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"Humans make no sense." Yen made an odd sound. "You gift your own bodies to me and believe I'll take good care of a biology and neurology I don't understand. You're fragile and you act as though that didn't matter; as if believing in your own invincibility would cause it to be true."

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pink salt lake
watching flamingos
bloody mosquitos!

When visiting the Camargue in southern France, there were many beautiful surprises. However, there was one very unpleasant one, swarms of ferocious mosquitos!

- lake




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Hello. New to the server. Writer of fiction, about 60% into my new novel about a programmer/punk guitarist having a mid-life crisis. Part wish-fulfilment part autobiography 😁 Looking to connect with other writers.
#amwriting @amwriting

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Holed up in a motel today listening to the snow and wind blow.

#roadtrip has been very dramatic so far. Time to lay down a few dozen pages. It's a good environment for inspiration.


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Dear algorithm,
remember when
sharks in cute trees
used to @ you and
ask for stuff, like they
did with red suit guy
and wizard in the sky?
Idle idols in the tree.
Fun times.

Next we’ll be renaming
taxis and cheese
trays. If it’s gold it’s
blue. Card punched.
EOL (sort of)

#5amwritersclub #poetry #poet
#poetrycommunity #writer
#writingcommunity #poem
#poetrylovers #poems #amwriting #smallpoems

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Yes, it’s a crummy picture. Blame the photographer (me) and the weather, but this is Emily Dickinson’s house in and Dickinson wrote her behind that window at the upper left.


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a warm breeze
ripples on the pond
the first tadpoles

#kigohaikuprompt - warm breeze




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Self on a shelf. No one
ever dusts. Lots of
building materials.
I could shovel walkways
and build dust igloos.
Fashion a dust golem.
Have dust children.
Pave a road. And
at the end of that
road, put up signs:

“If you were living here
you’d have already returned.”

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I think the worst thing about writing is that I don't enjoy reading the way I used to. You should never see how the sausage is made 😁

@reading @writers @writingcommunity @writing @humour

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I went to a poetry
workshop today and we did an exercise where we wrote down a bunch of lines on paper (about a rock! 🪨), chopped them up, and switched them around to explore different pairings and poem structures.

I don't normally write poems like this, with the fancy formatting and whatnot, but I felt like the prompts and the exercise kind of necessitated it. You can read it in multiple ways too which is kind of neat!

#poetrylovers @poetry #poem #amwriting #poems #chiaroscuro #poetry

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What personal expertise of yours makes it into your books?

All of it. Engineering, Acting, a whole life of social experience. That's kind of the point. The more interesting thing is writing about stuff I have no expertise in. How does one develop the kind of expert shorthand in something outside their wheelhouse, enough for a character to be convincing, at least.

#WritingCommunity #AmWriting #writing

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How do you make the moments of tension more interesting?

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It's always been hard to make a living as a writer, but in 2024, it's harder than ever. Dirt has published this depressing but essential essay by David Hill, a union organizer turned author, on the grim reality of writing life. "At the time the National Writers Union was founded [in 1981], $1 a word was considered a bare-minimum rate for freelance writing ... Today it is no longer considered the floor, but a ceiling."


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My coffee is especially tasty this morning. Hoping you all get something especially good today.☀️


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Do you think if I
don’t move at all,
it will appear that
I am intensely
focusing? Or will
it appear I’m
running fast, only
at an ironically
slow pace? Or
perhaps someone
that has broken
the ‘slowest’
barrier might
chide me for
rushing about,

MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar
MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch avatar
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Something extraordinary happens. No one notices.

golgaloth, to writing avatar

What genre(s) would you be terrible at writing?

Oof. Ah. Romance. Not that I want to say that, but, yeah...

Oh, and Christian/ religious apologist stuff.

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