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This article is factual yet also rage-bait. Suspending accounts is something he's doing now. Contacting employers of people working at car companies and investment firms is something he did five years ago. The article does not say he is contacting the employer of accounts he is suspending now; they leave you to infer that by placing both facts in the same headline but separate paragraphs.

No love for Musk, avoid Twitter, etc.


Good to see we don't read articles here either, lol

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old habits die hard


And that's why you always read the comments. so useful when someone takes the few minutes to summarize the actual content.


Even before gaining control of Twitter, Musk would take a proactive approach to addressing criticism.

Back in 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported that Musk actively monitored Twitter for tweets containing the hashtag $TSLA, often used by Tesla short-sellers. Musk would reach out to executives at companies to investigate employees who were potentially publishing negative tweets about his electric vehicle company.

During that time, Musk reportedly emailed former Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess in July 2018, questioning whether one of Diess's employees was using Twitter to criticize Tesla anonymously. Business Insider later reported that Volkswagen determined the tweets were posted by the employee's brother.

Musk also allegedly texted Lawrence Fossi's employer. According to the WSJ, on July 23, 2018, Musk sent a text to the top executive at Fossi's company, asking the boss whether he knew his employee, known on Twitter as Montana Skeptic, "was obsessively trashing Tesla via a pseudonym," as disclosed in the report.

Straight from the article, for anyone wondering.


Musk would reach out to executives at companies to investigate employees who were potentially publishing negative tweets about his electric vehicle company.

Did any of them ever care?

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So musk has been a blantant childish shitbag for years now, good to know

Funny how the people the most likely to be fucking you over get the most aggressive about shutting down free speech (that they don't like)

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So much for free speech absolutism. I don't have to watch sports, as Musk fans going through the mental gymnastics to justify this is entertaining enough.


Free $peach


Everyone who claims to be that is nothing but a hypocrite. It's pretty much almost always someone who'd love to shut you and your opinions up for good who actually touts this constantly.


Musk fans, like most conservatives, seem unfailing adept at Doublethink

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Wow, what a fragile moron. He can't even handle criticism so he has to go and deactive their accounts and then call their Employers.

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I think it's funny really.

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Really want to know what the employer said.

I can see "f off elon" resulting in elon suspending their twitter account. But any other answer past. "What the hell are you telling us for". Is unforgivable.

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Ah, yes, Elon, thank you for informing me that Charlie said that you suck. It was about time for me to realize that Charlie is an incessant critic who deserves to be terminated immediately without prior notice or discussion. CHARLIE, COME HERE. *gunshots sound*


It's almost as if this Elon Musk guy is a giant cunt or something.


Aaaand done. Now I've deactivated all my Twitter accounts too. ¯⁠\⁠⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠⁠/⁠¯
This ...Jeez... I can't even stand to be associated with the platform now.

Edit: I just realized that the article is rage bait and that those two things have no connection to one another but still, I stand by my words and actions. I don't need Twitter in my life.


In Germany, we call people like him Würstchen.


If I was the employer, I'd want to know what my employee is still doing on Twitter. "Don't you know about Mastodon?"


So much for free speech. The worst part is there will still be a brigades of mindless idiots and scumbags who will defend him.


"Let me speak to your manager!" - Karen Musk, 2023


"You absolute fool, I AM THE MANAGER!"

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That whole bit is so stupid, but it just gets more and more funny.

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Yet one more reason not to buy one of his fairly decent cars. I have 6 months left on my lease and want to try the electric world in retirement.

Please don't call my employer, master musk....


Talk to tesla drivers before you purchase many quality issues

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I have but they are not the best sources for unbiased information. Some worship Musk and he can do nothing wrong while others have dumped their Teslas even at a loss and either went back to ICE or found a better alternative. EV's remind me of the beginning of the PC market. I had an Adam, then a Leading Edge Model D 8088 etc. Every year something better came out. 286, 386, 486 all seemed to make my new, best thing ever machine obsolete. If I lease an EV now I think it will be obsolete before the lease is up. I'll remain on the sidelines for awhile.

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"Fairly decent" is a bit of a stretch. Panels come up, features sold to you that won't work and will endanger your life. "Fairly" standard for luxury rides amiright?

"Decent". Hmph.

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Yes, I sat in a new model Y in the showroom and there was a gap in the dash. That was the best they had to show. The "decent" part is range and charging network. They work and get you where you need to go but Musk is a fragile rich prick that will never have enough money or power to satisfy his lust for such things.

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I just can't fathom buying a luxury car and coping with "well it works and gets me where I need to go". If I'm spending that kinda change on a car, and also paying for its services in ongoing fashion apart from the car payment itself ... it better do more than just "get me there".

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I remain a cautiously optimistic observer of the EV market. And if I do decide to take that plunge it will not be a Tesla. Even if he manufactured a perfect car, he has alienated me with his personality and rhetoric.


We've had an IONIQ5 for a year and love it, no bugs or quality problems, smooth ride, highway autopilot works well, charges fast, and supports CarPlay / Android Auto, not to mention that it's way more interesting looking than any Tesla.


I've been eyeing these for about a year now. They really need to up production and start offering the Limited trim in RWD only. I want the trim and the extra range, damnit!

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Took one on a test drive along with the EV6 and the Ioniq 6. Loved them. I have what I call analysts paralysis. That and the fact leasing is now almost equal to a payment has me waiting. I have been leasing 45k priced cars for the last 12 years at an average of $300/mo.


@Fmstrat omg, everyone get off Twitter. It’s literally a liability.

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The dude seriously is the Space Karen

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  • Spat coffee

Or the Space Satan.


Go by the prophets, Child

tangentism, (edited )
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Such a hard working, self-made Billionaire. Amazing. Utter thundercunt.


Thundercunt sounds too cool, he's a limp twatwaffle


…or a putrid


I like that one. An oozing cockholster


Self-made billionaire with self-made hair


The dude is a scumbag that’ll go after your family, friends, employment, etc for doing nothing wrong. It’s in everyone’s best interest that Twitter go bankrupt and Elon be ruined

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