/kbin - preview of upcoming changes

Hi there, in the upcoming kbin releases, I will be describing the changes along with author tags, but for now, you can check out what's happening here: https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/activity, as well as my personal feed: https://ernest.dev

Today, two test instances will be created where we will be looking for bugs for some time, and then the changes will be rolled out to kbin.social and hopefully other instances as well :)

I want to accept as many pull requests as possible, currently, there are still 50 open ones. I'm also following your posts and adding new things to the to-do list.

Have a nice day!

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Appreciate all your work and I am enjoying kbin but please make sure you are not burning yourself out. I have seen it too many times, especially in open source projects that become super popular all of a sudden. Take care of your mental health and work at a pace that you still enjoy. You don't ow us anything.

Have a great Sunday!

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There's quite a few of us now helping out with tickets. Great to see lots of people coming together to make the site better. Good to get lots of bugs squashed :)

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Love it! But that is or can be part of the "problem". Suddenly it's not "I am working on the software I like" anymore but "managing merge requests all day". Not saying that's what's happening here tho. It can be a problem.

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I think it's important to not have a single person having to deal with those. But admittedly it's hard to get to that point. I've only significantly done established, commercial software dev, where you can just trust your coworkers. Random people on the internet are harder to trust. Anyone can play nice for a couple of days for a chance to slip in something malicious.

The project is not only rather new (so any contributors are gonna be new), but it's also hosted on an unfamiliar site (which is to say, it's not GitHub), so most people don't have an account with history either.

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@Mnmalst Yeah, I am well aware of what you're talking about, and I am trying to maintain a balance. I knew that it could look like this at a certain stage, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly ;) I assumed I would have a bit more time to prepare and acquire knowledge. Now I have to improvise. I make mistakes, but I try to fix them and always keep an eye on the big picture. That's all I can do. Working with pull requests is great, I enjoy learning new things from others, and it's also fun to discover bugs together. At least for now. ;-) But I always emphasize that my priorities are my milestones, which keep me afloat, so I care about organizing our collaboration as quickly and effectively as possible. However, we also need to get to know each other a little better.

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Sounds like you have a working structure for now. :) I hope it all stays like this for you. I am exited about the future! Wish you the best.



The PWA rotation issue is really annoying, happy to see this will be fixed. :)

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Which issue? Don't see it in the links and I'm not seeing anything I can think of that sounds like that (I'm using the PWA on Android, but using Firefox so maybe that's why)


Firefox doesn't have this problem,only chromium browsers.


Is this about the PWA rotating when auto rotation is set to off? Sounds like a bug on the device, as it's not happening to me.

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Are you using Chrome or Firefox or something else? I don't see this on FF.

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@mr47 This issue is browser engine specific rather than device specific, and (annoyingly) falls within valid interpretation of the web manifest standards so it's not really a bug for the browser engines either. The fix is also within the standards, so that's good.


I see. I guess Firefox works correctly.


That might be android only, I'm not sure. I remember seeing a pull request about it having to do with something in the PWA manifest.


I'm on Android 13 with Firefox, and haven't noticed the issue. Tried specifically to disable the autorotation, rotate the phone while kbin was running - and nothing (it does rotate when autorotation is on). I installed the PWA about a week ago.


Looks like that's been fixed actually (if your instance is up to date enough, that was merged in 5 hours ago). I had to reinstall the PWA for it to take effect.

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How do I install the PWA?


In your browser, if you go into the menu there should be something like 'Install', 'Add to Homescreen', something like that.

On chrome it is add to homescreen, but there is also a pop-up at the bottom that gives an install button. The browser menu should be the easiest spot though.

It creates a shortcut on your homescreen and allows the site to run in full screen mode, so it acts like a native app.

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Oh I've been looking for an option on the site, not the browser. Thank you!

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Just uninstalled and reinstalled /kbin on my Realme X3 - it still rotates irrespective of Android setting. Guess I'll have to lay on my back a bit longer hehe.


Bummer. Yeah, I think kbin.social hasn't gotten those changes added in yet. I've just been pulling the new updates once/twice a day onto my instance. It has broken things a couple times though so I get why the larger instances are waiting for actual 'releases' of kbin.

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Oh thank god, I thought it was a "feature" and here to stay.

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Definitely a big annoyance point for me!


This thread gave me a thought that we need a good place to discuss new features and bugs of existing features. I know we have kbinMeta but that is more like discussion of the overall site and the “meta” of things.

