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@TenorTheHusky was kind enough to put together a search tool that does just this:



Looks awesome!!!! Hopefully some dev will see this and just put a search bar powered by this service on the Lemmy website itself!


Amazing! Posted 16 hours ago, love how everything is coming together around here haha. I see how they're doing it. I think it would be smart if the Lemmy/Kbin software built a keyword that was guaranteed not to change onto every page. This definitely helps fill the need!

for anyone that didn't look, they're just using the intext filter when searching to grab the default words out of the footer, thus filtering your searches.

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Aaand I've searched "best blender" and I found out it's... THE SOFTWARE!

Now that's a fedi answer 😎👍

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That's funny. I thought this thread was about the software, and how to find the best way to use it. Lol


Vitamix, the "explorian" budget model blends as well as the more expensive ones but without some of the luxury features or optional accessories. Typically about 300 USD, worth it imo.


Fuck google.


Idk, but I would like to find out. We need a federation search engine that only searches the federation.

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DuckDuckGo needs to get on this. It would attract users away from Google search.


why would you care where the answer comes from? if the answer is what you want, that is. if you want to jerk off about lemmy/reddit/facebook/whatever, just go to appropriate homepage and do your job.


Comments like this are why I'm glad we have downvotes enabled here


What? lol. Have you tried searching for something and sifting through the sea of garbage blog content on the internet?

14th_cylon, (edited )

you do seem to have some misconceptions about the world.

first one is that because something is on reddit, it is not "garbage blog content".

have you tried using google without "site:reddit"? it gives you results (what a surprise), some of them may be on reddit, some of them may be not. look at them and decide which ones seem relevant to your search. it is quite easy.


I bet you are fun at parties.


here is the thing. i wasn't trying to be funny. you, on the other hand, were and the best you could do is parrot thousand years old cliche, so if you want to worry about someone not being funny, i suggest to aim your focus at the nearest mirror, you pathetic clown.

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Looks like the assholes are coming out of the woodwork. That's gonna happen when a bunch of new users come. What a geekezoid amiright?


Looks like the assholes are coming out of the woodwork.

yeah, it is a shame. how about you go back?

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Hey man, if the assholes are coming over here too, it just means it's getting more popular :)


Blessing and a curse of different instances, don’t use google, Google is asshoe


Missa Wong?

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