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Considering that this is the most hated person on Reddit other than spez himself, no tears were shed.


Unfamiliar with the person. What's he infamous for? What sort of chodelicious behavior defines him to you?

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Among other things, this happened 2 years ago.

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hahahahaha thats some great trolling

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what an unpleasant human


You mean crazy misandrist power tripping feminist bitch?

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yes but i tried to use more peasent words because i can


I thought they were a guy, but then again I didn't look into that.

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mask off fuck it mask off


Why was the comment to which you replied removed by mod?


Yeah that mod went full mask off. Sadly there were no repercussions. All men are created equal, but on Reddit, some are created more equal than others.

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yeah wasnt talking bout the mod buddy

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Which part of what they said was untrue? Or is it just an issue of the words they used?


misandry and feminism are two totally different things

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I would agree that nothing they said in that statement would lead me to believe they're a feminist.

"crazy misandrist power tripping bitch" would've definitely been more accurate but I suspect the reaction then would've been to it being a gendered insult because "bitch."


Sincere question, because I used Reddit frequently but I pretty much just stuck to just commenting and posting in my niche little interest subs. So I’m learning all kinds of new issues and drama about the site/company itself I was in the dark on before lol. So I’ve only seen bits and pieces of what awkwardturtle’s whole deal was, and it struck me as being so over-the-top that I assumed it was farcical, like someone who hates those kinds of social progressive ideals and wants to mock them and make them look bad. Not sure if that’s a correct read at all, though, or how likely it is.

Like “locking so men can’t comment” it so inflammatory and petty, I do live in a very liberal city and am involved in many different areas of social progression both personally and professionally and I cannot think of anyone who would actually believe in, say, or do things like that. Not only because the majority of sincere feminists believe in equality between all genders and not “misandry” period, but also because it makes the whole movement look like garbage. No one sincere in their beliefs would play so heavily into the dumb stereotypes in such a public and visible way like that. It’s like someone who wants to make fun of feminists vs being an actual feminist.

Not to say there aren’t people in those ideological groups who don’t totally miss the point and do actually say and believe stupid shit like that, but they are such a minority and a thorn in the side for those of us doing real work to make actual progress. So powermod could be sincere and just fully out of touch with what they are choosing to align themselves with.

But idk. I’ve just seen so many other examples of their word choices and such that is just really inconsistent with what actual social progressives would say or do. My understanding is that he’s a man, but he mods the women’s sub. Like an actual male feminist wouldn’t insert himself in that space in such a way, spewing queer stereotypes in queer subs, etc. Seems so off the mark to me that I didn’t think it might actually be sincere lol


someone who hates those kinds of social progressive ideals and wants to mock them and make them look bad

Ahh, that makes more sense. Some people are shitty down to their core. Yuck!


It was meant to be petty and inflammatory. It’s not about any kind of equality or justice or movement of any kind. Bringing those things into it just muddies the waters and makes things more complicated than it needs to be. It was 100% a mod power tripping and enjoying the fact that no matter how bullshit the reason, nothing would be done.

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This makes loads more sense than anything else. Everything they’ve said has always been a little too on the nose trying to be ‘’ ‘‘woke’’ ‘’ (is double quoting a thing? Hopefully my meaning comes across as intended)


I mean, there's a whole huge contingent of "feminists" getting popular these days who have explicitly and extremely bioessentialist misandrist beliefs, TERFs, so sadly I'm not super sure you're right, but it's entirely possible. You do tend to have to look holistically at people's actions and speech to figure out what they really believe, oftentimes.


I'm not gonna lie, I don't understand at all. What is in the picture? Books? Why can't men make books?? Locking the comments? What is rule 6? I can try to infer what may have happened, but people are both very sensitive but people are also very shitty so I don't want to just guess.

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I have the same questions as you =/

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Awkwardtheturtle reacted to this post.


The mod stickied a sexist joke and then locked the thread because people were calling them out on being sexist


I don't think it was the initial comment, nor the rest of the context which was so terrible. It was pinning it as a mod. And then using misandrist insults to justify a mod action.

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Here's a post from 2021 about this person giving some background. I recall even a petition requesting them being banned.

Also, you might recall them for making the news recently after banning an artist from /r/art because they said a piece by them was made by AI, and when proven otherwise they said that it was obviously based on AI and that they should find a better style, which escalated to the point that the sub was temporarily closed

Seeing that person going down is a nice piece of justice in this shitstorm. It happened for the wrong reasons, admins should have removed this person long ago and didn't, but at least it's something.

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How can you tell it was them in that r/art debacle?

_haha_oh_wow_, avatar

Oh no.


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I enjoy this, I enjoy this very much!

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I enjoy your avatar Hyrulian!!!

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Awkwardtheturtle getting booted? Sounds good to me.


Great. Taste of his own medicine.


Oh no, permabanned out of nowhere for interacting with a subreddit at some point in the past, that must suck.

I've totally had that happen in the last year, more than once. In one case it was a sub I never visit, for visiting a sub they consider dangerous, three years ago.


I love a good redemption arc and their future is looking bright with potential!

What will a Reddit mod do when they can no longer mod?

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ahaahahahaha what a disgusting loser


Were they a facepalm mod?


Haha! He gargles the reddit COC like an old motel crack whore. Delicious!


I looked him up.

They mod 726 subreddits.

I don't think he's going outside, he's screaming into a pillow 24/7 in a nest of greasy fast food bags.

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Do you see how he's typing? He's so upset he got drunk lmao


Imagine how valuable his account can be. You can single handedly guide the narrative by yourself.

Somebody posts an article that Teslas keep catching fire? Delete that guys article from world news, from local news subbredits. From engineering subs and tech subs.

Oh, there is a rising post on the frontpage but it's from the competition newsletter? Delete it and post the article from my sponsors website.

100% there are people willing to pay a powermod for some shady businesses

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No dude 100% this, this has been an open secret that if you piss off one of the power mods, even if you didn't break rules, you will be mass banned from like 80% of the top subs on reddit


Imagine being this fussed over it. Jesus christ.


I’m having flashbacks to the times I got banned for the most ridiculous reasons. Sweet fucking karma, goddamn!

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Exactlyyy lol, like it's no wonder the reddit community was so toxic when jackasses like this were running it


He’s gonna burn in the sunlight

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no sensical reason.

no sensical reason.

no sensical reason.

no sensical reason.

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