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    That’s so cool that you can import your photos from instagram. I’m always impressed by things like that. And yeah. It seems like Instagram is 95% ads and “Suggested content” or whatever. It’s really frustrating.

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    supermurs, (edited )

    I just created an account,


    You can use the Ice Cubes app on iOS with Pixelfed

    EighthLayer, avatar

    I’m on PixelFed!

    The PixelFed app is in TestFlight on iOS at the moment but the I believe it should be a full release in the near future according to the dev (@dansup).


    Is there a way to sign up for the test flight beta?

    EighthLayer, avatar

    If there are spots left, you can sign up from the PixelFed website.


    Awesome, I was able to. Thanks!!


    I usually upload they to then share on Lemmy.

    anarchoplayworker, avatar

    How do you do that?

    anarchoplayworker, avatar

    Also why? Can’t you just add the photo directly in lemmy?


    I’ve been using Vernissage for the photos-only view and Tusker for a more instagram view. Tusker seems pretty good, multiple accounts can be used, etc.

    amarnasmoths, avatar

    I use the WebApp


    I use it in place of imgur at the moment.

    Izzy, (edited ) avatar

    Never had an instagram account, but I have been uploading pictures to PixelFed. Nobody really comments or likes my stuff, but it’s more about curating some photos online that I can send someone a link to for fun on occasion.

    IzzyData - PixelFed


    Have you considered posting them on Mastadon too? You might get some interaction with such a greater userbase.

    EighthLayer, avatar

    If you’re using relevant hashtags, then anyone browsing/following those hashtags would see the PixelFed posts on Mastodon anyway.

    But you could create a Mastodon account and boost the Pixelfed posts for additional exposure as well.

    Firefly7, avatar

    This is only true if the mastodon instance in question has gotten copies of the post—if nobody on an instance follows your pixelfed account, and nobody on an instance follows an account that boosts posts from your pixelfed account, then (with a few exceptions) the post won’t appear in that instance’s Federated feed or that instance’s hashtag feeds

    EighthLayer, avatar

    Yeah sorry, I assumed federation but I understand that isn’t always the case.


    it’s more about curating some photos online that I can send someone a link to for fun on occasion.

    I like this approach to social media.

    moellus avatar

    I like it. 📷


    I am also on Pixelfed:

    drcouzelis, avatar

    I signed up for it and have Pixelfed installed on my Android phone. I was planning to use it as a replacement for Imgur when I need a quick image hosting site to share a picture from.


    No. All instances I’ve tried over the years have been dead or full or not accepting new users otherwise.

    Since Flickr was killed, I’ve been hoping to find a working photo community or even just some gallery space. Or even a static generator I could use. Haven’t found anything usable.

    mateomaui, (edited ) and both have active communities and open signups right now. Main reason to use afaik is larger file sizes are allowed (26mb vs 15mb)

    edit: and you can upload 20 images to a collection on, instead of only 10 on

    also is based in Finland, and has some specific rules regarding content illegal in Germany etc, so they probably drop ban hammers on certain groups of abusive people harder than other servers might.

    however, found the main trade-off is that gives you 7GB of storage, while gives you only 4GB.


    Sounds good. I thought I’d need to do another round soon.

    Thank you for the pointers


    No problem! You can see details for all servers here

    but be aware that some details are outdated, and you won’t know the actual file sizes allowed, number of photos in a collection, etc, until you’re on that server’s main page under the “About” tab. For instance metapixl is listed there as allowing 50 photos per collection, but that was downgraded to only 20.

    vis4valentine, avatar

    Im vis4valentine at if anybody wanna follow me.

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