Happen to catch his bullshit bc YouTube has decided I like political news bc I clicked one John Oliver video, and that I must want to hear his voice after avoiding it for 8 years… The best part was “languages we don’t even have translators for! We don’t even know these languages!”

Witchfire, avatar

Someone remind me how many loan words English has?


Espero que no sea C++ o C. Porque si si, entonces me los chingo yo mismo. No! Los migrantes, tenemos que demostrar que savemos perl, python, Java…bueno no java porque es una porqueria, pero que tal Rust? Muchos lenguajes que tenemos deven ser escuchados.

Maybe in the future a migrant might actually come over with a language not actually named en Ingles pero en otro language. Que tal si elguien inventase por ejemplo una nomenclatura para descrivir reactiones quantum que fuesen completamente ignoradas en estados unidos pero completamente entendidas, decifradas y estudiadas en otra lengua. Entonces si SE chingan. Like for example China, Japan Germany and unfortunately the country where the ruzzians come from, have lots of technology about glass. Glass seems like such an everyday material but it is extremely important for technological advancements. So tell me everything there’s to know about glass will come in the form of English, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc documents.

Teon avatar

President covfefe does not even speak English properly.

rbos, (edited ) avatar

I guess English isn’t a language in the same way that male isn’t a gender and white isn’t a race and hetero isn’t an orientation.


The fuck are you even saying.

rbos, avatar



Eloquent explanation, it doesn’t at all sound like you hit up the buzzword shotgun.


Foreign languages like English once was?


Are the languages in the room with us now?


Just because you can’t speak Spanish doesn’t mean nobody can, you insufferable twat.

Sterile_Technique, avatar

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to any language entering my country.

TimeSquirrel avatar

Danke shön!


He's going to die without figuring out English so I understand why that scares him.

PrincessLeiasCat, (edited ) avatar

Trump: People who don’t speak languages.

He doesn’t know that this includes him, does he? Unless “what fucking bastardization of the English language is this?” counts as a language.


Languages grow and evolve with time.

Not all forms of evolution make sense or provide any real value.

Like Trump.


I truly don’t understand how an adult can listen to that and go yeah that’s my guy


These are people who whine about “For English, press 1.”

HootinNHollerin, (edited )

My old coworker complained of that regularly and was a rabid right wing nutjob

spider, (edited )

It might be because they don’t understand the instructions.


Or they resent being reminded of Arabic numerals.


Finally watching The Boys and this sentiment is so real

astronaut_sloth, avatar

Then they’ll be the first to complain when they go overseas and people don’t speak English.

spider, (edited )

Oh, that’s easy – they’re strictly chronological adults.


I don’t understand how a child could listen to that and go “yeah, that’s my guy!”


Indeed. These are people who grow old without ever actually growing up.


Some people are just stupider than you would like to believe possible while still not forgetting to breathe. My father is one of the idiots that moans about "For English, press 1" or feeling slighted that people around him have private conversations in Spanish when he doesn't speak it. Out of all the states, where does this idiot move to for retirement? Florida, famously known for its lack of any Spanish-speaking population, of course.

spider, (edited )

‘Languages Are Coming Into Our Country’

Even if you don’t understand them, they’re probably still more coherent than Trump’s recent speeches.


Stop using languages. Return to monke

HotDogFingies avatar

Hoo ha


He’s just mad that he doesn’t comprehend the 200+ ways people are constantly calling him a massive piece of shit. A big reason why he had to leave NYC, aside from all the civil and criminal cases against him.

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