's communicating clearly and often. I hope this succeeds. @ernest has absolutely earned it.

    Sausage avatar

    There have been a few times I've been unable to log in, unresponsive pages etc., but considering how recently was created, the massive influx of users and the fact that @ernest is managing all this himself - absolutely phenomenal job.

    CoderKat avatar

    I haven't looked into just what the backend architecture is like, but I've seen comments that suggested it may be a single physical server? If so, some short periods of downtime are unavoidable. I do high availability backend dev and it's no easy task to have near perfect uptime. Having distributed servers across multiple locations is essential for that, but generally requires careful design. Databases also get more complicated when using distributed databases (but I swear by them).

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    Federation is back on the menu boys!

    lixus98 avatar

    Is slowly coming back, ernest is testing the waters, he said recently that he was working on upgrading the server and that federation will slowly come back.


    not really, while apparently there is read access for other instances, I couldn't get a post to this thread from lemmy

    artillect avatar

    Dang, well it looks like it's moving in the right direction regardless. Glad to see that progress is being made!


    Is this why when I search for Lemmy instances from Kbin it just shows error?

    BreadDog avatar

    Hmm, yeah, looks like my posts aren't showing up on beehaw. Curious what the actual state is.


    This is the first post I've seen from kbin! Hello 👋

    Otome-chan avatar

    yes I've been seeing much more activity at least from lemmy world and beehaw. moreso than these past few days. I've actually had a "live" chat with some of them!


    I can see this (and am posting from) from my personal kbin instance, so it seems to be working!


    Wonderful. Let the "Threadiverse" grow!

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    Holy Moly everything is flying now. Wow!

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    @artillect I'm not sure, I cannot see myself in Mastodon, and I cannot see the content of my Mastodon followers. Maybe the federation is yet on the way.

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    Just curious, are you guys exclusively using phone or computer, mix?

    I’ve only used my phone so far out of habit and it’s definitely kept me more limited in exploring

    onceuponaban avatar

    A mix of both, and on that note I'm thankful that this website actually works well on mobile.

    exohuman avatar

    I’m using my phone. I’ve added kbin to the home screen so it’s in its own app. I have logged in using the computer and I just prefer my phone.

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    It seems to be slowly rolling back in. I still can't find my kbin account from my Mastodon account, but I can find my Mastodon account from my kbin account, for example. I also left a comment on a thread from from, but when I go to the actual Lemmy instance, I do not see my comment.

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    yesss, the only thing i'm really hoping for is all my subscriptions from multiple fediverse platforms show up under one page.

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