Anyways, @kbinfeaturerequests is the place I made for us to discuss feature ideas, pull requests in the pipelines, and pretty much anything in that realm.


Maybe that magazine should be linked on this one’s description so people can know about it and its purpose

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The link gives me a 404...?

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I don't quite understand the content of that thread (I'm not a developer), but I think the point that the fix is coming soon.

ernest avatar

Yes, exactly like that ;)


I'm really looking forward to https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/pulls/167 . Maybe I'm just old or something, but the indent is quite slight sometimes and hard for me to see what belongs at which level at certain levels of nesting.

I wish I could contribute, but I've hardly touched anything UI-related in a decade, and likewise haven't worked with newer PHP at all.

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Yes! Collapsible comments is my most painful missing feature.

McBinary avatar

This script does collapsible comments with nesting. It's fantastic.

AnonymousLlama avatar

I'm super super keen on that one. It's actually the reason I got kbin running locally, so I could implement a quick toggle open/close for deeply nested comments.

Been following that thread and hope it gets out soon, it's something I severely miss from Reddit mobile.

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I just wish I could hide things I've already read. I hate having to scroll past 100 things I've already seen/commented on.

Perry, (edited )
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Will the test instances be publicly available?

That would be greatly appreciated by us over at /m/kbinStyles so that it’s possible to see that everything still works before the new version goes live.

Obviously not exactly high priority, but I thought it was worth asking anyway.

ernest avatar

Sure thing, I will manually approve accounts from time to time. These scripts are mind blowing ;)



Was lab1 destroyed by a zombie outbreak?


@ernest heads up, looks like lab3 is down atm

ernest avatar

Yep, I need a few hours to finish it. The sun would shine too brightly on my monitor right now ;)

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Some of the userscripts could, longer-term, be converted into server-side Web UI features; I think that that'd make them available to a wider audience, since they become available to all browsers without user effort then. However, for any that don't, I also imagine that it'd also be possible to set up some sort of automated regression testing using Selenium or something like that that warns if it looks like they aren't working in a new version. That'd take load off human userscript maintainers if the userscripts are going to be around for the long haul, and it'd give a heads-up earlier, potentially as soon as the breaking commit goes into git.


Somewhat off topic but does kbin currently have a working API? Every instance I've attempted an API call on just errors out. Same thing when running a local test instance.

Would also likely be a good idea to distribute an OpenAPI spec so people can automatically generate API clients in the future.

Thanks for making such a great platform by the way. Genuinely impressed what a solo dev is able to build with activitypub.

rideranton avatar

How is an app being developed for kbin without an api?

rideranton avatar

It basically uses the same methods of submitting content as the website does, reading the entirety of the webpage in the process. It's much less efficient than using an API, but it's possible

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar


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A couple things I would like to see on kbin:

  1. Setting to switch the default homepage from "hot" to anything else, or add an option to only see posts from magazines I follow
  2. Setting to move the "make a comment" box to a place that's above the comments

Otherwise, this is pretty much perfect so far.


Thank you for your work!

I'm especially looking forward to the bug which causes notifications not to be sent when you receive replies to your comments being fixed. This one is a huge drag on conversation.

As for features, very much looking forward to being able to collapse comments.

VulcanSphere avatar

Great updates as always, keep up the good work!

Charlielx avatar

Love it! I'm desperately just waiting for the ability to hide posts, that's causing the most disconnect from what I'm used to over on reddit. Would also love the option to save posts, but I'm sure all that is an eventuality

DerpyPoint avatar

Keep up the good work! Hoping broken photos can be deleted soon

AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

Stay safe and don’t burn out.

Make the donation page more prominent!

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar

I added it to the Readme


Thank you for all your continued hard work, Ernest! I can't imagine the amount of work you have put in as a server admin, as a developer, as front line support, etc.

For those people reading, if you have the means you can buy Ernest a coffee to thank and support him and his efforts.

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar

Don't forget the contributors https://www.buymeacoffee.com/melroy 😊


Absolutely! Funny story... Even when working on something which is related to but not directly kbin, I end up running into something you posted which fixes my issue. 😅

@melroy@kbin.melroy.org avatar

I'm indeed all around: https://github.com/melroy89 haha


Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work!

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@ernest just want to thank you for all of the hard work you've done and are doing. Kbin is something really special and you've been going above and beyond with it.

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