Missed opportunity for “Weapons of ass destruction”

I’m 15 years old again, apparently…

MacNCheezus, avatar

Weapons of gas production


Weapons of ass destruction…

I’m torn between making a Taco Bell joke or a joke about my dick.


I’m ready to hear both

Zehzin, (edited ) avatar

Hello, The Hague? I’d like to report a war crime.

What do you mean they’ll literally invade you if you write this down?


Unironically so.

Logistics has always been the US military’s best weapon.


Pretty sure it’s punching down


When you’ve got nukes, all wars are punching down.

The knowing that even if you fight really well against them, they could just say “fuck it” and flatten you anyway.


Yeah eventually the goal of anyone that punches down is “get the biggest punch,” and they definitely have it.


Didn’t stop the Vietnamese. Or the Afghans.

M0oP0o, avatar

Weapons of mass hunger.

creditCrazy, avatar

Tactical calorie bomb

MacNCheezus, avatar

Strategic nutritional warfare


The individual in the foreground appears to be quality assurance for new restaurants before opening to the public.


Yeah America fucking knows logistics. I worked at a non profit and our warehouse where we would store donations would become quite the mess during garage sale season. We had a squad of US Army Reserve logistical something or another who basically work in warehouses volunteer for the day so I went ahead and gave them the task of organizing and cleaning up the warehouse, a task I thought would take them a few hours. I go on my 30min lunch break and I come back to 5 dudes standing around and a warehouse so clean and organized that you could eat off the floor.

MacNCheezus, (edited ) avatar

As they say, organization is half the battle.


The other half is violence.


In summary, the battle is won by the most organized violence.

TheBat, avatar

Military-Industrial-Junk Food complex


Ohh shit, is this the modern day ice cream barge?


Libs would have you believe that America isn’t a monarchy.


Weapon of mass construction.


Weapon of ass destruction

dexa_scantron, avatar

Ah, yes, us army is cool and awesome, not a weapon of global imperialism at all.


I agree with you but one has to acknowledge the proficiency of the US Army. The sheer amount of equipment they have coupled to the good training and 1st class logistics makes it a force the Russian army would not be able to recon with.

Shit the Afghanistan war cost them $300 million per DAY for 20 years. No one else can do imperialism as good as the US Army.


Ah, yes, us army is cool and awesome, not a weapon of global imperialism at all.

This but unironically.


It can only be unironic if you don’t understand history or geopolitics.

dexa_scantron, avatar

The US army is very good at logistics, which doesn’t make them cool. It does make them awesome in the literal sense, and unfortunately makes them a very effective tool of global imperialism.

Sheeple, avatar

Can’t wait for the Tankies to start flooding in with their mental gymnastics. Either that or they’ll just call you “evil liberal” lol.


I feel like the tankies have become the boogeymen of lemmy. I haven’t seen a real one in ages, just people talking about how they’re coming… Any day now…

MBM, defederated from them, so that might be part of it

Sheeple, avatar

Oh that’s because hexbear and lemmygrad got fucking defederated. Used to be worse before


I think it’s due to defederating from some of the louder instances that I’ve seen way less content of that nature. Not 0 of it, but at least it’s not shouting over the top of every single post I see while browsing the All Communities list.


Why would a Canadian say that?


That lumber ramp looks really sus

Voyajer, avatar

Wood is a fantastic material in compression. It could handle a few burger kings worth of force simultaneously.


That’s quite the imperial measuring system.

(I kid, I’m from the US. But the joke was right there, just waiting.)

MacNCheezus, avatar

You should see the list of ingredients for their food


Unleash the Murder King and the Taco Hell!

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