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When you tell your peevish cat that you have a sliver.

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control, control, you must learn control

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"Snarky as Pratchet, insightful as Stephenson, as full of scathing social commentary as Swift or Voltaire, and weirdly reminiscent of LeGuin, Alpha Max is the only multiverse novel you need this month, or maybe ever."
~Ernest Lilley, Amazing Stories


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Throwback Thursday is here, let's give thanks to all those tech support reps with a little humour.

Hey, Stuff This! - Tech Support Representative
by Peter Steinfeld, circa 1995

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No one is above the law! Also, good advice for parenting... 😂

@humour @wholesomememes @parenting @gardening

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This is a single case, when I really would love to use a Quote-Post feature.

I'll do it by hand, though.

I almost fell over laughing at this post.

You have to view the whole image, not the cropped version, to get the joke.


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OMG, I used the turbo setting.

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How do broken pencils feel?

Totally pointless
#humorous #jokeoftheday #jokes #humor

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In a safety meeting at work they asked me what steps I'd take in a fire.

Apparently "Really big ones" was the wrong answer.

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Lockpicking difficulty of 30.

#bg3 #BaldursGate3 #lockpicking #humor #humour #dnd #dnd5e

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this meme made me laugh harder than I should have https://x.com/topgyaru/status/1777765919584116946?s=46

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I love this take on the Mobil Pegasus/Porsche Pink Pig design on the Tuthill 993 RSK.

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When you wake up with Troll doll hair.

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The tail of a whale - one of two humpback whales that we came across whilst cruising in our Zodiac at Meusnier point around the Antarctica peninsular. They were in a feeding frenzy having come across a krilling field. Apparently the tails have fingerprint like capability enabling them to be uniquely identified.😍 😎 😜

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Join us for nautical nonsense as David tells us the story of the Flying Dutchman in this week's of ! Find it on your podcatcher or our website!

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Frank, once again, needed Mr. Mittens’ help to change a recessed lighting bulb.

#Humor #Funny #Lol #Fun #Humour #Cat #Cats

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